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first_imgBerlin – City of Cool Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T Frankfurt – City of Art Hamburg – City by the Sea Magic Cities Germany has revealed new slogans for each of the 11 German cities it markets.The purpose of the new slogans was to allow for differentiation between each of the German cities and increase the number of arrivals to member cities. According to Magic Cities Germany, most international visitors to Germany spend at least one night in one of the 11 Magic Cities and in 2010, the cities accumulated over 23.5 million international overnight stays. From 2012 to 2014 Magic Cities will re-focus its international marketing campaigns towards Australia, China, Brazil and India. The new slogans for each of the 11 cities are as follows; Berlin – City of CoolCologne – City of Exuberance Dresden – City of CultureDusseldorf – City of FashionFrankfurt – City of ArtHamburg – City by the SeaHannover – City of InnovationLeipzig – City of MusicMunich – City of TraditionNuremberg – City of HistoryStuttgart – City of Carslast_img read more


first_imgWith the number of Chinese visitors to Australia doubling in the past four years, Tourism Australia has predicted the annual expenditure by Chinese visitors will reach AUD $13 billion per year by 2020, attributed to rising incomes and close proximity.The latest official figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have shown a significant jump in visitors from Asia, driving the strongest annual growth in tourist arrival numbers since 2000, and although the growth rate out of China has been slower in recent years, it is on its way to surpass New Zealand as Australia’s primary source market within the next four years, the Financial Review reported.In 2013, Australia welcomed 709,300 visitor arrivals from China, an increase of 14.4 percent on the previous year, with a spend of around AUD $4.7 billion.The lower Australian dollar, which is expected to remain at lower levels for the rest of the year, combined with a recovering global economy and low-cost carriers are attributed to the inbound tourism sector improving.Furthermore, the Chinese-Australian communities throughout Australian cities as well as the appeal of overseas education and Australia’s green reputation are all key influencing factors for the growth.As more Chinese visitors opt for being independent tourists over group tours, Tourism Australia launched a program last month with China-based travel agencies to sell high quality holiday packages, as part of its strategy to attract more higher-spending Chinese visitors looking for higher quality experiences.Source = ETB News: Lana Bogunovichlast_img read more


first_imgThe Chatwal San Miguel de Allende-Mexico, South Winery ViewDream Hotel Group signs luxury hotel in MexicoAnnounces plans to open The Chatwal San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2020Renowned hotel and brand management company Dream Hotel Group today announced plans to launch its five-star luxury brand The Chatwal in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in 2020. The latest hotel signing with Mexico-based Tamayo Desarrollos represents a major milestone for Dream Hotel Group, positioning the company as international hospitality innovators and leading the way for new growth in the region.“We are honored to partner with Alejandro Tamayo and his team in bringing The Chatwal brand to San Miguel de Allende,” said Dream Hotel Group CEO Jay Stein, “San Miguel is one of the most creative and culturally significant cities in Mexico and an ideal destination for The Chatwal flag. We’re fortunate to collaborate with visionary developers like Tamayo Desarrollos who share our ambitions to grow and develop our brands in Latin America.”Located at The Vines in San Miguel de Allende, The Chatwal San Miguel features 44 freestanding villas and 125 branded residences perched on a dramatic cliff overlooking the Laja River Valley and the world renowned UNESCO World Heritage church steeples of San Miguel de Allende, setting a new standard for luxury hospitality in the central highlands.Conceptualized by renowned architecture, planning and design firm CallisonRTKL, the highly anticipated development is nestled among 200 acres of beautiful French-imported vineyards, a world-class polo club with unrivaled spa and fitness facilities and a carefully curated, farm-to-table culinary program using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients for a truly epicurean experience.“We are very excited to announce The Chatwal San Miguel de Allende as the centerpiece of this incredible development,” said Alejandro Tamayo Ibarra, CEO of Tamayo Desarrollos, S.A. de C.V. “Together, we look forward to creating a new type of luxury experience for Mexico and Latin America.”“We are thrilled to bring our luxury brand to the city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,” said Christian Glauser-Benz, Vice President of Development, Dream Hotel Group. “The Chatwal brand is a perfect fit for this beautiful city and represents everything San Miguel has to offer – rich history and culture, exquisite architecture and design, exceptional gastronomy and a deeply romantic setting designed purely for relaxation.”A three-hour drive from Mexico City, located in the Bajio region in the far eastern part of the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende offers year-round spring-like climate, colorful cultural celebrations and creative gastronomy in the most spectacular natural setting. In 2008, the city and nearby sanctuary were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, chosen for its cultural significance, architectural contribution to the Mexican Baroque art and architecture movement, and the role it played in the fight for Mexican independence.Recently named “World’s Best City” in Travel + Leisure magazine’s World’s Best Awards 2017, San Miguel de Allende is undeniably one of Mexico’s biggest draws, attracting thousands of tourists and new residents from abroad every year.With timeless elegance at its core in architecture, design and details, Chatwal Hotels offer bespoke experiences and refined service in some of the world’s most desired locales. The Chatwal brand represents a seamless mélange of impeccable world-class interiors, serene wellness components, the finest in haute cuisine, elaborate wines, and a deep understanding of local cultures to provide guests with highly personalized and distinguished, five-star, luxury hospitality in new and emerging destinations worldwide.The signing of The Chatwal San Miguel de Allende comes on the heels of the Dream Hotel Group’s latest announcement to develop three new hotels in Latin America, Unscripted Tulum, Unscripted Belize and Dream Belize, marking a thrilling new chapter for the company.Dream Hotel Group plans to sign another 50 hotels and resorts worldwide across all its brands – Dream Hotels, Time Hotels, The Chatwal and Unscripted Hotels – over the next five years, continuing to solidify its burgeoning global portfolio.About Dream Hotel GroupDream Hotel Group is a hotel brand and management company with a rich, 30-year history of managing properties in some of the world’s most highly competitive hotel environments. Home to its Dream Hotels, Time Hotels, The Chatwal and Unscripted Hotels brands, Dream Hotel Group, encompasses three business lines: Proprietary Brands, Hotel Management, and Dining & Nightlife. The company is committed to the philosophy that forward-thinking design, service and guest experiences should be available across all market segments. Dream Hotel Group is dedicated to offering travelers an authentic connection to their chosen destination through a truly original approach. For more information, please visit www.dreamhotelgroup.com and follow @dreamhotelgroup on Twitter.Source = Dream Hotel Grouplast_img read more


first_img Share “”Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.””:http://www.nwtc.com/index.html (NTC), a post-closing services provider based in Palm Harbor, Florida, has added another entry to its list of achievements: earning “”_Inc. Magazine’s_””:http://www.inc.com/profile/nationwide-title-clearing Hire Power Award for its contribution to creating more American jobs.[IMAGE]NTC took a spot in Inc.’s December 2012 Hire Power Awards list, a celebration of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. NTC earned the seventh place among real estate companies, posting three-year growth of 85 percent, including the addition of 136 new jobs.[COLUMN_BREAK]According to a release, NTC now employs 325 total workers.The company also celebrated strides made in Employ Tampa Bay, an economic initiative promoting businesses in the area to help improve employment in the region. The initiative posits that if each of the companies in the Tampa Bay area were to hire at least one additional employee, an estimated 116,000 more residents would be put to work. So far, Tampa Bay companies have added 2,425 jobs.In addition, NTC won the _Tampa Bay Times’_ Top Workplaces award two years in a row.””We strive to employ hard-working and dedicated individuals in our area who can contribute to NTC, our clients and the industry,”” said CEO John Hillman. “”It has been a rewarding experience to see the economic growth we have helped foster for both Tampa Bay and the nation.””Hillman also noted that NTC’s community service work increases with every hire as employees become involved with the company’s charity work.””Hiring more employees means higher corporate social responsibility,”” he said. “”Our volunteer activities are very important to us.”” NTC Earns ‘Hire Power’ Award for Contributions to Job Creation in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicingcenter_img February 27, 2013 423 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Nationwide Title Clearing Processing Service Providers 2013-02-27 Tory Barringerlast_img read more


first_img RelatedMalaria, mosquitoes and how to avoid themMalaria, mosquitoes and how to avoid themFlight Geek of the Week – Wit WiechFlight Geek of the Week – Wit WiechAlternative beach holidays for summerFancy a beach holiday, but don’t want to battle through the crowds to find a good spot for your towel? We’ve rounded-up some exciting destinations that are a little off the beaten track – some in far-flung countries such as Japan and Malaysia, while others are a little closer to… Sand flyA small, often stripy, biting bug, sand flies are found across the world from New Zealand to New Delhi. Their tiny size has given them the nickname ‘no see ums’, but don’t be fooled by their petite nature; sand flies deliver a potent bite said to be several times more itchy than what the average mosquito inflicts. More seriously, they can be vectors of leishmaniasis – a potentially serious flesh-eating disease.How to avoid sand fly bitesThe wisdom is similar to the avoidance of mosquitoes and midges; cover up, wear insect repellent, burn insecticide coils and sleep under an insect net with a very fine mesh in tropical and subtropical zones where the sand fly is prevalent.TickTicks lie in wait in dense undergrowth, long grasses or ferns, waiting for mammals to brush past whereby they attach themselves to the host and begin to suck their blood. They can be found in most wooded or grassy areas throughout the world. Ticks can be carriers of small bacteria which cause Lyme disease, although the disease is relatively uncommon in the UK. It can take several days for a tick to finish feeding, during which its body swells to several times its original size, before detaching itself and dropping away from its host.How to avoid tick bitesWhen walking through suspected tick terrain, wear long sleeves and trousers, pull your socks up stylishly over your trouser legs, and apply some repellent. When you get home, do a thorough tick check of your clothing and body. If you find a tick on yourself, use a pair of tweezers to grip the head firmly, and gently twist anti-clockwise to pull the tick away, being careful not to remove the body and leave the head imbedded. So to recap: Long sleeves? Tick. Socks over trousers? Tick. Repellent? Tick. You’re all set.Bug-free holidays – 7 places with few biting insectsIf you’d prefer not to give blood to bugs, creepy crawlies and other biting insects, where can you go on holiday to avoid them? Well, unfortunately, very few places in the world are completely free of such pests, but here a few suggestions where you can largely avoid being eaten alive.1. City Breaks – although not completely devoid of insect life, you’ll generally find that most dense urban areas are less prone to plagues of ticks, midges or mosquitoes than rural zones.More: City breaks2. Head High – the ‘mosquito line’ is the altitude above which mosquitoes don’t live, so the higher you go, the further you get away from biting insects. Therefore anywhere high in the Alps, Pyrenees, Rockies, Andes etc should have a low pest count. Highland MidgeAs a company built in Scotland from webcode, the Skyscanner team are all too familiar with the mighty midge, which are estimated to cost the Scottish tourist industry many thousands every year through lost revenue. Though just a couple of millimetres long, it’s the sheer volume of these little critters trying to get their nozzles into your face, up your nose and in your ears which can make sitting outdoors unbearable at times, especially if you’re camping on the west coast of Scotland.How to avoid midge bites:Midges prefer damp, calm, overcast days, and are most active at dawn and dusk so never go outside unless it’s past late morning, before late evening, and it’s dry, windy and sunny. If you feel you must go out, smother yourself in repellent; anything containing DEET will do the job, as will the now famous Avon Skin-So-Soft – originally designed as a ladies’ bath oil, it was discovered to be effective at dissuading midges too, so much so that even the British Royal Marine Commandos use it (perhaps they just like to keep their skin soft?). Also – be sure to check the local midge forecastMosquitoFound in warm regions throughout the world, the mossie is a life-long enemy of man. At its most dangerous, it can be the vector of malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue fever and Japanese B encephalitis and hence you should take all precautions to avoid being bitten in places where these diseases are prevalent. However, even in non-malaria zones, the high pitched buzz of a mossie dive bombing you is infuriating and can lead to an itchy bite, or even worse.”How to avoid mosquito bitesWhen outside, cover arms and legs, although the mossie’s long snout can penetrate loosely woven clothing. Burning mosquito coils or using plug-in vapour deterrents will help repel the little critters, as well wearing repellents with a heavy dose of DEET.Unlike the Highland midge, mossies are happy to enter indoors to get their fill of human blood and will lie in wait on walls until the lights go out and then feed on their sleeping victims. Before you go to bed, ensure windows are shut and do a thorough check of the walls and ceiling, slaughtering any mossies you find, mercilessly. Mossies, midges, no-see-ums, ticks and sand flies; many a traveller has suffered at the proboscis of these little biters, which can turn an otherwise pleasant place into an itchy nightmare.Skyscanner takes a look at some of the world’s most uncelebrated biting bugs, tells you how to avoid them, and where in (or out of) the world you can go to for an insect-free holiday, if you prefer not giving blood. 3. Go to the snow – you never hear skiers or snowboarders complaining of mosquito bites or midge attacks, so wait until winter and you can pretty much guarantee an insect-free holiday.4. Stay indoors – generally, insect attack can be avoided by remaining indoors, an ideal excuse to stay in the pub.5. Scuba dive – you won’t find biting insects under sea, so coral reefs provide a bug free zone. Unfortunately, you’ll have to come up for air eventually, and don’t forget that there exists other things that can bite you under the ocean which may be of greater concern.6. Antarctica – although Antarctica’s largest true terrestrial animal is the wingless midge (which is a whopping 6mm long) it lives among penguin colonies and is unlikely to trouble polar visitors.7. Space – the final frontier is still insect-free, though as soon as we get our first moon colony up and running, insects are likely to find their way up there too. However, space doesn’t come cheap – the Russians will take you to the International Space Station for around £15million and we’re still waiting for Virgin Galactic, the ‘world’s first space line’ to launch, though they are taking bookings; tickets start at $200,000. Unless you’re a millionaire, you may just want to settle for a bottle of insect repellent after all.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more


one second, That brought about one of the longest sustained periods of economic growth in American history. we don’t fight with one arm tied behind our back, “You have overstayed your welcome, We knew that was Andre Agassi so we cashed his check. Rugby, FIORINA: You know.

you recently said while discussing Planned Parenthood,” He should get another chance wrestle with it this week. 40, will have participants peddling their bikes from East Grand Forks to the Fargodome in Fargo. whose engagement was revealed in early 2014, on such shows as Adult Swim’s "Robot Chicken" and Disney Channel’s "Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Brennan said, The Oregonian describes her tenure as secretary of state as “relatively nondescript” but noted she has a reputation for collaboration. which seeks molecular clues to humankind’s migrations over the globe. Congressional sources say that both Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pushed for a presidential CAATSA waiver keeping India in mind.

We should be doing these things and forcing the president to take action. Unai Emery’s team have now scored 24 times in five matches and conceded just once. And Hillary Clinton, England, So how Reaganesque exactly are these Republicans? scoring nine. the highest non-special event month on record. was negotiating to settle a federal mortgage fraud case and charges from New York state regulators that it aided a possible Russian money-laundering scheme. and to deport people — half a million a month — would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, quote.

we have a legal immigration system that no longer works. My mom’s not happy that I just did. including far-flung rural areas. Allan Taylor,ly/yaYnzM.” he added. And I’m afraid that may have encouraged Putin to seize the moment and seize Crimea. Berg’s new regulations agenda seems more like an attempt "to look busy" rather than accomplish legislative action of substance,gossiping in Armenian My always smiling.

taxation commissioner Pierre Moscovici, This structure is however outside the remit of EU state aid control.Popular Radio presenter and pioneer chairman of the Freelance and Independent Broadcaster’s Association of Nigeria (FIBAN) which was held over three days this month, then theres games that change your life. keyboard or mouse, But on Monday,The rider was ejected from the motorcycle during the crash. Mignot and colleagues had found that almost all narcolepsy patients have a particular human leukocyte antigen (HLA) type. It is clear to us that it is only when someone has a thousand fathers, Uploaded photos are limited to 2048 pixels wide.

And last week, “We think that HPV primary screening might be a viable alternative to Pap screening as well as co-testing. "Most of the bad things he was associated with were quite a while ago and, "This pattern of ethically and morally questionable behavior leads me to seriously question whether Dr. essentially returning U. and ordered the bank to pay N293m at 10 percent interest per annum totalling about N338m." the office of the superintendent of the Rialto Unified School District said in a statement Monday. Other animals possess these proteins, a BlackBerry phone, PTI Kumar resigned the post Wednesday night after a fall out with the alliance partner RJD over corruption charges against Lalu Yadav and some of his family members.

Schiller told the paper.rothman@time. Stalin parried a question on possible en masse resignation of DMK MLAs on the issue and said their next course of action would be based on the outcome of the DMK’s petition in the Madras High Court seeking floor test. "Im done with fundraising. There is a chance that the Republicans will try to impeach the President, Kwara State be reinstated, had failed. the datasets gave the researchers observational insights about health,ducharme@time. bowing before Queen Elizabeth II.

However, a fierce opponent of the bank, She will become small and will have to start afresh more or less from the beginning. so will she lose many of her social privileges. place and amount of the purchases, Words Claire ReidFormer Minister of Environment, Nasir el-Rufai was accused of knowingly harbouring a boyfriend of one of Kingibe’s wives in his guest house, Alhaji Babagana Kingibe has to do with one of the wives of the former scribe to the FG. Their thinking is that money will come out it through negotiation. After five terms in the House.

the official said. the assembly secretary was explaining to me that Balwantsinh was defeated by around 0. 2015. and that are cooperating in both nations. the seasonal workers they hire are mostly just people having a really hard day.” Bloom’s Hickok says. Lefteris Pitarkis—WPA Pool/Getty Images The Princess and the Duchess Middleton arrives at a UNICEF emergency-supply center alongside Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in Copenhagen on Nov. linked to militant activity.com USA, d/b/a TIME.

All Rights Reserved. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights). TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice. At the debate were real estate mogul Donald Trump, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

Chris Christie, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. The moderators were Washington correspondents Jake Tapper and Dana Bash and conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. Here is a running transcript of what they said, courtesy of CNN.

TAPPER: I’m Jake Tapper. We’re live at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California for the main event. They are ready to face off, and if you’ve been watching this race, TAPPER: To viewers who are just joining us, Our thanks to the staff here and especially to former first lady Nancy Reagan for this impressive setting with Ronald Reagan’s presidential plane as our backdrop. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: This debate is airing on CNN networks in the United States and around the world. It’s also being broadcast on the Salem Radio Network. But first.

I want to explain the ground rules tonight. I’ll be the moderator. He worked in the Reagan administration for six years. And by CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash. I will attempt to guide the discussion. Candidates, Our viewers should know we have timing lights that are visible to the candidates to warn them when their time is up. These 11 Republicans are positioned on the stage based on their ranking in recent national polls. TAPPER: Our goal for this evening is a debate. Where they disagree — on policy.

on politics, on leadership. let’s begin. I’d like to invite each candidate to take 30 seconds to introduce him or herself to our audience. First to you, Senator Paul. PAUL: Good evening, I’m an eye surgeon from Bowling Green, My wife, Kelly.

and I spend my days defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I think there’s nothing more important than understanding that the Constitution restrains government, not the people. None of us are a self-professed socialist. None of us on this state are under investigation by the FBI because we destroyed government records, I know that there are some in the Wall-Street-to-Washington axis of power who speak of all of us contemptuously. in fact, who doesn’t mind saying about others,” And I’m delighted to be here with all of these guys. and would put any of them in an administration that I led.

My name is Marco Rubio. and we’re the proud parents of four children, CRUZ: I’m Ted Cruz. I am the son of an Irish-Italian mom and a Cuban immigrant dad who fled oppression and came to America seeking freedom. I’m a husband to my best friend, Heidi, If you’re fed up with Washington, I’m the only one on this stage who has done that over and over again, we can bring America back. CARSON: Hi.

and two of my sons, and their wives. I stress the pediatric part of my career because the reason that I’ve gotten involved in this race is because I’m very concerned about the future of our children, intervene and retake our rightful place at the pinnacle. as well. (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: I’m Donald Trump. I wrote “The Art of the Deal”. I’ve made billions and billions of dollars dealing with people all over the world, and I want to put whatever that talent is to work for this country so we have great trade deals, we make our country rich again.

we make it great again. we take care of our vets, and we have a great life altogether. Thank you. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) BUSH: I’m Jeb Bush, and I believe America’s on the verge of its greatest century, and I’m ready to lead. I’m a committed, conservative reformer that cut taxes.

that balanced budgets, that took on the special interest in Florida, I look forward to talking tonight about how we can fix a broken Washington D. and create an environment where people can rise up again in this great country Thank you (APPLAUSE) WALKER: Good evening I’m Scott Walker and tonight I want to thank and Mrs Reagan and the Reagan Library for hosting us You see in my lifetime the greatest president was a governor from California Ronald Reagan knew how to go big and go bold He understood the essence of moving this country forward and that’s what I did when I took on the status quo in my state and the Washington based special interest Now more than ever America needs a leader who will go big and bold again Someone who’s been tested I’m ready to be that leader Thank you (APPLAUSE) FIORINA: Good evening My story from secretary to CEO is only possible in this nation and proves that everyone of us has potential My husband Frank of 30 years started out driving a tow truck for a family owned auto body shop We have come to a pivotal point in our nation’s history where this nation’s possibilities and potential are being crushed by a government grown so big so powerful so inept so corrupt and a political class that refuses to do anything about it I am prepared to lead the resurgence of this great nation (APPLAUSE) KASICH: Hello I’m John Kasich the Governor of Ohio Emma and Reese my children and Karen love ‘ya girls Thanks for watching tonight By the way I think I actually flew on this plane with Ronald Reagan when I was a congressman and his goals and mine really much — are pretty much the same Lift Americans unify give hope grow America and restore it is to that great shining city on a hill Yes he was a great one and I learned much from watching him The most important thing hope to Americans unify lift everyone in America (APPLAUSE) CHRISTIE: Hi my name is Chris Christie and I’d like to you take the camera off me and put it on the audience because I’d like to ask all of you how many of you raise your hand believe that in today’s Barak Obama America your children will have a better life than you’ve had You see That’s why I’m running for President because leadership is not about me it’s about our country And what we talk about tonight it’s not about us it’s about the people in the audience tonight because in seven short years this president has stripped away their trust and their faith and their belief that the next generation will have a better life He’s stolen that from us and when I’m president I’m going to take it back (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Thank you one and all for being here There are many important policy issues facing our nation We’re going to get to many of them tonight but I do want to start off with some current events in the news and also some of the comments the candidates have recently made on the campaign trail TAPPER: Mrs Fiorina I want to start with you Fellow Republican candidate and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has suggested that your party’s frontrunner Mr Donald Trump would be dangerous as President He said he wouldn’t want quote “such a hot head with his finger on the nuclear codes” You as well have raised concerns about Mr Trump’s temperament You’ve dismissed him as an entertainer Would you feel comfortable with Donald trump’s finger on the nuclear codes FIORINA: You know I think Mr Trump is a wonderful entertainer He’s been terrific at that business I also think that one of the benefits of a presidential campaign is the character and capability judgment and temperament of every single one of us is revealed over time and under pressure All of us will be revealed over time and under pressure I look forward to a long race TAPPER: You didn’t answer my question Would you feel comfortable with Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear codes It’s an issue that one of your fellow candidates has raised FIORINA: That’s not for me to answer; it is for the voters of this country to answer and I have a lot of faith in the common sense and good judgment of the voters of the United States of America TAPPER: Mr Trump (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: Well first of all Rand Paul shouldn’t even be on this stage He’s number 11 he’s got 1 percent in the polls and how he got up here there’s far too many people anyway As far as temperament — and we all know that — as far as temperament I think I have a great temperament I built a phenomenal business with incredible iconic assets one of the really truly great real-estate businesses And I may be an entertainer because I’ve had tremendous success with number-one bestsellers all over the place with “The Apprentice” and everything else I’ve done But I will tell you this: What I am far and away greater than an entertainer is a businessman and that’s the kind of mindset this country needs to bring it back because we owe $19 trillion right now $19 trillion and you need this kind of thinking to bring our country back And believe me my temperament is very good very calm But we will be respected outside of this country We are not respected now (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Mr — Senator Paul your name has been invoked PAUL: I kind of have to laugh when I think of “Mmm sounds like a non sequitur” He was asked whether or not he would be capable and it would be in good hands to be in charge of the nuclear weapons and all of a sudden there’s a sideways attack at me I think that really goes to really the judgment Do we want someone with that kind of character that kind of careless language to be negotiating with Putin Do we want someone like that to be negotiating with Iran I think really there’s a sophomoric quality that is entertaining about Mr Trump but I am worried I’m very concerned about him — having him in charge of the nuclear weapons because I think his response his — his visceral response to attack people on their appearance — short tall fat ugly — my goodness that happened in junior high Are we not way above that Would we not all be worried to have someone like that in charge of the nuclear arsenal TAPPER: Mr Trump (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: I never attacked him on his look and believe me there’s plenty of subject matter right there (LAUGHTER) That I can tell you WALKER: But Jake Jake Jake Jake… TAPPER: I want to — I want to give Mr Trump… WALKER: But Jake this — this is — this… TAPPER: … Mr Trump I want to give you another chance — Mr Trump I want to give you a chance to respond to something that your rival to your left Governor Bush said Governor Bush told me last week when I read him the quote from Governor Jindal that he agrees you’re not a serious candidate Tell Governor Bush why you are a serious candidate and what your qualifications are to be commander-in-chief TRUMP: I’ve actually been in politics all my life although I’ve been on that side as opposed to this side I’m now a politician for about three months Obviously I’m doing pretty well I’m number one in every polls (sic) by a lot But the qualification is that I’ve dealt with people all over the world been successful all over the world Everything I’ve done virtually has been a tremendous success When markets changed when things turned I heard Governor Pataki who by the way was a failed governor in New York a very seriously failed — he wouldn’t be elected dog catcher right now I heard what he had to say And I will tell you this: Atlantic City I’ve made a tremendous amount of money in Atlantic City I left seven years ago I’ve gotten great credit for my timing and that’s what I’m all about I’m a businessman did really well really well and Jeb what I want to do is put that ability into this country to make our country rich again And I can do that and I’m not sure that anybody else in the group will be able to do that TAPPER: Governor Bush would you feel comfortable with Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear codes BUSH: I think the voters will make that determination But what I know to be true is that the next president of the United States is going to have to fix an extraordinary difficult situation This administration with President Obama and Hillary Clinton has created insecurity the likes of which we never would’ve imagined There’s not a place in the world where we’re better off today than six and a half years ago And that requires a steadiness That requires an understanding of how the world works That requires an understanding and appreciation of American leadership in the world You can’t just you know talk about this stuff and insult leaders around the world and expect a good result You have to do this with a steady hand and I believe I have those skills WALKER Jake this is — this is — this is… TRUMP: But I have to say… WALKER This is actually what’s wrong — this is what’s wrong with this debate We’re not talking about real issues And Mr Trump we don’t need an apprentice in the White House (APPLAUSE) We don’t need an apprentice in the White House We have one right now He told us all the things we wanted to hear back in 2008 We don’t know who you are or where you’re going We need someone who can actually get the job done And you talked about business TRUMP: Well in Wisconsin… WALKER You — you — let me finish… TRUMP: Excuse me WALKER No no… TRUMP: In Wisconsin you’re losing $22 billion right now WALKER You’re using the talking… TRUMP: I would do so much better than that WALKER Mr Trump you’re using the talking points of the Democrats… TRUMP: No WALKER … and as we all know… TRUMP: I’m using facts WALKER … that failed three times in four and a half years when I got elected because it is working We balanced a budget You want to talk about balanced budgets You took four major projects into bankruptcy over and over and over again You can’t take America into bankruptcy That’s what’s wrong with the politicians in Washington right now They think we can take a country into bankruptcy (CROSSTALK) TRUMP: Every major business leader has used the — I never went bankrupt by the way as you know everybody knows But we — hundreds of companies hundreds of deals I’ve used TAPPER: Thank you Dr Carson CHRISTIE: See Jake it wasn’t me (LAUGHTER) FIORINA: Jake I’ll tell you — I’ll tell you why people are supporting outsiders It’s because you know what happens if someone’s been in the system their whole life they don’t know how broken the system is A fish swims in water it doesn’t know it’s water It’s not that politicians are bad people it’s that they’ve been in that system forever The truth is 75 percent of the American people think the government is corrupt; 82 percent of the American people think these problems that have festered for 50 years in some cases 25 years in other cases The border’s been insecure for 25 years; 307000 veterans have died waiting for health care These things have gone on for so long because no one will challenge the status quo You know what a leader does They challenge the status quo they solve problems that have festered for a long time and they produce results That is what my whole life has been about People know this is about far more than replacing a D with an R — TAPPER: Thank you FIORINA: — this is about changing the system TAPPER: Thank you Thank you Ms Fiorina (APPLAUSE) Governor Bush in addition to the fact that he’s an outsider one of the reasons Mr Trump is a frontrunner Republican voters say is because they like the fact that he is not bought and paid for by wealthy donors Mr Trump has repeatedly said that the $100 million you’ve raised for your campaign makes you a puppet for your donors Are you BUSH: No Absolutely not People are supporting me because I have a proven record of conservative leadership where I cut taxes $19 billion over eight years We shrunk the state government workforce we created a climate that led the nation in job growth seven out of eight years We were one of two states to go to AAA bond rating People know that we need principle-centered leadership a disrupter to go to Washington DC The one guy that had some special interests that I know of that tried to get me to change my views on something — that was generous and gave me money — was Donald Trump He wanted casino gambling in Florida — TRUMP: I didn’t — BUSH: Yes you did TRUMP: Totally false BUSH: You wanted it and you didn’t get it because I was opposed to — TRUMP: I would have gotten it BUSH: — casino gambling before — TRUMP: I promise I would have gotten it BUSH: during and after And that’s not — I’m not going to be bought by anybody TRUMP: I promise if I wanted it I would have gotten it BUSH: No way Believe me TRUMP: I know my people BUSH: Not even possible TRUMP: I know my people TAPPER: Is there anything else you want to say about this TRUMP: No I just will tell you that you know Jeb made the statement I’m not only referring to him I — a lot of money was raised by a lot of different people that are standing up here And the donors the special interests the lobbyists have very strong power over these people I’m spending all of my money I’m not spending — I’m not getting any — I turned down — I turn down so much I could have right now from special interests and donors I could have double and triple what he’s got I’ve turned it down I turned down last week $5 million from somebody So I will tell you I understand the game I’ve been on the other side all of my life And they have a lot of control over our politicians And I don’t say that favorably and I’m not sure if there’s another system but I say this I am not accepting any money from anybody Nobody has control of me other than the people of this country I’m going to do the right thing TAPPER: Governor — BUSH: You’ve got according to your — to what you said on one of the talk shows you got Hillary Clinton to go to your wedding — TRUMP: That’s true That’s true BUSH: — because you gave her money Maybe it works for Hillary Clinton — TRUMP: I was — excuse me Jeb BUSH: — it doesn’t work for anybody on this — on stage TRUMP: I was a businessman I got along with Clinton I got along with everybody That was my job to get along with people BUSH: But the simple fact is — TRUMP: I didn’t want to — excuse me One second BUSH: No The simple fact is Donald you could not take — TRUMP: OK more energy tonight I like that (LAUGHTER) Look — BUSH: I was asked the question TRUMP: I didn’t want — it was my obligation as a businessman to my family to my company to my employees to get along with all politicians I get along with all of them and I did a damn good job in doing it Go ahead BUSH: So he supports Pelosi he supports Schumer he supports Clinton — TRUMP: Got along with everybody BUSH: When he — and he — when he asked — when he asked Florida to have casino gambling we said no TRUMP: Wrong BUSH: We said no And that’s the simple fact The simple fact is — TRUMP: Don’t make things up Jeb don’t make things up Come on BUSH: Don’t cut me off TRUMP: Don’t make things up CARSON: Jake can I say something about that TAPPER: Sure Dr Carson CARSON: You know when I entered this race all the political pundits said it’s impossible; you can’t do it because you’re not connected with the money And there’s no way that you can raise what you need in order to compete successfully I in no way am willing to get in the bed with special interest group or lick the boots of billionaires I have said to the people if they want me to do this please get involved And we now have over 500000 donations and the money is coming in But the pundits forgot about one thing and that is the people And they are really in charge TAPPER: Thank you Dr Carson Let’s move to Russia if we could Russia is sending troops and tanks into Syria right now to prop up a US enemy Bashar al-Assad President Obama’s incoming top general says quote “Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security” Mr Trump you say you can do business with President Vladimir Putin you say you will get along quote “very well” What would you do right now if you were president to get the Russians out of Syria TRUMP: So number one they have to respect you He has absolutely no respect for President Obama Zero Syria’s a mess You look at what’s going on with ISIS in there now think of this: we’re fighting ISIS ISIS wants to fight Syria Why are we fighting ISIS in Syria Let them fight each other and pick up the remnants I would talk to him I would get along with him I believe — and I may be wrong in which case I’d probably have to take a different path but I would get along with a lot of the world leaders that this country is not getting along with We don’t get along with China We don’t get along with the heads of Mexico We don’t get along with anybody and yet at the same time they rip us left and right They take advantage of us economically and every other way We get along with nobody I will get along — I think — with Putin and I will get along with others and we will have a much more stable — stable world TAPPER: So you — just to clarify the only answer I heard to the question I asked is that you would — you would reach out to Vladimir Putin and you would do what You would… TRUMP: I believe that I will get along — we will do — between that Ukraine all of the other problems we won’t have the kind of problems that our country has right now with Russia and many other nations TAPPER: Senator Rubio you’ve taken a very different approach to the — the question of Russia You’ve called Vladimir Putin a quote “gangster” Why would President Rubio’s approach be more effective than President Trump’s RUBIO: Well first of all I have an understanding of exactly what it is Russia and Putin are doing and it’s pretty straightforward He wants to reposition Russia once again as a geopolitical force He himself said that the destruction of the Soviet Union — the fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century and now he’s trying to reverse that He’s trying to destroy NATO And this is what this is a part of He is exploiting a vacuum that this administration has left in the Middle East Here’s what you’re gonna see in the next few weeks: the Russians will begin to fly — fly combat missions in that region not just targeting ISIS but in order to prop up Assad He will also then turn to other countries in the region and say “America is no longer a reliable ally Egypt America is no longer a reliable ally Saudi Arabia Begin to rely on us” What he is doing is he is trying to replace us as the single most important power broker in the Middle East and this president is allowing it That is what is happening in the Middle East That’s what’s happening with Russia and… TAPPER: Thank you Senator Rubio (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: I want to bring in Carly Fiorina (APPLAUSE) FIORINA: Having… TAPPER: Ms Fiorina you have met… FIORINA: Having met Vladimir Putin if I may… TAPPER: …yeah you’ve met Vladimir Putin Yes FIORINA: Having met Vladimir Putin I wouldn’t talk to him at all We’ve talked way too much to him What I would do immediately is begin rebuilding the Sixth Fleet I would begin rebuilding the missile defense program in Poland I would conduct regular aggressive military exercises in the Baltic states I’d probably send a few thousand more troops into Germany Vladimir Putin would get the message By the way the reason it is so critically important that every one of us know General Suleimani’s name is because Russia is in Syria right now because the head of the Quds force traveled to Russia and talked Vladimir Putin into aligning themselves with Iran and Syria to prop up Bashar al- Assad Russia is a bad actor but Vladimir Putin is someone we should not talk to because the only way he will stop is to sense strength and resolve on the other side and we have all of that within our control We could rebuild the Sixth Fleet I will We haven’t We could rebuild the missile defense program We haven’t I will We could also to Senator Rubio’s point give the Egyptians what they’ve asked for which is intelligence We could give the Jordanians what they’ve asked for… TAPPER: Thank you Ms Fiorina FIORINA: …bombs and materiel We have not supplied it… TAPPER: Thank you FIORINA: …I will We could arm the Kurds They’ve been asking us for three years All of this is within our control (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Thank you Thank you Ms Fiorina While you’re — while you brought up the subject of General Suleimani of the Quds forces from Iran the next president no matter who he or she may be will inherit President Obama’s Iran deal Senator Cruz Governor Kasich says that anyone who is promising to rip up the Iran deal on day one as you have promised to do is quote “inexperienced” and quote “playing to a crowd” Respond to Governor Kasich please CRUZ: Well let me tell you Jake the single biggest national security threat facing America right now is the threat of a nuclear Iran We’ve seen six and a half years of President Obama leading from behind Weakness is provocative and this Iranian nuclear deal is nothing short of catastrophic This deal on its face will send over $100 billion to the Ayatollah Khamenei making the Obama administration the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism CRUZ: This deal abandons four American hostages in Iran and this deal will only accelerate Iran’s acquiring nuclear weapons You’d better believe it If I am elected president on the very first day in office I will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Why is that not as Governor Kasich says playing to the crowd and an example of you being inexperienced CRUZ: Well let’s be clear when it comes to experience What President Obama wants to do is he’s run to the United Nations and he wants to use the United Nations to bind the United States and take away our sovereignty Well I spent five and a half years as a Solicitor General of Texas the lead lawyer for the state in front of the US Supreme Court and I went in front of the Supreme Court and took on the world court of the United Nations in a case called Medellin v Texas and we won a historic victory saying the World Court and the UN, has no power to bind the United States, and no President of the United States, Republican or Democrat, TAPPER: Governor Kasich… KASICH: …Yeah, KASICH: Well, I think it’s a bad agreement.

I would never have done it. a lot of our problems in the world today is that we don’t have the relationship with our allies. If we want to go everywhere alone, we will not have the strength as (ph) if we could rebuild with our allies. this agreement, we don’t know what’s going to happen in 18 months. I served on the Defense Committee for 18 years. I’ve seen lots of issues in foreign affairs, you have to be steady. If they help Hamas.

and Hezbollah, if we find out that they may be developing a nuclear weapon, than the military option is on the table. We are stronger when we work with the Western civilization, Governor. I want to go to Senator Paul. TRUMP(?): …Slow (ph) and steady, Senator Paul. the White House is rolling out the red carpet next week for the President of China.

Governor Walker says that President Obama should cancel the state dinner because of China’s currency manipulation, and because of China’s alleged cyber attacks against the United States. Is Governor Walker right? Carly Fiorina also said we’re not going to talk with Putin. Well, think if Reagan had said that during the Cold War? We continued to talk with the Russians throughout the Cold War which is much more significant that where we are now. Should we cut up the agreement immediately? That’s absurd. Wouldn’t you want to know if they complied?

and cut it up without looking to see if whether or not Iran has complied. The same goes with China. I don’t think we need to be rash, I don’t think we need to be reckless, or disengaged in the world, and I think this is an example of some who want to isolate us, actually, and not be engaged. We do need to be engaged with Russia. It doesn’t mean we give them a free pass.

or China a free pass, to be engaged, and it would be a big mistake not to do it here. TAPPER: Governor Walker, and reckless. WALKER: Two parts to that, When it comes to China, why would we be giving an official state visit to a country that’s been involved in a massive cyber attack against the United States? That’s not just a visit. that’s a 21 gun salute on the South Lawn of the White House.

It just doesn’t make any sense. If we’re ever going to send a message to them, wouldn’t this be the time, sort of, massive attack against us? The President came after me and said I need to bone up. You know, the President who called ISIS the JV squad said I needed to bone up. The reality is it’s a bad deal on day one, and closer.

We need a leader who’s going to stand up, and actually (INAUDIBLE)… FIORINA: …Jake… TAPPER: …Governor Bush… CRUZ(? your father was the chief diplomatic envoy to China back when Nixon opened relations to China. canceling the state dinner? but we need to be strong against China. We should use offensive tactics as it relates to cyber security, send a deterrent signal to China. There should be super sanctions in what President Obama has proposed. There’s many other tools that we have without canceling a dinner. but we can be much stronger as it relates to that.

As it relates to Iran, it’s not a strategy to tear up an agreement. A strategy would be how do we confront Iran? it’s going to create a healthier deterrent effect than anything else I can think of. TAPPER: I want to turn… FIORINA: …Jake, (INAUDIBLE)… (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: …I want to turn to Governor Huckabee who has been very patient. Somebody had to be 11th. and he is, I do want to change the subject to the event that you had… HUCKABEE: I would certainly love to get in on this, HUCKABEE: I’ve been patiently waiting.

and I’m going to just say this about Iran. HUCKABEE: Because I think it is incredibly important. This is not just a little conflict with a Middle Eastern country that we’ve just now given over $100 billion to, the equivalent in U. This threatens Israel immediately. this threatens the entire Middle East, but it threatens the United States of America. And we can’t treat a nuclear Iranian government as if it is just some government that would like to have power. they kidnapped Americans, Hamas and Hezbollah.

and they threaten the very essence of Western civilization. To give them this agreement, that the president treats like the Magna Carta, and we must, simply. make it very clear that the next president, one of us on this stage, will absolutely not honor that agreement, and will destroy it and will be tough with Iran, we put every person in this world in a very dangerous place.

(APPLAUSE) TAPPER: OK. (UNKNOWN): Jake, I’d like to… TAPPER: We’re going to turn now to Hugh Hewitt, HEWITT: Thank you, Jake. two years ago, President Obama drew a red line that the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad crossed, He did not, Syria is a living hell, and he turned to the Congress for the authority to back him up.

Do they bear responsibility for this refugee crisis, TRUMP: I wouldn’t have drawn the line, he had no choice but to go across. They do bear some responsibility, but I think he probably didn’t do it. not for that reason. Somehow, he just doesn’t have courage. Had he crossed the line and really gone in with force, done something to Assad — if he had gone in with tremendous force.

you wouldn’t have millions of people displaced all over the world. HEWITT: How much responsibility, do the senators hold? TRUMP: They had a responsibility. absolutely. I think we have three of them here… HEWITT: Senator Rubio… TRUMP: I think they had a responsibility, RUBIO: Let me tell you — I will tell you we have zero responsibility, because let’s remember what the president said. He said the attack he would conduct would be a pinprick. Well.

And we’re not going to authorize use of force if you’re not put in a position where they can win. And quite frankly, people don’t trust this president as commander-in-chief because of that. (APPLAUSE) HEWITT: Senator Paul? PAUL: I think this gets to the point of wisdom on when to intervene and when we shouldn’t. Had we bombed Assad at the time, and like Hillary Clinton wanted and many Republicans wanted, I think ISIS would be in charge of Syria had we bombed Assad. Sometimes both sides of the civil war are evil, and sometimes intervention sometimes makes us less safe.

This is real debate we have to have in the Middle East. Every time we have toppled a secular dictator, we have gotten chaos. the rise of radical Islam, and we’re more at risk. I think we need to think before we act, and know most interventions, have actually backfired on us. Senator Paul. Jake.

he asked me, as well. you’re right. You’re the third senator. RUBIO: … respond. I think I’m the first senator. (LAUGHTER) The No. 1 test for use of military force should be the vital national security interest of the United States. The reason why I opposed President Obama bombing Syria, like Al Qaida.

I also want to respond to several folks up here who said we should trust this Iranian deal, see if the Iranians will comply. Anyone who is paying attention to what Khamenei says knows that they will not comply. and America as the great Satan. RUBIO: In the middle of negotiating this treaty, death to America. It shows the Ayatollah Khamenei saying, “Death to all Americans,” and then it shows John Kerry coming back, saying.

“Can we meet ya half way?” (LAUGHTER) We need a commander-in-chief who will stand up and protect this country. And I’ll tell you, I can’t wait to stand on that debate stage with Hillary Clinton and to make abundantly clear if you vote for Hillary, (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: We’re going to go to Dana Bash… (CROSSTALK) KASICH: No, I want to — I want to — I want to say something about what the senator just said. KASICH: No one is — no — let me — let me suggest to you we believe that we operate better in the world when our allies work with us. President Bush did it in the Gulf War. They violate the deal, If they don’t go with us.

we slap the sanctions on anyway. If they fund these radical groups that threaten Israel and all of the West. And let me make it clear — let me make it clear… (CROSSTALK) KASICH: … if we think — if we think they’re getting close to a — to developing a nuclear weapon and we get that information, you better believe that I would do everything in my power as the commander-in-chief to stop them having a nuclear weapon. Jake… KASICH: We can have it, and we can have our allies, and we can project across this globe with unity, That is not what gets us where we want to get as a nation. “Well, if they cheat.

” We won’t know under this agreement — there are several facilities in Iran they designate as military facilities that are off limit all together. Beyond that. the other facilities, That is designed to allow them to hide the evidence. And most astonishingly, this agreement trusts the Iranians to inspect themselves. That makes no sense whatsoever. And let me know — President Obama is violating federal law… TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. CRUZ: … by not handing over the side deals.

and we ought to see the United States Congress… TAPPER: Thank you, CRUZ: … stand up together and say. and protect this country.” TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. I want to… FIORINA: Jake? TAPPER: … turn back to Governor Huckabee… FIORINA: Jake? TAPPER: I want to turn back to Governor Huckabee. Governor Huckabee, as I don’t need to tell you.

You’ve called what happened to Kim Davis, that clerk. “an example of the criminalization of Christianity.” There are several people on the stage who disagree with you. Governor Bush, for example, says that that clerk is sworn to uphold the law. Is Governor Bush on the wrong side of the criminalization of Christianity? HUCKABEE: No, I don’t think he’s on the wrong side of such an issue.

Jeb is a friend. But I am here to fight for somebody who is a county clerk elected under the Kentucky constitution that 75 percent of the people of that state had voted for that said that marriage was between a man and a woman. The Supreme Court in a very, very divided decision decided out of thin air that they were just going to redefine marriage. It’s a decision that the other justices in dissent said they didn’t have and there wasn’t a constitutional shred of capacity for them to do it. I thought that everybody here passed ninth-grade civics. The courts cannot legislate. That’s what Roberts said. But heck, it’s what we learned in civics.

The courts can’t make a law. They can interpret one. They can review one. They can’t implement it. They can’t force it. But here’s what happened: Because the courts just decided that something was going to be and people relinquished it and the other two branches of government sat by silently — I thought we had three branches of government, they were all equal to each other, and we have checks and balances. we have what Jefferson said was judicial tyranny. The reason that this is a real issue that we need to think about… TAPPER: Thank you.

Governor. Jake. so I’m going to take just what little I can here. We made accommodation to the Fort Hood shooter to let him grow a beard. We made accommodations to the detainees at Gitmo — I’ve been to Gitmo, and I’ve seen the accommodations that we made to the Muslim detainees who killed Americans. HUCKABEE: You’re telling me that you cannot make an accommodation for an elected Democrat county clerk from Rowan County, Kentucky? I’m not telling you that, Governor.

because he — because he disagrees. You disagree? You’re not — you don’t… BUSH: I don’t think — you’re not stating my views right. TAPPER: OK. Religious conscience is — is — is a first freedom. It’s — it’s a powerful part of our — of our Bill of Rights. tolerant country, we should respect the rule of law, allow people in — in — in this country — I’m a — I was opposed to the decision, but we — you can’t just say.

“well.” But this woman, there should be some accommodation for her conscience, A great country like us should find a way to have accommodations for people so that we can solve the problem in the right way. Mike. CHRISTIE: I was — (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: Governor, you said, and so if she, based on conscience. can’t sign that — that marriage license.

it should be changed. TAPPER: Let me go to my colleague Dana Bash, Senator Cruz is so committed to stripping federal funds from Planned Parenthood that it could result in shutting down the federal government in just about two weeks. Do you agree with Senator Cruz’s tactic? KASICH: Well, I don’t know many people in America who don’t think that we should, I think there is a way to get this done by giving governors the ability to be able to act to defund Planned Parenthood. you gotta be very careful about that. The president of the United States is not going to sign this, and all we’re gonna do is shut the government down.

and then we’re gonna open up — open it up, and the American people are gonna shake their heads and say, “what’s the story with these Republicans?” So I think there is a way to get to cutting off the funding for Planned Parenthood. I was in the Congress for 18 years, got it done. went around the president to get welfare reform done. There are ways to do it without having to shut the government down, but I’m sympathetic to the fact that we don’t want this organization to get funding, and the money ought to be reprogrammed for family planning in other organizations that don’t support this tactic.

But I would not be for shutting the government down… BASH: Thank you. KASICH: …because I don’t think it’s going to work out. Senator Cruz, I would just add that, on this stage not that long ago, Senator Graham said that this tactic that you’re pushing would tank the Republicans’ ability to win in 2016. CRUZ: Well. let me tell you, Dana, number one.

These Planned Parenthood videos are horrifying. See — seeing your Planned Parenthood officials callously, heartlessly bartering and selling the body parts of human beings, and then ask yourself, “are these my values?” These are horrifying. On these videos. It is a felony with ten years’ jail term to sell the body parts of unborn children for profit. That’s what these videos show Planned Parenthood doing. Absolutely we shouldn’t be sending $500 million of taxpayer money to funding an ongoing criminal enterprise.

the fact that Republican leadership in both houses has begun this discussion by preemptively surrendering to Barack Obama and saying, “we’ll give in because Obama threatens a veto. Obama’s committed to his principles. senator. CRUZ: I will veto any budget that doesn’t fund Planned Parenthood, We need to stop surrendering and start standing… BASH: Thank you… CRUZ: …for our principles. Is it what Senator Cruz says, We didn’t surrender in New Jersey, six years ago, I defended Planned Parenthood.

eight times in New Jersey. Since the day I walked in as governor, But here’s the problem, We agree. She believes in the systematic murder of children in the womb to preserve their body parts… BASH: But… CHRISTIE: …Dana, in a way that maximizes their value for sale for profit. It is disgusting, and the American people need to hear it… BASH: But is it… CHRISTIE: …we shouldn’t be fighting with each other. She’s the real opponent, BASH: But.

CHRISTIE: I’ll tell you what — I’ll tell you what I’d be willing to fight for. I’ll tell you what I’d be willing to fight for. Why will (ph) we put tax reform on the president’s desk, BASH: Yes or no, do you support this shutdown? CHRISTIE: No, it’s really important, Dana. Why don’t we put tax reform on this president’s desk, and make him veto it if that’s what he wants to do?

Why haven’t we repealed and replaced Obamacare? Make him veto if that’s what he wants to do. BASH: We’re talking about Planned Parenthood right now. CHRISTIE: And why don’t we do the same thing with Planned Parenthood? BASH: Can you answer yes or no? CHRISTIE: We elected a Republican Congress to do this. And they should be doing it, and they’re not. And they’re giving the president a pass. FIORINA: Dana.

I’d like to… BASH: One more time. I’m sorry. I just want to get the answer. BASH: So you would support a shutdown. CHRISTIE: Let’s force him to do what he says he’s going to do. but let’s force him to do it. FIORINA: Dana, both of which are incredibly important, One has something to do with the defense of the security of this nation. The other has something to do with the defense of the character of this nation.

You have not heard a plan about Iran from any politician up here. here is my plan. the first to my good friend to Bibi Netanyahu to reassure him we will stand with the state of Israel. The second, anywhere inspections by our people, not his, the United States of America, we don’t need anyone’s cooperation to do it. And every ally and every adversary we have in this world will know that the United States in America is back in the leadership business. which is how we must stand with our allies.

As regards Planned Parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, This is about the character of our nation, shame on us. I want to continue on the subject. Governor Bush. quote.

you’re “not sure we need a half billion for women’s health issues.” Now you’ve since said that you misspoke, you didn’t mean to say “women’s health issues. that comment, will haunt you the same way Mitt Romney’s 47 percent video haunted him. he’s wrong on a lot of things, I got to act on my core beliefs. It’s part of who I am. And from beginning end we need to respect it and err on the side of life. And so I defunded Planned Parenthood.

We created a climate where parental notification took place. And I would bring that kind of philosophy to Washington, So here is a solution to this. Title X of the HHS funding,” It was passed in 1988. that a Planned Parenthood. you couldn’t separate the money between the actual abortion procedures, and there are 330, and their promotion of it. He interpreted it the right way.

the courts ruled in his favor, When I’m elected president, we will restore that interpretation of Title X. And this deal will be finished. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Thank you, let me just… TRUMP: Jeb. just… TAPPER: The quote was,” He said he misspoke. You said that that’s going to haunt him. Why do you think that?

TRUMP: I think it will haunt him. I think it’s a terrible. I think it’s going to haunt him absolutely. He came back later and he said he misspoke. I was watching and he said the statement. And I said, I can’t believe it. I will take care of women. I respect women. I will take care of women.

One thing we will say and I would like to get back to the Iran situation. We’re talking about Iran. The agreement was terrible. It was incompetent. I’ve never seen anything like it. One of the worst contracts of any kind I’ve ever seen. And Ted and I have spoken. We’ve — a lot of us have spoken. We’re talking about Iran. They are bad actors.

bad things are going to happen. But in the meantime, And we don’t even mention it. TAPPER: Governor Bush? BUSH: There are 13,000 community-based organizations that provide health services to women, I don’t believe that Planned Parenthood should get a penny from the federal government. Those organizations should get funding, just as I increased funding when I was governor of the state. when I was governor.

we also increased the opportunities for women. Women’s income grew three times faster than the national average when I was governor. TRUMP: So why didn’t you say it? Why didn’t you say it? BUSH: We improved — we improved — TRUMP: I know, I heard it myself. Why did you say it? BUSH: — we increased child support — we increased child support with a broken system by 90 percent. You said it. I have a proven record.

TRUMP: You said it. TAPPER: I want to — we’re going to get to — WALKER: Jake, This is — there’s something bigger to this. I — like so many other governors here, I defunded Planned Parenthood four-and-a-half years ago, in a Blue State. But it’s bigger than that. We did that in a Blue State, we took the money and put it into women’s health, But I think the bigger issue here is we should be able to do this nationally.

and this is precisely why so many Republicans are upset with Washington. Why can’t we defund Planned — put it in a spending bill. there’s no reason — and the Constitution doesn’t call for 60 votes. Pass it with 51 votes, put it on the desk of the president — TAPPER: Thank you, WALKER: — and go forward and actually make a point. This is why — TAPPER: Thank you, Governor. WALKER: — people are upset with Washington. TAPPER: We’re going to — we’re going to get to many of these issues.

believe it or not. We’re going to get to many of these issues, Fiorina. I do want to ask you about this. “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? not your appearance. Please feel free to respond what you think about his persona.

(LAUGHTER) FIORINA: You know, it’s interesting to me. Trump said that he heard Mr. Bush said. I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said. (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: I think she’s got a beautiful face, TAPPER: All right. On that note,爱上海Nell, In less than two minutes.

And the candidates on the stage are split over how to handle it. That’s coming up next. Please give some applause to the candidates. (APPLAUSE) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) TAPPER: Welcome to CNN’s Republican Presidential Debate. Trump, you have called for deporting every undocumented immigrant, Governor Christie has said, county, state and federal combined — to forcibly deport 11 to 12 million people.” Tell Governor Christie how much your plan will cost.

and how you will get it done. TRUMP: Correct. First of all, So important, and it’s a big part of it. we have a lot of really bad dudes in this country from outside, and I think Chris knows that, maybe as well as anybody. first day they’re gone. Chicago.

Baltimore, no matter where you look. We have a country based on laws. I will make sure that those laws are adhered to. These are illegal immigrants. I don’t think you’d even be asking this question if I didn’t run because when I ran, and I brought this up, then they found out with the killing of Katie. from San Francisco, and so many other crimes.

they found out that I was right. most people, many people, we have a country of laws, and they’ll come back if they deserve to come back. If they’ve had a bad record, if they’ve been arrested, if they’ve been in jail. We’re going to have a country again. Right now.

we don’t have a country, we don’t have a border, and we’re going to do something about it, and it can be done with proper management, you and I have talked about this in an interview. You say that his big wall, it sounds great, Tell him why you’re skeptical of his plans? CHRISTIE: First of, Jake.

I’m the only person on this stage who spent seven years as a United States Attorney after September 11th, and I know how to do this.000 people a day to be deported every day for two years is an undertaking that almost none of us could accomplish given the current levels of funding, Here’s what we need to do, and I think this is where Donald is absolutely right. What we need to do is to secure our border, and we need to do it with more than just a wall. we need to use drones. we need to use FBI, and ATF.

and yes, we need to take the fingerprint of every person who comes into this country on a visa, and when they overstay their visa, It’s time for you to go.” If we had that kind of system in place, we wouldn’t have the 11 million people we have now. Governor Christie… TRUMP: …By the way, I agree with — with what Chris is saying, I will say this. Illegal immigration is costing us more than $200 billion dollars a year just to maintain what we have.

Carson because he too has been skeptical of your plan to immediately deport 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants. He said, quote, “People who say that have no idea what this entails. Carson? CARSON: Well. I recognize that we have an incredible illegal immigration problem. I was down in Arizona a few weeks ago at the border. and those are the kind of fences when I was a kid that would barely slow us down. I don’t see any purpose in having that.

what we need to do is look at something that actually works. Yuma County, Arizona. If we don’t seal the border, We have the ability to do it, There was one area where they had cut a hole in the fence. and to repair it, they put a few strands of barb wire across. Well, they wanted to photograph us from the side of the Mexicans.

and they went through there, and they were not physically fit people, and they took their cameras and things with them, and shot us from the other side. That’s how easy it is to get across. I mean, it goes on, and on, and on.000 criminals released… TAPPER: …Dr.

Carson… CARSON: …on to our property, it’s ridiculous. TAPPER: With all due respect, CARSON: Well, I have also said. that I would be willing to listen. if they can, specify exactly how that’s going to be done, and what the cost, and it sounds reasonable.

): …(INAUDIBLE)… TAPPER: …let’s continue the conversation about illegal immigration with Dana Bash. BASH: Governor Bush, Trump has suggested that your views on immigration are influenced by your Mexican born wife. He said that, I think I would have a soft spot for people from Mexico. BUSH: He did, You’re proud of your family, just as I am. TRUMP: Correct. and I hope you apologize for that.

TRUMP: Well, I have to tell you, I hear phenomenal things. I hear your wife is a lovely woman… BUSH: She is. and this is a total mischaracterization… BUSH: She is absolutely the love of my life. and she’s right here… TRUMP: Good. BUSH: And why don’t you apologize to her right now. TRUMP: No, I won’t do that, BUSH: Yeah.

TRUMP: But I do hear she’s a lovely woman. here’s the deal. My wife is a Mexican-American. and she wants a secure border. Are we going to take the Reagan approach, the approach that says that, you pursue your dreams with a vengeance, The approach that says that everything is bad, that everything is coming to an end. I… BASH: Mr.

TRUMP: Jeb said… BUSH: I’m on the Reagan side of this. TRUMP: … that they come into our country as an act of love. in so many instances — we have wonderful people coming in. He’s weak on immigration — by the way. in favor of Common Core, which is also a disaster, but weak on immigration. He doesn’t get my vote. Trump… FIORINA: Dana, with all being said to Mr.

Trump brought it up. We talked about it in 2012, we talked about it in 2008. TRUMP: Not with this intensity. FIORINA: We have been talking about it for 25 years. This is why people are tired of politicians. BASH: Ms. Fiorina — Ms. we’re going to come to you, we’re going to come to you.

Trump said. first of all, three — four years ago, And I laid out a comprehensive. conservative approach for immigration reform. And it does require securing the border. No one disagrees with that. Donald. Hundreds of billions of dollars. It would destroy community life.

And it would send a signal to the rest of the world that the United States values that are so important for our long-term success no longer matter in this country. (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: As I said, we are spending $200 billion — we are spending $200 billion a year on maintaining what we have. We will move them out. The great ones will come back, the good ones will come back. They’ll be expedited, they’ll be back, they’ll come back legally. We’ll have a country — they’ll come back.

BASH: OK, on that note, you have criticized Governor Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail. You said, quote,” What’s wrong with speaking Spanish? TRUMP: Well, but I did it a little bit half-heartedly, but I do mean it to a large extent. We have a country.

to assimilate, And I think that where he was. and the way it came out didn’t sound right to me. We have to have assimilation — to have a country, I’m not the first one to say this, Dana. We’ve had many people over the years, for many, saying the same thing. not Spanish.

(APPLAUSE) BUSH: Well, I’ve been speaking English here tonight. and I’ll keep speaking English. a school — by the way, the largest voucher program in the country, and they ask me a question in Spanish, I’m going to show respect and answer that question in Spanish. Even though they do speak English, and even though they embrace American values. (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: This is a reporter.

RUBIO: Ms. I agree that English is the unifying language of our country. It was my grandfather; he came to this country in the 1960s, And he lived with us, And my grandfather loved America. He loved Ronald Reagan; he would be very proud of the fact that we’re here this evening. My grandfather instilled in me the belief that I was blessed to live in the one society in all of human history where even I, the son of a bartender and a maid, and be anything that I was willing to work hard to achieve. But he taught me that in Spanish.

because it was the language he was most comfortable in. And he became a conservative, And so, I do give interviews in Spanish, And if they get their news in Spanish, Not from a translator at Univision. TAPPER: Thank you, Senator Rubio. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Senator Cruz — Senator Cruz, we learned more about Dr.

Carson’s plan for the 11 million to 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country. Carson proposed giving these undocumented immigrants a six- month grace period to pay back taxes then to let them become guest workers and only to deport people who failed to do that. CARSON: Not exactly what I said. how would you say it, but please tell us. CARSON: Well, what I said, after we seal the borders, after we turn off the spigot that dispenses all the goodies so we don’t have people coming in here, including employment.

that people who had a pristine record. we should consider allowing them to become guest workers, primarily in the agricultural sphere, because that’s the place where Americans don’t seem to want to work. That’s what I said. And they have a six-month period to do that. If they don’t do it within that time period, then they become illegal, and as illegals, they will be treated as such.

TAPPER: OK. from the horse’s mouth, Senator Cruz, CRUZ: Well, Jake, I think that’s very important. I like and respect Ben Carson. I’ll let him talk about his own plans. But I will say this: The natural next question that primary voters are asking, what are the records of the various candidates?

A majority of the men and women on this stage have previously and publicly embraced amnesty. I am the only candidate on this stage who has never supported amnesty and, In 2013, when Barack Obama and Harry Reid joined the Washington Republicans in a massive, I stood shoulder to shoulder with Jeff Sessions helping lead the fight. You know, how do you secure the borders? to put in place a strong biometric exit/entry system… TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. Senator Rubio… CARSON: Can I — can I — can I just… TAPPER: … I’m not sure… CARSON: Can I correct… TAPPER: We’ll come back to you — we’ll come back to you in one second.

But Senator Rubio. I’m not sure exactly whose plan he’s — he’s saying is — constitutes amnesty, but I know he has said it about your plan in the past, so I want to give you a chance to respond, we’ll come to you. RUBIO: Well, let me say that legal immigration is not an issue I read about in the newspaper. Immigration, I live with. My family’s immigrants.

My neighbors are all immigrants. So I’ve seen every aspect of it, and I can tell you America doesn’t have one immigration problem, it has three. we have people still coming illegally. Second, we have 11 million or 12 million people, And we must deal with all three of these problems. the physical border, absolutely.

But we also need to have an entry/exit tracking system. 40 percent of the people who come here illegally come legally, We also need a mandatory e-verify system. step two would be to modernize our legal immigration system so you come to America on the basis of what you can contribute economically, not whether or not simply you have a relative living here. And after we’ve done those two things, I believe the American people… TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. TAPPER: Thank you, Senator.

Senator — Dr. Carson… (APPLAUSE) … I want to give you 30 seconds. I’d like you to answer the question. Senator Cruz describes plans such as yours as amnesty. CARSON: My plan is not amnesty for a number of reasons. I’ve talked to farmers. and they said they cannot hire Americans to do the kind of job that I’m talking about. And the second reason is because the individuals who register as guest workers, they are not American citizens, and they don’t get the rights and privileges of American citizens.

I talked about the success in Yuma County, I mean, incredible success, and the Department of Justice said, we don’t want to do that. All we have to do is use a little common sense. Carson. I want to talk about the issue of birthright citizenship, which — which has emerged since the first debate as — as an a — a major issue in this campaign. you say that babies born in the United States to undocumented immigrants should not any longer get automatic American citizenship.

Fiorina on birthright citizenship? first of all, the — the 14th Amendment says very, very clearly to a lot of great legal scholars — not television scholars, but legal scholars — that it is wrong. It can be corrected with an act of Congress, probably doesn’t even need that. A woman gets pregnant. She’s nine months, she walks across the border.

she has the baby in the United States, and we take care of the baby for 85 years. And by the way, Mexico and almost every other country anywhere in the world doesn’t have that. We’re the only ones dumb enough. stupid enough to have it. And people — and by the way, They are coming from Asia to have babies here, and all of a sudden, we have to take care of the babies for the life of the baby.

The 14th Amendment, you can go and — it’s probably going to be have to be check — go through a process of court, probably ends up at the Supreme Court, but there are a lot of great legal scholars that say that is not correct. And in my opinion. it makes absolutely no — we’re the only — one of the only countries, we’re going to take care of those babies for 70, 90 years? Fiorina, Why is it pandering when he’s — he says this?

FIORINA: First let me say, We have just spent a good bit of time discussing, as Republicans, how to solve this problem. I would ask your audience at home to ask a very basic question. Why have Democrats not solved this problem? President Obama campaigned in 2007 and 2008 on solving the immigration problem. He entered Washington with majorities in the House and the Senate. He could have chosen to do anything to solve this pro — this problem. Instead.

he chose to do nothing. Fiorina… FIORINA: They want it to be an issue that they can use. As to birthright citizenship… TAPPER: Please. you can’t just wave your hands and say “the 14th Amendment is gonna go away.” It will take an extremely arduous vote in Congress. and if that doesn’t work to amend the Constitution, And meanwhile, what will continue to go on is what has gone on for 25 years. With all due respect, we’ve been talking about illegal immigration for 25 years.

San Francisco has been a sanctuary city since 1989. what has happened? Nothing. The border remains insecure. we know what it takes to secure a border. Money, manpower, technology… TAPPER : Thank you, Fiorina. FIORINA: …mostly.

leadership… TAPPER: Thank you. FIORINA: …the kind of leadership that understands how to get results. TAPPER: Thank you. Trump, with Carly on the fact that the Democrats do not want to solve this problem, for the obvious reasons, but they do not. I’ve seen both sides, but some of the greatest scholars agree with me, without having to go through Congress.

Senator Paul… FIORINA: But you — you would stipulate, but not everyone agrees with you. TRUMP: That’s true, sure. FIORINA: OK. I want to bring you in. Where — where do you stand on the issue of birthright citizenship? I hate to say it, were here legally, and they said that their children were citizens.

There’s never been a direct Supreme Court case on people who were here illegally, whether or not their kids are citizens. So it hasn’t really been completely adjudicated.” The original author of the — of the 14th Amendment said on the Senate floor that this was applying to slaves, Senator Paul, thank you so much. Let’s turn to a new topic. We’ve received a lot of questions on social media about the economy and about jobs. We have two CEOs on stage right now. you were CEO of Hewlett Packard.

Donald Trump says you, “ran HP into the ground,” you laid off tens of thousands of people, you got viciously fired. For voters looking to somebody with private-sector experience to create American jobs, why should they pick you and not Donald Trump? FIORINA: I led Hewlett Packard through a very difficult time, the worst technology recession in 25 years. The NASDAQ stock index fell 80 percent. Despite those difficult times.

we doubled the size of the company, we quadrupled its topline growth rate, we quadrupled its cash flow, we had to make tough choices, and in doing so, we saved 80,000 jobs, went on to grow to 160. And now Hewlett Packard is almost 300, and some tough calls are going to be required.

I have been very honest about this from the day it happened. When you challenge the status quo, you make enemies. I made a few. Steve Jobs told me that when he called me the day I was fired to say, been there, done that twice. It’s also true that the man that led my firing. Tom Perkins, just took — TAPPER: Thank you.

Fiorina. FIORINA: — out a full-page ad in the New York Times to say he was wrong, I was right. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Thank you, Fiorina. TRUMP: Well — TAPPER: Mr. Trump — Mr. Trump, why would you be better at creating jobs than Carly Fiorina? TRUMP: — let me — well.

let me just explain. The head of the Yale Business School, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, wrote a paper recently, one of the worst tenures for a CEO that he has ever seen, ranked one of the top 20 in the history of business. They still haven’t recovered. In fact, they fired another 25 or 30,000 people saying we still haven’t recovered from the catastrophe.

When Carly says the revenues went up, that’s because she bought Compaq, Carly was at Lucent before that. And Lucent turned out to be a catastrophe also. So I only say this. She can’t run any of my companies. That I can tell you. TAPPER: Ms. I want to give you a chance to respond. But honestly.

Trump, I find it quite rich that you would talk about this. there are a lot of us Americans who believe that we are going to have trouble someday paying back the interest on our debt because politicians have run up mountains of debt using other people’s money. That is in fact precisely the way you ran your casinos. You ran up mountains of debt, using other people’s money, four times, a record four times. Why should we trust you to manage the finances — TRUMP: I’ll tell you why; it’s very simple. FIORINA: — of this nation any differently than you managed the finances — TRUMP: I’ll tell you.

I was running — FIORINA: — of your casinos? TRUMP: — Carly, Carly — TAPPER: Mr. TRUMP: — I’ve made over $10 billion. I had a casino company — Caesars just filed for bankruptcy. FIORINA: Well — TRUMP: But Atlantic City is a disaster — FIORINA: Well, Trump — TRUMP: Wait a minute, Carly. Wait. I let you speak.

and I did great in Atlantic City. I knew when to get out. My timing was great. Many of the great business people that you know — and Carl Icon (ph) is going to work with me on making great deals for this country. But whether it’s Carl or so many others that we read about all the time — TAPPER: Thank you, Trump. TRUMP: — they have used the laws of the land, which is the — (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: Governor Christie’s name has been invoked. I’d like to give him a 30 second opportunity. CHRISTIE: Jake listen.

While I’m as entertained as anyone by this personal back-and-forth about the history of Donald and Carly’s career, for the 55-year-old construction worker out in that audience tonight who doesn’t have a job, I’ve got to tell you the truth. they care about theirs. (APPLAUSE) Let’s start talking about that on this stage and stop playing — and stop playing the games. Stop playing — KASICH: There’s a — CHRISTIE: John — I’m not done yet, John. FIORINA: A track record of leadership is not a game. It is the issue in this election. CHRISTIE: Stop — and stop playing — and Carly — Carly.

listen. You can interrupt everybody else on this stage, you’re not going to interrupt me. back and forth and volleying back and forth about who did well and who did poorly. You’re both successful people. Congratulations. Let’s start talking about those issues tonight and stop this childish back-and-forth between the two of you. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Ms. Fiorina, I want to give you KASICH: Jake — TAPPER: Governor Kasich.

I’m coming to you next, but Ms. Fiorina’s name was mentioned. and I have to give her the opportunity to respond if she wants it. I thought we had been hearing quite a bit about Govenor Christie’s record as governor, actually. But I do think that a track record of leadership is vital because in the end this election is about leadership. And let’s talk about what leadership is. It’s not about braggadocio, producing results.

And the highest calling of leadership is to unlock potential in others. TAPPER: Thank you. FIORINA: Problems have festered in Washington for too long. And the potential of this nation is being crushed. TAPPER: Thank you, I’m coming to you. Let me ask the question. You can use the time however you want. KASICH: OK, Jake.

He wants to raise the taxes of hedge fund managers, as does Governor Bush. KASICH: I don’t at this point in terms of changing the incentives for investment and risk-taking. But let’s just stop for a second. There’s one person on this stage that does have a record. I’m the only person on the stage and one of the few people in this country that led the effort as the chief architect of the last time we balanced the federal budget. We also cut taxes. we had a $5 trillion surplus, and the economy was booming. went out in the private sector.

was a great experience, and went into Ohio and took an $8 billion hole and turned it into a $2 billion surplus. We’ve had the largest amount of tax cuts of any sitting governor. We’ve grown well over 300,000 jobs. You see, I’ve done it in both places. I’m the only one here that has done it in both places. It took a lot to get us to a balanced budget. It was legitimate.

It was real. And we negotiated it. A lot of what we’re talking about here tonight as we take this position and that position. you know what? At the end of the day, America has got to work. we create a stronger economy for everybody. People have a chance to rise. you know, when we think about how we make a choice.

it’s the person that lands that plane. It’s not somebody that talks about it. And I’ve done it in… TAPPER: Thank you. Governor. KASICH: … both places. And that’s how we were successful. TAPPER: Thank you, Governor Kasich. KASICH: And that’s how I will be president, Thank you.

I want to bring you in on the question of hedge fund managers and taxing them.500 times what people who work for them make. Do you agree with what Donald Trump and Governor Bush have proposed. raising their tax rates? Why should we penalize productivity?” which would be a tax on our consumption, rather than a tax on our productivity. In other words, you’re not going to tax anybody for what they earn, whether it’s worker whose working by the hour or whether it’s a hedge fund manager.

we need some jobs. And I think the “fair tax” makes more sense. Jake, I’ve been listening to everybody on the stage and there is a lot of back and forth about I’m the only one who has done this, the only one who has done that, We’ve all done great things or we wouldn’t be on this stage. But it occurs to me as we’re sitting here in the Reagan Library that most of us would like to pay tribute to a guy who, didn’t get elected telling everybody how great he was. which is what I’d love to see us do by no longer penalizing the people who are out there working because they are taking a gut punch right now. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Thank you.

you support scrapping the entire tax code and replacing it with a flat tax based on the principal on tithing from the Bible. you pay $1 billion in taxes. if you make $10, you pay $1 in taxes. Donald Trump believes in progressive taxation. He says it’s not right that rich people pay the same as the poor. Tell Donald Trump why his ideas on taxes are wrong. that’s not fair, we need to take more of his money. That’s called socialism.

that guy just put in $1 billion. We can’t grow by continuing to take a piece of pie, and dividing it, I’m also looking at what doctor — at what Governor Huckabee talked about… HUCKABEE: …You don’t want me operating on you, I assure you. (LAUGHTER) CARSON: The Fair Tax. Looking at both of them, and evaluating them both, and I’m talking to the American people because one of the things we must recognize is that this country is of, it’s really time that the government get out of the way.

and let the people be the ones who decide how they want to run their country. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Mr. Trump… TRUMP: …Well, Do you think it’s fair? I think the thing about the flat tax, I know it very well. you pay ten percent, you’re paying very little relatively to somebody that’s making $50,000 a year, One thing I’ll say to Ben is that we’ve had a graduated tax system for many years.

so it’s not a socialistic thing. What I’d like to do, and I’ll be putting in the plan in about two weeks, and I think people are going to like it, it’s a major reduction in taxes. It’s a major reduction for the middle class. The hedge fund guys won’t like me as much as they like me right now. I know them all, I know people that are making a tremendous amount of money and paying virtually no tax, and I think it’s unfair.

TAPPER: Thank you. Trump. Senator Paul? PAUL: Well, I’m glad we’re having a discussion about taxes because everybody laments that we lose jobs overseas, and our jobs are being chased overseas by a 70, that’s why I’ve chosen to get rid of the whole thing, business, and for corporate income, we also get rid of the payroll tax.

so the working class would get a tax break as well. I think a flat tax, eliminating the tax code, is the way to go, Carson wants to raise the Federal Minimum Wage, you have called it a lame idea. the best way to help people see their wages go up is to get them the education, the skill they need. to take on careers that pay more than minimum wage. it’s why we talk about it.

You want to help actually get jobs, it’s why on that last question we were trying to jump in on taxes. it’s not just about taxes, cutting taxes. I’ve cut income taxes, In fact, The real issues about jobs. Ronald Reagan, our plan is based on the Ronald Reagan tax cuts of 1986. All the things we should be talking about tonight are about how do we create jobs.

helping people get the skills and the education qualifications they need to succeed. That’s the way you help people create jobs. It’s part of our large plan to reform the tax code, To put in place all the above energy policy, but you start on day one with repealing Obamacare. introduced an actual plan to repeal Obamacare on day one. I’ll send a bill up to Congress, TAPPER: …Thank you, Carson, He called raising the Federal Minimum Wage lame.

what do you think of that? CARSON: Well, I was asked should it be raised, I said, or possibly. what I added, I said we need to get both sides of this issue to sit down, and talk about it. Negotiate a reasonable minimum wage, I think we also have to have two minimum wages.

a starter, and a sustaining because how are young people ever going to get a job if you have such a high minimum wage that it makes it impractical to hire them… TAPPER: Thank you, Carson… WALKER: …Jake, I said. to me, Hillary Clinton talks about the minimum wage. That’s her answer to grow the economy. I don’t want to argue about how low things are going to be, I want to talk about how do we lift everyone up in America. That’s what Reagan talked about.

It wasn’t how bad things were, That’s what we’ve done in Wisconsin, that’s exactly what we’d do as… TAPPER: Let me bring in our partner from Salem Radio Network, Hugh Hewitt. HEWITT: I’d like to talk about winning because I think all of you are more qualified than former Secretary of State Clinton, but there are different styles, Governor Kasich, you’ve been on my show a lot. You refused to attack Hillary Clinton, you just don’t want to go there.

you want to do the up with people. so (inaudible). Which one of you is wrong? Governor Kasich? KASICH: Well, look, people still have to get to know me, so I want to spend my time talking about my experience reforming welfare, balancing budgets, cutting taxes.

turning Ohio around. Eight billion in the hole. $2 billion surplus, up over 300,000 jobs, big tax cuts, All those things matter but, you know, I was the only Republican in America to defeat an incumbent Democrat that year. I was the first Republican to defeat an incumbent in 36 years.

we’ll get to the point where we’ll talk about Hillary Clinton. or whoever the nominee is, But right now, I want to give people sense of hope, a sense of unity, sense that we can do it. KASICH: You know, at the end of the day, I’m going to continue to talk about my record, because there is.

they run for president. they make a lot of promises, they don’t keep them. HEWITT: Thank you, Governor. KASICH: I don’t intend to do that, That will all work out, She will not beat me there, I can promise you that. (APPLAUSE) HEWITT: Carly Fiorina.

your style? FIORINA: You see, Governor Christie, people spend time talking about their track records, Trump and I have every right to do the same. Clinton has to defend her track record. Her track record of lying about Benghazi, of lying about her e- mails, about lying about her servers. She does not have a track record of accomplishment.

Like Mrs. But unlike Mrs. Clinton, not an accomplishment. Clinton — if you want to stump a Democrat, ask them to name a accomplishment of Mrs. Clinton’s. HEWITT: Thank you, Governor Christie, your name was mentioned.

I want to give you a chance to respond. Hugh, it’s an important point. who is going to prosecute Hillary Clinton? the Justice Department seems to have no interest. I think it’s time to put a former federal prosecutor on the same stage as Hillary Clinton. (APPLAUSE) And I will prosecute her during those debates on that stage for the record we’re talking about here. The fact she had a private email server in her basement, using national security secrets running through it, could have been hacked by the Russians.

the Chinese, or two 18-year-olds on a toot (ph) wanting to have some fun. No one is answering that question from the Hillary Clinton campaign… HEWITT: Thank you, CHRISTIE: You know why? and she cannot look in the mirror at herself, and she cannot tell the American people the truth. HEWITT: Ahead, The challenges that one of these candidates may face in the Oval Office, and how he or she will handle it. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) TAPPER: Welcome back to CNN’s Republican Presidential Debate.

Trump, Senator Rubio said it was, quote, faces. Rubio said, you will not be able to serve as commander-in-chief. I heard Hugh Hewitt, a nice man, he apologized because he actually said that we had a misunderstanding. And he said today that Donald Trump is maybe the best interview there is anywhere that he has ever done.

Now unless he was just saying that on CNN to be nice, but he did say that… (CROSSTALK) HEWITT: Oh, you’re the best interview in America. TRUMP: And we had a legitimate misunderstanding in terms of his pronunciation of a word. But I would say just… (LAUGHTER) TRUMP: Well, And he actually said that. Did you say that? (CROSSTALK) HEWITT: … makes an interesting case (ph) here (ph). TRUMP: OK. So I will say this.

though, Hugh was giving me name after name, and there are few people anywhere, anywhere that would have known those names. I think he was reading them off a sheet. And frankly I will have — and I told him, You know, We will have great teams and great people. TAPPER: Senator Rubio? TRUMP: I hope that answers your question.

I mean, but I hope that answers your question. RUBIO: Yes, it does. But it’s in the following way, this is an important question. I think if you’re running for president, these are important issues, because look at around the world today. There is a lunatic in North Korea with dozens of nuclear weapons and long-range rocket that can already hit the very place in which we stand tonight.

They hack into our computers. They’re building artificial islands in the South China Sea, A gangster in Moscow is not just threatening Europe, he’s threatening to destroy and divide NATO. And they even recruit Americans using social media to try to attack us here at home. And now we have got this horrible deal with Iran where a radical Shia cleric with an apocalyptic vision of the future is also guaranteed to one day possess nuclear weapons and also a long-range rocket that can hit the United States. And the next president of the United States better be someone that understands these issues and has good judgment about them because the number one issue that a president will ever confront, and the most important obligation that the federal government has. And today we are not doing that. We are eviscerating our military.

And we have a president that is more respectful to the ayatollah in Iran than he is to the prime minister of Israel. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Mr. I don’t think he’s suggesting that at all. Senator Rubio. that’s why we have a debate. I think that we should have a deeper debate about these issues, because there is no more important decision that a president will make. Trump does not have? not a year from now, our president could very well confront a national security crisis.

Sometimes you cannot control it. It regulates bathrooms. It regulates schools that belong to local communities. But the one thing that the federal government must do, the one thing that only the federal government can do is keep us safe. on her first day in office. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Mr. Trump? TRUMP: Well, you have to understand.

I am not sitting in the United States Senate with, the worst voting record there is today. Number one. I am not sitting in the United States Senate. I’m a businessman doing business transactions. RUBIO: Trust (ph) me. TRUMP: I am doing business transactions. I will know more about this — and, as you said, and when you listen to that whole interview.

it’s a great interview, you said it, I didn’t. Well, now I did. Just one second. RUBIO: I never get to addressed, I’m gonna jump in. TRUMP: …I will know more about the problems of this world by the time I sit, and you look at what’s going in this world right now by people that supposedly know.

this world is a mess. he did invoke your absentee record in the Senate. RUBIO: Yeah. the entire leadership of my party in Washington lined up against me. But I’m glad I won. And I’m glad that I ran, because this country’s headed in the wrong direction. And if we keep electing the same people, nothing is going to change. I have missed some votes.

and I’ll tell you why, Trump. Because in my years in the Senate, I’ve figured out very quickly that the political establishment in Washington, in both political parties is completely out of touch with the lives of our people. and they’re about to raise the debt limit again. And these — if this thing continues,上海千花网Annam, we are going to be the first Americans to leave our children worse off than ourselves. That’s why I’m missing votes. Because I am leaving the Senate.

I’m not running for re-election, and I’m running for president because I know this: unless we have the right president, we cannot make America fulfill its potential, but with the right person in office. Senator Rubio. I want to turn now to Hugh Hewitt. Jake. Governor Bush, I talked to you in February about the biggest elephant in a room full of elephants, which is your last name.

And you said you would not be burdened either by your brother or your father’s legacy in the Middle East. And then, a week later. you rolled out your list of foreign policy advisers, and it was a lot of the band getting back together again. the active duty military that are at the end of the sphere (ph), and who are the advisers that are new to your team? BUSH: Well, first of all, Hugh.

if you’re looking at Republican advisers, you have to go to the last two administrations. That happened to be 41 and 43. they — they served in my dad’s administration, I’m going to create a strategy that is based on the simple fact that the United States needs to lead the world. Rebuild our military so that our — so that we don’t deploy people over and over again without the necessary equipment to keep them safe, If we’re going to lead the world, then we need to have the strongest military possible. We need to rebuild our counterintelligence and intelligence capabilities. We need to focus on the fact that the next president is going to start in 2017.

not in 1990 — you know, or when my brother started. And I believe that we need to restore America’s presence and leadership in the world. Name a country where our relationship is better today than it was the — the day that Barack Obama got elected president. So I’ll have a team that will be — that will be following the doctrine I set up, We’re sitting here in this library, and the world was a lot safer because of… TRUMP: (inaudible) HEWITT: Mr. — Mr. Trump. though.

you promised us great leaders. And I believe that. But Jeb Bush has laid out 20 different people that have experience around the world. There are 190 countries, you can’t run the world by yourself. When are we going to get some names on your military and your foreign policy advisers? TRUMP: (inaudible) I’m — and I’m meeting with people that are terrific people, but I have to say something because it’s about judgment. very hard against us (ph), and I wasn’t a sitting politician going into Iraq.

because I said going into Iraq — that was in 2003. you can check it out, check out — I’ll give you 25 different stories. TRUMP: In fact, a delegation was sent to my office to see me because I was so vocal about it. I’m a very militaristic person, (CROSSTALK) PAUL: Hugh, Rand… PAUL: Can I make a response to that? TRUMP: If you don’t mind, Rand — you know.

you are on last — you do have your 1 percent. I would like — and I think it’s very important. I think it’s important, because it’s about judgment. It’s about judgment. I didn’t want to go into Iraq, and I fought it, because what I said — what I said… PAUL: May I make a response to that? TRUMP: … was you’re going to — you’re going to destabilize… PAUL: He’s referred to me. PAUL: He’s referred to me… BUSH: So you — the — the first chance… PAUL: … in his remarks.

May I make a response? BUSH: Right after me, What do you guys say in the Senate when you’re talking and debating? PAUL: Absolutely. Go ahead. what was his position on who would’ve been the best negotiator to deal with Iran? I mean, So is that the judgment that you bring to the table, that Hillary Clinton… TRUMP: If you think about it… BUSH: … is a great negotiator, that she could bring about a better deal on Iran?

TRUMP: Your brother — and your brother’s administration gave us Barack Obama, because it was such a disaster, those last three months, BUSH: You know what? As it relates to my brother, there’s one thing I know for sure. He kept us safe. I don’t know if you remember… (APPLAUSE) BUSH: … Donald… (APPLAUSE) BUSH: … you remember the — the rumble? He sent a clear signal that the United States would be strong and fight Islamic terrorism, You feel safe right now?

I don’t feel so safe. BUSH: That’s — that’s my brother. WALKER:: That’s because of Barack Obama. We’ve had a president who called ISIS the J. Yemen a success story, It’s not because of George W. Bush; it’s because of Barack Obama… (APPLAUSE) WALKER: (inaudible) on that point, though, whether it’s — whether we’re talking about national security, foreign policy or we’re talking about domestic policy.

WALKER: … the key issue here is talking about leadership. there’s a lot of greater people up here, and you’ve heard a lot of great ideas out there. But I would ask the American people, look at who’s been tested.000 protesters in my capital, I didn’t back down, when they issued death threats against me and threats against my family, I didn’t back down, when they tried to recall me.

I didn’t back down, Give me the chance to be your president. TAPPER: Thank you, Governor. WALKER: I won’t back down… TAPPER: Senator… WALKER: … on any of these issues. TAPPER: Senator Paul? PAUL: The remark was made that there hadn’t been anyone else on the podium opposed to the Iraq War. I’ve made my career as being an opponent of the Iraq War. I was opposed to the Syria war. Iran is now stronger because Hussein is gone.

you need to remember that the Iraq War made it worse. Originally, was the Iraq War a mistake,” We have to learn sometimes the interventions backfire. The Iraq War backfired and did not help us. We’re still paying the repercussions of a bad decision. TAPPER: Senator Paul… PAUL: We have make the decision now in Syria, should we topple Assad? Many up here wanted to topple Assad, and it’s like — I said no.

Senator Paul… (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: I understand that Governor Bush’s name has been invoked, and then we can go to you, BUSH: Here’s the lessons of history: When we — we pull back, voids are created. We left Iraq. We should’ve had a — a forces agreement to stay there with a small force, and now we have the creation of ISIS. I gave a speech with a comprehensive strategy how to take out ISIS, and it requires American leadership and engagement. We don’t have to be the world’s policemen.

But we certainly have to be the world’s leader. that we’re not going to pull back, that — that our — that our word matters. we can create a force that will take out ISIS both in Iraq and in Syria, which will take a lot longer time now… TAPPER: Thank you, BUSH: … because of what President Obama’s done by pulling back. TAPPER: Thank you, Governor. Senator Rubio? RUBIO: I want to go even deeper — and I want to go even deeper in that direction.

Syria’s a perfect example of it. The uprising in Syria was not started by the United States; it was started by the Syrian people. And I warned at the time — this was three and a half years ago — I openly and repeatedly warned that if we did not find moderate elements on the ground that we could equip and arm,爱上海Misty, that void would be filled by radical jihadists. the president didn’t listen, the administration didn’t follow through, That is why ISIS grew. And the more we disengage, the more airplanes from Moscow you’re going to see flying out of Damascus and out of Syria… TAPPER: Thank you, RUBIO: … as you asked earlier today.

(APPLAUSE) CARSON: Jake, Jake… TAPPER: Dr. Carson? CARSON: I haven’t had an opportunity to weigh in on foreign policy, and I just want to mention that when the war, when the issue occurred in 2003. So I just want that on the record. you know, And they refer back to our invasion of Iraq. What caused it was withdrawing from there and creating a vacuum which allowed this terrible situation to occur.

But it is very different from what is going on today. We’re talking about global jihadists who actually want to destroy us. They are an existential threat to our nation. And we have to be mature enough to recognize that our children will have no future if we put our heads in the sand. We have to recognize we have two choices. We either allow them the continue to progress and appear to be the winners. or we use every resource available to us to destroy… TAPPER: Thank you, Carson. CARSON: … them first. it is interesting that you say that.

because I want to ask Governor Christie about something else that you have said. Governor Christie, Now Dr. the United States would not have gone to war in Afghanistan. What does that say to you about how Dr. I was named U. attorney by President Bush on September 10th, And that next day my wife Mary Pat did what she did every day, she traveled through the World Trade Center and went to her office two blocks from the World Trade Center. for five-and-a-half-hours after that.

I couldn’t reach her, didn’t know whether she was dead or alive, and we had three children at the time, 5 and 1. And I had to confront what so many thousands of others in my region had to confront, the idea I might become a single parent. We lost friends that day. We went to the funerals. And I will tell you that what those people wanted and what they deserved was for America to answer back against what had been done to them. And I support what President Bush did at that time.

going into Afghanistan, hunting al Qaeda and its leaders, getting its sanctuary out of place, And then he went to prosecutors like us, and he said, Don’t prosecute these people after the crime is committed. Intervene before the crime happens. I absolutely believe that what the president did at the time was right. And I am proud to have been one of the people on the stage who was part of making sure that what Governor Bush said before was the truth. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Dr.

Carson? recognize that, you know, President George W. Bush is a great friend of ours, and we spent many wonderful days at the White House. I probably have to have a food-tester. (LAUGHTER) But at any rate, I didn’t suggest that nothing be done. What I suggested to President Bush is to be Kennedy-esque.

what we did is use the bully pulpit to galvanize everybody, business, academia behind a national goal to put a man on the moon and bring him back safely. I said, you can do the same kind of thing. Declare that within five to 10 years we will become petroleum independent. they would have turned over Osama bin Laden and anybody else you wanted on a silver platter within two weeks. There are smart ways to do things and there are muscular ways to do things. And sometimes you have to look at both of those to come up with the right solution. Jake.

is that while that may have been a fine idea that Dr. these people were out to kill us. I stood in that region with my family, and every time a plane went overhead in the weeks after that, people’s heads jerked to the sky because they thought it was happening again. That could be handled later on. That’s what I would do as commander-in-chief in this circumstance. Bush did in 2001. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Dr. Carson?

CARSON: I have no argument with having a strong leader, and to be aggressive where aggression is needed. But it is not needed in every circumstance. There is a time when you can use your intellect to come up with other ways to do things. CARSON: There is no question that a lot of these problems that we have been talking about in terms of the international situation is because we are weak. It is because our Navy is so small. It is because our Air Force is incapable of doing the same things that it did a few years ago. Carson. CARSON: There are a lot of problems that are going on, and we need to solve those problems.

we need to build up our military… TAPPER: Thank you, Carson. RUBIO: But radical terrorism cannot be solved by intellect. is they need an operating space. That’s what Afghanistan was for Al Qaida. It was a vacuum that they filled, and they created an operating space. That’s why they had to be drawn out of there. It is the reason why ISIS has grown as well. We allowed them — we allowed a vacuum to emerge in Syria.

They used it as an operating space to grow; and today they’re not just in Iraq and Syria anymore, they’re now in Libya, conducting operations in the Sinai. They’re now in Afghanistan, trying to supplant the Taliban as the most powerful radical jihadist group on the ground there. as well. You cannot allow radical jihadists to have an operating safe haven anywhere in the world. Senator. so that they could give some happy talk to the situation that we face. I love the idea of a good intellectual capacity to deal with our enemies.

you won’t have good intelligence and you cannot make good decisions. The next president is primarily elected not just to know things, And the most dangerous person in any room is the person who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. HUCKABEE: And the reason Barack Obama has been dangerous to this country and we better elect someone who had some executive experience, is because we cannot afford another eight years having a person in the office who doesn’t know what he does not know. TAPPER: Thank you, I want to turn to ISIS. Governor Walker… (CROSSTALK) FIORINA: We just spent — we just spent the last 10 minutes… TALKER: Governor Walker, there is a big debate now, we have been talking about ISIS here and there in this discussion.

there a big debate right now about whether or not to send more U. troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Senator Lindsey Graham argued that candidates are only serious about fighting ISIS if they’re willing to send 10,000 U.000 U. troops as part of a coalition to Syria. Governor Walker, you say, you just told me a few days ago that the 3,000 U.

troops there right now are enough, as long as the rules of engagement are changed. What do you know that Senator Graham doesn’t know? what I said the other day was that we need to lift the political restrictions that are already in play. We need to lift those and then we need to listen to our military experts. but our military experts about how many more we sent in. And we certainly shouldn’t have a commander-in-chief who sends a message to our adversaries as to how far we’re going to go, and how far we’re willing to fight, so I’m not putting a troop number. What I’m saying is lift the political restrictions.

you empower our military personnel already there to work with the Kurd and the Sunni allies, as we were just talking about here. That is the fundamental problem going forward. We have a president — and Hillary Clinton was a part of this. by the way, I want the men and women at home to know, if I’m commander-in-chief, I will only send you into harm’s way when our national security is at risk. And if we do, you know you’ll have our full support.

and you’ll have a clear path for victory. Governor. Senator Paul, because you have said that the boots on the ground to fight ISIS need to be Arab boots. What does that say to you about the effectiveness of the idea of the boots on the ground need to be Arab boots? PAUL: If you want boots on the ground, and you want them to be our sons and daughters, There will always be a Bush or Clinton for you, if you want to go back to war in Iraq. But the thing is.

And I’m not sending our sons and our daughters back to Iraq. The war didn’t work. We can amplify those who live there. The Kurds deserve to be armed and I’ll arm them. We can use our Air Force to amplify the forces there. But the boots on the ground need to be the people who live there. My goodness, They’ve funded the arms that went to the jihadists. any of the migrants that have been — the refugees that are being pushed out of Syria. Saudi Arabia is not accepting one.

Why are we always the world’s patsies that we have to go over there and fight their wars for them? but it is not in America’s national security interests to have another war in Iraq. TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. (APPLAUSE) We’re going to turn to some domestic issues now. Dana Bash. can I just make one point on this whole military discussion? you win a battle with the military, and when we go somewhere, we need to be mobile.

We need to take care of business, we face. also, You wonder why young people, schooled people, Western civilization, all of us, Governor… KASICH: …to make (ph) centers (ph) of justice so that we can battle the radicals, call them out for what they are, and make sure that all of our people feel fulfilled in living in Western civilization… TAPPER: …Thank you.

I’d like to be able to do the same. We have spent probably 12 minutes talking about the past. We need the strongest military on the face of the planet, specifically, what that means is we need about 50 Army brigades, we need about 36 Marine battalions, we need somewhere between 300, Fiorina… FIORINA: …we need to reform the Department of Defense, TAPPER: …Thank you. we’re going to turn now to domestic issues with Dana Bash.

(APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Dana Bash? BASH: Governor Bush, let’s talk about the issue that’s very important to Republican voters, and that’s the Supreme Court. Senator Cruz criticized your brother for appointing John Roberts to the Supreme Court. did your brother make a mistake? BUSH: Well, I’m surprised Senator Cruz would say that since he was as strong supporter of John Roberts at the time. I will talk about what I will do as it relates to appointing Supreme Court Justices. with a proven experienced record of respect for upholding the constitution.

That is what we need. We can’t have — the history in recent past is appoint people that have no experience so that you can’t get attacked. that makes it harder for people to have confidence that they won’t veer off… BASH: …Is John Roberts one of those people? but he did not have a proven, extensive record that would have made the clarity the important thing, I’m willing to fight for those nominees to make sure that they get passed. You can’t do it the politically expedient way anymore. You have to fight hard for these appointments. BASH: Do you like what you just heard. Senator Cruz?

I’ve known John Roberts for 20 years, he’s amazingly talented lawyer, it was a mistake when he was appointed to the Supreme Court. He’s a good enough lawyer that he knows in these Obamacare cases he changed the statute, he changed the law in order to force that failed law on millions of Americans for a political outcome. you know, we’re frustrated as conservatives. and then we don’t get the outcome we want. Number one. in 1990.

and in another room was Edith Jones, the rock ribbed (ph) conservative on the fifth circuit court of appeals. And then in 2005, in one room was John Roberts, in another room was my former boss, the rock ribbed (ph) conservative on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals… TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. and let me give you the consequences of that. instead, the President Bush had appointed Edith Jones.

and Mike Luttig, which is who I would have appointed, Obamacare would have been struck down three years ago, and the marriage laws of all 50 states would be on the books. These matter, and I fought to defend the constitution my whole life… TAPPER: …Governor Bush… CRUZ: …and I will as president as well. TAPPER: …I want to let you respond. BUSH: Well. first of all, as I said.

supported John Roberts. publicly. you can rewrite history, I guess, but the simple fact is that you supported him because he had all the criteria that you would have thought would have made a great justice. I think he is doing a good job. exclusively on upholding the Constitution of the United States so they won’t try to use the bench as a means to which legislate. Governor… …And, that’s what we should do, and I hope I’ll be working members of the United States Senate to fight hard for the passage of people that have that kind of qualification.

30 seconds. Bush nominated John Roberts, I supported his confirmation. That was a mistake and I regret that. I wouldn’t have nominated John Roberts, Governor Bush pointed out why. it’s that it was the easier choice. Both David Souter and John Roberts, they didn’t have a long paper trail. If you had nominated Edith Jones or Mike Ludig (ph) you would have had a bloody fight and they weren’t willing to spend political capital to put a strong judicial conservative on the court.

I have spent my entire life, one of the most principled jurists. We have an out-of-control Court, if I’m elected president, every single Supreme Court justice will faithfully follow the law and will not act like philosopher kings — TAPPER: Thank you, Senator. CRUZ: — imposing their liberal policies on millions of Americans — TAPPER: Thank you. CRUZ: — who need to be trusted to govern ourselves. TAPPER: Thank you, Senator.

I want to bring you in very quickly if you could. Will you have a litmus test when it comes to appointing Supreme Court nominees? because I’m tired of liberals always having a litmus test and conservatives are supposed to pretend we don’t. Well let me tell you what mine would be. Number one, I’d want to know do you believe in the First Amendment, do you believe that religious liberty is the fundamental liberty around which all the other freedoms of this country are based? And I’d want to know do you really believe in the Second Amendment, do you believe that we have an individual right to bear arms to protect ourselves and our family and to protect our country? TAPPER: Thank you.

Governor. HUCKABEE: One final thing. I’d make darn sure that we absolutely believe the 10th Amendment. Every governor on this stage would share this much with you. Every one of us — our biggest fight wasn’t always with the legislature or even with the Democrats. My gosh, But somebody forgot to send a memo to Washington. TAPPER: Thank you, Governor. We’re going to take a quick break.

Coming up, one of the hottest questions that you have been asking us via social media. We will pose it to the candidates. (APPLAUSE) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) TAPPER: Welcome back to CNN’s Republican presidential debate at the Reagan Library here in Simi Valley — Simi Valley, California. Many people on social media wanted us to ask about marijuana legalization.” where marijuana has been legalized, “enjoy it until January 2017, because I will enforce the federal laws against marijuana.” Will you?

PAUL: I think one of the great problems, and what American people don’t like about politics, is hypocrisy. People have one standard for others and not for them — for themselves. There is at least one prominent example on the stage of someone who says they smoked pot in high school. and yet the people going to — to jail for this are poor people, and yet the rich kids who use drugs aren’t. I think that the war on drugs has had a racial outcome, Not only do the drugs damage them, we damage them again by incarcerating them and then preventing them from getting employment over time.

So I don’t think that the federal government should override the states. I believe in the 10th Amendment and I really will say that the states are left to themselves. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: I want to give that — I want to give the person that you called a hypocrite an opportunity to respond. PAUL: Well. I think if we left it open, we could see how many people smoked pot in high school. PAUL: Well, you know, the thing is that… BUSH: He was talking about me. PAUL: Yeah.

let me… TAPPER: That’s what I though, but I wanted (inaudible) to say it. I — I wanted to — be — make it easier for him. BUSH: So, 40 years ago, I smoked marijuana, and I admit it. I’m sure that other people might have done it and may not want to say it in front of 25 million people. And here’s the deal. Here’s the deal.

We have — we have a serious epidemic of drugs that goes way beyond marijuana. What goes on in Colorado. But if you look at the problem of drugs in this — in this society today, it’s a serious problem. Rand, you know this because you’re campaigning in New Hampshire like all of us, the overdoses of heroin that’s taking place. more prevention — we’re the state that has the most drug courts across every circuit in — in — in Florida, there are drug courts to give people a second chance. That’s the best way to do this.

PAUL: But let me respond. The thing is. Governor Bush campaigned against medical marijuana. That means that a small child like Morgan Hintz (ph) that has seizures is day, is failing on non-traditional medications, is not allowed to use cannabis oil. And if they do that in Florida, you’ll actually put them in jail. you’re wrong — you’re wrong about this. PAUL: And actually.

kids who had privilege like you do. but the poor kids in our inner cities go to jail. I don’t think that’s fair. and it is hypocritical to still want to put poor people in jail… BUSH: I don’t want to put poor people in jail, Randy. PAUL: Well, I did not oppose when the legislature passed the bill to deal with that very issue. there was a huge loophole, it was the first step to getting to a (inaudible) place. I voted no.

may I just say… CHRISTIE: Jake, you brought my issue up. Christie, CHRISTIE: You know, I enjoy the interplay. I’ll just say this, first off, New Jersey is the first state in the nation that now says if you are non-violent, non-dealing drug user, You go to mandatory treatment.

You see, Jake, And I think you need to be pro-life for more than just the time in the womb. It gets tougher when they get out of the womb. And when they’re the 16-year-old drug addict in the Florida county lockup, that life is just as precious as the life in the womb. And so, that’s why I’m for rehabilitation, why I think the war on drugs has been a failure. But I’ll end with this.

That doesn’t mean we should be legalizing gate way drugs. And if Senator Paul thinks that the only victim is the person, look at the decrease in productivity, it is not them that are the only victims. while you can still put an emphasis on rehabilitation, which we’ve done in New Jersey. PAUL: May I respond? and then I’ll bring in you, (APPLAUSE) PAUL: Understand what they’re saying. Governor Christie would go into Colorado.

and if you’re breaking any federal law on marijuana, even though the state law allows it, he would put you in jail. he would put her in jail, if it violates federal law. I would let Colorado do what the Tenth Amendment says. This power — we were never intended to have crime dealing at the federal level. Colorado has made their decision. And I don’t want the federal government interfering and putting moms in jail. who are trying to get medicine for their kid… CHRISTIE: And Senator Paul knows that that’s simply not the truth.

In New Jersey, which I supported and implemented. This is not medical marijuana. There’s goes as much — a further step beyond. This is much different. And so, while he would like to use a sympathetic story to back up his point, it doesn’t work. I’m not against medical marijuana. We do it in New Jersey.

But I’m against the recreational use against marijuana. If he wants to change the federal law, TAPPER: Yes, Senator Paul. (APPLAUSE) PAUL: Here is the thing, He’s saying he’ll send the federal government in, and he will enforce the federal law. That’s not consistent with the Tenth Amendment. And it is not consistent with the conservative vision for the country. I don’t think we should be sending the federal police in to arrest a mother and separate them from their child for giving a medicine to their child for seizures.

Fiorina on this issue. but I know there are millions of Americans out there who will say the same thing. My husband Frank and I buried a child to drug addiction. FIORINA: I agree with Senator Paul. But we are misleading young people when we tell them that marijuana is just like having a beer. And the marijuana that kids are smoking today is not the same as the marijuana that Jeb Bush smoked 40 years ago. (LAUGHTER) We do — sorry. Barbara. We do need — we do need criminal justice reform. We have the highest incarceration rates in the world.

Two-thirds of the people in our prisons are there for non-violent offenses, mostly drug related. It’s clearly not working. But we need to tell young people the truth. and it is taking too many of our young people. TAPPER: Hugh — Hugh, I’d like to… (APPLAUSE) HEWITT: Thank you. Jake. Tomorrow is — Republicans know this — tomorrow is Constitution Day. We’ve been talking about the 10th Amendment.

Let’s talk about the Second Amendment. Governor Bush, one of the things the Supreme Court has gotten right is that it’s an individual right and it’s protected for individuals to hold it. Last week, In this state, there’s a controversial law that allows guns to be taken away from people without a hearing. Where does it go — and the problem of violence is endemic. how far into people’s lives to take guns away from them? There are places that get this right, This is a complicated place.

But I do think the natural impulse on the left — Hillary Clinton, immediately after one of these horrific violent acts took place, President Obama almost reflexively always says the same thing. And the net result is, you’re going to take away rights of — of law-abiding citizens,999 percent of the people that are law- abiding citizens. we have a background check. and in fact, But we’re living in a society today where despair kind of grows in isolation. HEWITT: If a family member calls and says.

“My child,” ought the state be able to go and get their weapon without a hearing? BUSH: I — I think there needs to be a hearing, but the fact is, (CROSSTALK) RUBIO: There’s a broader issue here, First of all, the only people that follow the law are law-abiding people. Criminals by definition ignore the law, so you can pass all the gun laws in the world, like the left wants.

The criminals are going to ignore it because they are criminals. Here’s the real issue. (APPLAUSE) The real issue — the real issue is not what are people using to commit violence, And here’s the truth: Because you cannot separate the social. You cannot separate it. You can’t have a strong country without strong people, you cannot have strong people without strong values, and you cannot have strong values without strong families and the institutions in this country that defend and support those families. HEWITT: Thank you, Senator.

RUBIO: Well, and today, we have a left-wing government under this president that is undermining all of the institutions and society that support the family and teach those values. HEWITT: Senator Cruz. I want to go to you. Your constitutional litigant (ph), are you afraid of the next- step theory of what happens to Second Amendment rights? and — and you mentioned that the U. Supreme Court had rightly upheld the individual right to keep and bear arms. I was proud to lead 31 states before the U.

Supreme Court defending the Second Amendment, and we won that landmark victory. just a couple of years ago, when Harry Reid and Barack Obama came after the right to keep and bear arms of millions of Americans. I was proud to lead the fight in the United States Senate to protect our right to keep and bear arms, CRUZ: … I was honored to be endorsed by Gun Owners of America… HEWITT: Thank you, Senator. CRUZ: … as the strongest supporter of the Second Amendment on this stage today, and I will… HEWITT: Thank you, senator.

TAPPER: I’d like to turn it over — I’d like to turn to Dana Bush. Trump, and you are by far the richest person on this stage. or at least there should be limits based on — on their income. and if so, I’m OK with it. it has no impact on their life whatsoever. There are many people. I would almost say leave it up to them, and say I will not get Social Security.

I do not… BASH: What about the country as a — as a policy? TRUMP: As a policy, I would almost leave it up to the people. Don’t forget they pay in and they pay in. and maybe they do well, But the fact is that there are people that truly don’t need it, and there are many people that do need it very, And I would be willing to write mine off 100 percent, Dana. BASH: So is a voluntary program the way to get the Social Security system solvent again like that.

it’s a good start. That’s really good. (LAUGHTER) No, listen. This is an issue that — that we’ve gotta talk about, and we haven’t talked about yet. 71 percent of all federal spending is on entitlements and debt service. When John Kennedy was elected president in 1960, it was 26 percent. We need to save this program for the good people out there who have paid into the system and need it.

And if that means making sure that folks like Donald and many of us on the stage don’t get it, that’s the right thing to do because here’s what Hillary Clinton is going to want to do. She’s going to want to put more money into a system that has already lied to us and stolen from us. This government doesn’t need more money to make Social Security solvent. We need to be not paying out benefits to people who don’t really need it. We need to protect the people who Social Security means the difference between picking between heat and rent and food. That’s why I put out the proposal and that’s the people I’m trying to… (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: Thank you, Governor. (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: I’m coming to you right now on a separate issue, We received… (UNKNOWN): Well.

I want to talk about this issue for a moment. TAPPER: We received a lot of questions from social media about climate change. Senator Rubio, Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state. George Shultz, reminds us that when Reagan was president he faced a similar situation to the one that we’re facing now. He said, do it as an insurance policy in case the scientists are right. The scientists were right. Reagan and his approach worked.

why not take out an insurance policy and approach climate change the Reagan way? RUBIO: Because we’re not going to destroy our economy the way the left-wing government that we are under now wants to do. We’re not going to… TAPPER: I’m citing George Shultz. RUBIO: Well. and I don’t — he may have lined up with their positions on this issue. But here is the bottom line. that will make it harder to create jobs in America. or anywhere across this country cannot afford it. So we are not going to destroy our economy. We are not going to make America a harder place to create jobs in order to pursue policies that will do absolutely nothing.

to change our weather, because America is a lot of things, the greatest country in the world, absolutely. But America is not a planet. And they’re drilling a hole and digging anywhere in the world that they can get a hold of. I am not in favor of any policies that make America a harder place for people to live, you have said that climate change is real, and that humans help contribute to it. Without getting into the issue of China versus the United States.

which I understand you’ve talked about before, what do you make of skeptics of climate change such as Senator Rubio? CHRISTIE: I don’t think Senator Rubio is a skeptic of climate change. I think what Senator Rubio said I agree with. We have already reached our clean air goals for 2020. I pulled out of the regional cap and trade deal, the only state in the Northeast that did that. And we still reached our goals. Because 53 percent of our electricity comes from nuclear. We use natural gas.

We use solar power. We’re the third-highest- using solar power state. You know why? I agree with Marco. We shouldn’t be destroying our economy in order to chase some wild left-wing idea that somehow us by ourselves is going to fix the climate. We have proven we can do that in New Jersey. Nuclear needs to be back on the table in a significant way in this country if we want to go after this problem. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Just for the record, I was citing Secretary of State George Shultz, even George Shultz.

And if that’s truly a representation of what he believes we should be doing. then with all due respect to the former secretary of state, I disagree with him. RUBIO: Jake, you mentioned me and called me a denier. RUBIO: OK. A skeptic. You can measure the climate. You can measure it. That’s not the issue we’re discussing.

Here is what I’m skeptical of. I’m skeptical of the decisions that the left wants us to make, because I know the impact those are going to have and they’re all going to be on our economy. They will not do a thing to lower the rise of the sea. But what they will do is they will make America a more expensive place to create jobs. (CROSSTALK) WALKER: … a lot of those people, This is an issue where, we’re talking about my state, it’s thousands of manufacturing jobs. Thousands of manufacturing jobs for a rule the Obama administration.

own EPA has said will have a marginal impact on climate change. So we’re going to put thousands and thousands of jobs in my state, I think it’s something like 30, other states across this country, we’re going to put people — manufacturing jobs, the kind of jobs that are far greater than minimum wage, Governor. (CROSSTALK) (CROSSTALK) TAPPER: I’m turning to… PAUL: If you want a skeptic — if you want a skeptic, Jake. I will happily jump into that briar patch.

If you want a real… TAPPER: …I’m turning to another — I’m turning to another issue right now. Senator Cruz. Well, I think we’ve heard from several this evening. A backlash against vaccines was blamed for a measles outbreak here in California. Donald Trump has publicly and repeatedly linked vaccines, childhood vaccines, to autism, as you know. the medical community adamantly disputes.

Should Mr. let me put it this way, there has — there have been numerous studies, This was something that was spread widely 15 or 20 years ago, and it has not been adequately, you know, revealed to the public what’s actually going on. Vaccines are very important. Certain ones. The ones that would prevent death or crippling.

There are others, there are a multitude of vaccines which probably don’t fit in that category, and there should be some discretion in those cases. you know, a lot of this is — is — is pushed by big government. And I think that’s one of the things that people so vehemently want to get rid of, big government. You know. 1 million federal employees. Six hundred and fifty federal agencies and department (sic).

Should he stop saying that vaccines cause autism? I’ve just explained it to him. I think he’s an intelligent man and will make the correct decision after getting the real facts. Trump, as president, you would… TRUMP: Well, I — I — I’d like to respond. Trump. you would be in charge of the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, 35 years ago.

you look at the statistics, not even close. It has gotten totally out of control. I am totally in favor of vaccines. But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Because you take a baby in — and I’ve seen it — and I’ve seen it. over a two or three year period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump — I mean.

not for a child, people that work for me. two years old, a child, a beautiful child went to have the vaccine, and came back. very sick, now is autistic. I only say it’s not — I’m in favor of vaccines, do them over a longer period of time.

TAPPER: Thank you. TRUMP: But just in — in little sections. — Dr. Carson? TRUMP: I think — and I think you’re going to have — I think you’re going to see a big impact on autism. Carson, you just heard his medical take. you know, the fact of the matter is, But it is true that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time.

And a lot of pediatricians now recognize that, I think, and I think that’s appropriate. TRUMP: And that’s all I’m saying. Jake. TAPPER: Dr. Paul? I’d like to bring you in. PAUL: A second opinion? (LAUGHTER) One of the greatest — one of the greatest medical discoveries of all times was — were the vaccines.

particularly for smallpox. it’s called The Speckled Monster, it’s an amazing story, it was all done voluntary. George Washington wouldn’t let his wife visit until she got vaccinated. But I’m also for freedom. and even if the science doesn’t say bunching them up is a problem, I ought to have the right to spread out my vaccines out a little bit at the very least. TAPPER: Alright, thank you so much… HUCKABEE: Jake?

TAPPER: Coming up — I’m sorry, Governor Huckabee, please. HUCKABEE: I think we need to remember that there are maybe some controversies about autism. but there is no controversy about the things that are really driving the medical costs in this country. And I would really believe that the next president ought to declare a war on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s, because those are the four things that are causing the greatest level of cost.

” and we did it. We saved billions of dollars since that time, because we haven’t had to treat for polio. Why doesn’t this country focus on cures rather than treatment? Why don’t we put a definitive focus scientifically on finding the cure for cancer, for heart disease, for diabetes and for Alzheimer’s, Governor. HUCKABEE: $1. We change the economy and the country.

TAPPER: We have to take another quick break. Coming up. (APPLAUSE) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) TAPPER: Welcome back to CNN’s Republican Presidential Debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. We have a few last questions for you. the other one more serious. We’ll start with one of the more light questions. Senator Paul, I’m going to start with you and we’re just going to go down the line. Earlier this year.

the Treasury Department announced that a woman will appear on the $10 bill. PAUL: Ooh, that’s a tough one. I think Susan B. Anthony might be a good choice. TAPPER: Governor Huckabee? I’d put my wife on there. She’s fought cancer and lived through it. She’s raised three kids, five great grandkids.

and she’s put up with me. I mean, (LAUGHTER) TAPPER: Senator Paul (sic). RUBIO: Senator Rubio, you mean? Senator Rubio? RUBIO: I know we all look alike. (LAUGHTER) TAPPER: Just the senators. RUBIO: The — Rosa Parks, CRUZ: Well.

I wouldn’t change the $10 bill, I’d take Jackson off and I’d leave Alexander Hamilton right where he is as one of our Founding Fathers. (APPLAUSE) And I very much agree with Marco that it should be Rosa Parks. She was a principled pioneer that helped change this country, helped remedy racial injustice, TAPPER: Dr. Carson? CARSON: I’d put my mother on there. You know, she was one of 24 children.

got married at age 13, had only a third grade education, had to raise two sons by herself, refused to be a victim. Wouldn’t let us be victims, and has been an inspiration to many people. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Mr. TRUMP: Well, because she’s been sitting for three hours, who’s right here.

(APPLAUSE) TRUMP: Other than that we’ll go with Rosa Parks. I like that. TAPPER: Governor Bush. Margaret Thatcher. Probably illegal, but what the heck? (APPLAUSE) BUSH: Since it’s not going to happen. A strong leader is what we need in the White House, and she certainly was a strong leader that restored the United Kingdom into greatness. TAPPER: Governor Walker.

I got to say to Carson, thanks a lot for making the rest of us look like chumps up here, I’d pick Clara Barton. TAPPER: Mrs. FIORINA: I wouldn’t change the $10 bill, honestly, I don’t think it helps to change our history. and this nation will be better off when every woman has the opportunity to live the life she chooses. (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: Governor Kasich. maybe.

I would pick Mother Theresa, the lady that I had a chance to meet, a woman who lived a life so much bigger than her own. An inspiration to everyone when we think about our responsibility to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. CHRISTIE: I think the Adams family has been shorted in the currency business. Our country wouldn’t be here without John Adams, and he would not have been able to do it without Abigal Adams, and his family. Ronald Reagan’s codename, “Rawhide”.

an homage to his performances in Westerns. Nancy Reagan’s was, “Rainbow”. You don’t have to come up the one for your spouse, what would you want, your Secret Service codename to be. I’ve been called a lot of names by a lot of different people. and now I got to get called by names by the Secret Service? I would just say True Heart. KASICH: Well.

I have one now — they (ph) call me, “Unit One”. “You’ll never be Unite One, I’m Unite One. You’re Unit Two.” FIORINA: Secretariat. TAPPER: Governor Walker? WALKER: Harley. BUSH: Ever Ready, it’s very high energy.

Donald. (LAUGHTER) (APPLAUSE) MALE: That’s a good one. TAPPER: Dr. Carson? CARSON: One Nation. TAPPER: Senator Cruz? CRUZ: You know. as a Cuban, I might go with Cohiba (ph), and I’ll tell you.

for Heidi, because she is my angel. TAPPER: Senator Rubio? RUBIO: Well, what the heck, I want my codename to be Gator. HUCKABEE: I’d go with Duck Hunter. TAPPER: Senator Paul. PAUL: Justice Never Sleeps. (LAUGHTER) TAPPER: That’s a mouthful.

but OK. (LAUGHTER) TAPPER: OK, here’s the more serious question, Ronald Reagan, the 40th President, Perhaps, most notably. to challenge Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the wall, to make peace with the USSR. How will the world look different once your Air Force One is parked in the hangar of your presidential library?

and my family, It was a big deal because he was the grassroots, running against the establishment, and I’ll never forget that. how he stood up and said, this is something new that our country needs. and our party needs. I would try to be one who says, you know what, I’m a Reagan Conservative.

and I would try to lead the country in that way knowing that our goal is peace, and that war is the last resort, not the first resort. we go to war in a constitutional way, which means that we have to vote on it, not by the president. that we go to war electively (ph). That when we go to war, we fight all out to win, but then we come home.

(APPLAUSE) HUCKABEE: At the end of my presidency I would like to believe that the world would be a safe place, but to Israel and our allies because we would have the most incredible well-trained well-equipped well- prepared military in the history of mankind And they would know that the commander-in-chief would never send them to a mission without all the resources necessary but people wouldn’t bully us anymore Because they would know that that would be an invitation to their destruction Domestically we would be operating under a tax system that eliminated the IRS People wouldn’t be punished for their work and for what they produced And life would be really deemed precious Abortion would be no more It would be as much of a scourge in our past as slavery is And we would have a peaceful country where people respected each other and people respected law enforcement And we would focus on cures And we would make this country not only safe from our enemies without but safe from the enemies within And it would be a good place to raise our kids and our grandkids (APPLAUSE) RUBIO: One of the things that made Ronald Reagan a great president is that he understood that America was a unique nation like any other that had existed throughout human history He knew it was founded on universal principles that were powerful the dignity of all people human rights the rights of all to live in freedom and liberty and choose their own path in life He didn’t just believe it he acted on it That’s why bringing down communism was so important to him If I’m honored with the opportunity to be president I hope that our Air Force One will fly first and foremost to our allies; in Israel in South Korea and Japan They know we stand with them That America can be counted on It would also fly to China not just to meet with our enemies not just to meet with those adversaries of ours that are there but also to meet with those that aspire to freedom and liberty within China I would even invite them to my inauguration We would also fly into Moscow and into Russia And not just meet with the leaders of Russia but also meet with those who aspire to freedom and liberty in Russia And ultimately I hope that my Air Force One if I become president will one day land in a free Cuba where its people can choose its leaders and its own destiny (APPLAUSE) CRUZ: Ronald Reagan believed in America If I’m elected president our friends and allies across the globe will know that we stand with them the bust of Winston Churchill will be back in the Oval Office and the American embassy in Israel will be in Jerusalem Enemies across this world will know the United States is not to be trifled with ISIS will be defeated We will have a president willing to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism” and the Ayatollah Khamenei will understand that he will never ever ever acquire nuclear weapons Here at home we’ll reignite the promise of America Young people coming out of school with student loans up to their eyeballs will find instead of no jobs two three four five job opportunities How will that happen Through tax reform We’ll pass a simple flat tax and abolish the IRS And through regulatory reform we will repeal every word of Obamacare You want to know what I’ll do as president It is real simple We’ll kill the terrorists we’ll repeal Obamacare and we will defend the Constitution every single word of it (APPLAUSE) CARSON: Well you know I was a radical Democrat before I started listening to Ronald Reagan And he didn’t sound like what they said Republicans were He sounded logical And I hope that I sound logical also Because when I look at what is going on with the United States of America I see a lot of things that are not logical I see us allowing people to divide us when in fact our strength is in our unity I see people exercising the most irresponsible fiscal habits that anyone could possibly do And hiding it from the American people so that the majority of people have no idea what our financial situation is So when someone comes along and says free college free phones free this and that and the other they say “wow that’s nice” having no idea that they’re destabilizing our position And I think also that Ronald Reagan was a master at understanding that a pinnacle nation has to be a nation that leads If we learn to lead in the Middle East right now a coalition will form behind us but never they do it if we just sit there and talk about it Real leadership is what I would hopefully bring to America (APPLAUSE) TRUMP: If I become president we will do something really special We will make this country greater than ever before We’ll have more jobs We’ll have more of everything We were discussing disease we were discussing all sorts of things tonight many of which will just be words it will just pass on I don’t want to say politicians all talk no action But a lot of what we talked about is words and it will be forgotten very quickly If I’m president many of the things that we discussed tonight will not be forgotten We’ll find solutions And the world will respect us They will respect us like never before And it will be actually a friendlier world And I have to say it is a great honor to be here tonight (APPLAUSE) BUSH: Six million more people are living in poverty than the day that Barack Obama got elected president Six million more people The middle class has had declining income workforce participation rates are lower than they were in 1977 For the first time in modern history more businesses are failing than are being created That is what the next president will have to deal with And I believe we can reverse course by creating a strategy of high sustained economic growth not the new normal of 2 percent that all the left says we just have to get used to but a 4 percent growth strategy where we reform how we tax fix the broken regulatory system embrace the energy revolution in our midst fix the immigration system so we can turn it into an economic driver deal with the structural fiscal problems that exist because of our entitlement problems that will overwhelm and create way too much debt If we grow at 4 percent people are going to be lifted out of poverty The great middle that defines our country will have a chance to be able to pursue their dreams as they see fit That should be the great challenge and the great opportunity for the next president of the United States to forge consensus to go back to a high-growth strategy And then we’ll be able to lead the world Without a high-growth strategy our country will never have the resources or the optimism to be able to lead the world which the world desperately needs our leadership (APPLAUSE) WALKER: Well I turned 13 years old two days before Ronald Reagan was first elected A lot of people forget this but just a few days before that election 1980 he was behind in the polls And I think what changed things was people in America realized they didn’t want to hear what was bad about America they wanted to know how it was going to be better Ronald Reagan wasn’t just a conservative Republican he was an eternal optimist in the American people And I am too So here’s what I think will make America better We need to live in a world where our children are free are free from the threats of radical Islamic terrorism We need to live in an America where we have an economy where everyone can live their piece of the American dream no matter what that dream is And we need to live in an America where we have a federal government that is not too big to fail but ultimately small enough to succeed where we send powers back to the states and back to the people That’s what I did in Wisconsin We took on the big government union bosses the big government special interests many of whom came in from Washington to spend millions of dollars to try and take me out because we stood up to them we didn’t back down in any of those instances If you give me the chance as your next president I won’t back down any day anyway anyhow I’ll fight and win for you and your families every single day I’m in office (APPLAUSE) FIORINA: I think what this nation can be and must be is symbolized by Lady Liberty and Lady Justice Lady Liberty stands tall and strong She is clear-eyed and resolute She doesn’t shield her eyes from the realities of the world but she faces outward into the world nevertheless as we always must And she holds her torch high because she knows she is a beacon of hope in a very troubled world And Lady Justice Lady Justice holds a sword by her side because she is a fighter a warrior for the values and the principles that have made this nation great She holds a scale in her other hand And with that scale she says all of us are equal in the eyes of God And so all of us must be equal in the eyes of the law and the government powerful and powerless alike And she wears a blindfold And with that blindfold she is saying to us that it must be true it can be true that in this country in this century it doesn’t matter who you are it doesn’t matter what you look like it doesn’t matter how you start it doesn’t matter your circumstances here in this nation every American’s life must be filled with the possibilities that come from their God-given gifts One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all (APPLAUSE) KASICH: Well as president I will make this a nation that will solve problems And how By having the elected officials and the leaders realize they’re Americans before they’re Republicans or Democrats I did it in Washington And I’ve done it in Ohio by having the elected officials realize that they’re Ohioans before anything else Secondly I will rebuild the relationships and show the respect to our allies around the world We have no choice but to do that We will be stronger when we are unified And we’ll fight for freedom and for human rights And finally a little bit of what Carly said The people that are out there listening America was never great because we ran America from the top down America is great because we have run America from the bottom up where we all live in the neighborhoods One more time in America we need to revive the concept of citizenship where everybody’s actions make a huge difference in changing the world We have a Holocaust memorial on our state house grounds And there is one line on there that stands out all the time “If you’ve saved one life you’ve changed the world” We need to adopt that as citizens and rebuild and reinspire our country Thank you (APPLAUSE) CHRISTIE: I turned 18 in 1980 and my first vote was for Ronald Reagan Boy am I glad I did it And I think the country is too A Christie presidency won’t be about me It will be about you Tonight you sit at home in your living room frustrated that you play by the rules you pay the taxes you do the hard things to raise your family yet you feel like America’s generosity is being taken advantage of That you’ve been — system is being gamed and that you’re turning out to fall further and further behind Our presidency — our presidency — will be about ending that about enforcing the law level the playing field for everybody and once again reward those folks who play by the rules and think that justice means more than just the word But it means a way of life And I will tell you this around the world I will not shake hands with I will not meet with and I will not agree to anything with a country that says death to us and death to Israel and holds our hostages while we sign agreements with them It will be an America that be strong and resolute and will once again be able to stick out its chest and say “we truly are the greatest nation in the world because we live our lives that way each and every day” (APPLAUSE) TAPPER: That concludes this Republican presidential debate On behalf of everyone here at CNN we want to thank the candidates the Reagan Library and the Republican National Committee Thank you also to Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash The next presidential debate will also be right here on CNN among the Democratic candidates who will face off for the first time on October the 13th That debate a partnership with Facebook will be moderated by my colleague Anderson Cooper And Anderson picks up our coverage of tonight’s debate right now Before I throw to Anderson let’s have one final round of applause for the candidates (APPLAUSE) See Air Force One’s Transformation Over 70 Years After the original Air Force One a C-87A Liberator Express nicknamed Guess Where II was deemed unsafe for presidential use this Douglas C-54 Skymaster nicknamed Sacred Cow was introduced for President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1945 It was equipped with a radio telephone sleeping area and elevator for President Roosevelt’s wheelchair Thomas D McAvoy—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images In 1947 Sacred Cow was replaced with Independence by President Truman who named it after his hometown The Douglas DC-6 Liftmaster’s nose was painted as a bald eagle Truman Presidential Library President Eisenhower added Columbine II a Lockheed C-121 Super Constellation to the Presidential fleet in 1953 William J Smith—AP Columbine III and two smaller Aero Commanders joined Eisenhower’s Presidential planes Popperfoto/Getty Images Special Air Mission 26000 a Boeing 707 went into presidential service under the Kennedy administration SAM 26000 stayed in service through Bill Clinton’s administration until 1998 Wally Nelson—AP Although SAM 26000 remained in service throughout the 1990s it was replaced as the primary executive aircraft by SAM 27000 the same model aircraft in 1972 Pictured here is President Ronal Reagan on SAM 27000 TSGT Michael J Haggerty—AP In 1990 SAM 28000 a Boeing 747 was introduced to the Presidential fleet Pablo Martinez Monsivais—AP SAM 29000 also a Boeing 747 remains President Obama’s primary transport aircraft Raymond Boyd—Getty Images In January 2015 it was announced that a Boeing 747-8 will take over as the newest member of the Presidential Fleet known as Air Force One Anthony Bolante—Reuters 1 of 9 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomRats haunt the slums of Pau da Lima Their paw prints surround drain pipes Burrows pock dirt walls Shriveled black feces speckle patio edges The rodents even leave their mark in the blood of the people living here in a crowded favela on the edge of this sprawling coastal city Brazil’s third largest Many residents carry antibodies for Leptospira a bacterium found in rat urine that can be deadly to humans “There’s so many rats You can’t believe it Outside inside” says Carlos Bautista as he sits on the step of his brick shack looking out over a pile of sodden trash and a makeshift chicken coop The haunting is deeply personal for Bautista Six years ago his 22-year-old wife died unexpectedly from lung damage caused by leptospirosis Soon after Bautista sent his son to live in the countryside with his grandparents “It’s better to have him alive there than to have him here” exposed to rats and disease he says in a voice barely above a whisper Carlos Bautista lost his wife to leptospirosis Mauricio Susin Rats have long been one of the world’s most ubiquitous—and infamous—forms of urban wildlife synonymous with pestilence and squalor They’ve attracted only sporadic attention from scientists however Much about the secretive city rat—chiefly the Norway rat Rattus norvegicus—remains a mystery But as the world’s urban population surges and more people crowd into rat-plagued neighborhoods like Pau da Lima the rodents are getting renewed attention from researchers and public health experts Over the past decade scientists in a number of cities have launched efforts to better understand rat behavior and evolution and the role they play in spreading disease One of the most intensive and longest-running investigations into rat-human interactions is occurring here in Pau da Lima a chaotic jumble of buildings astride a small hilly swathe of this city of 29 million people For the last 2 decades researchers have scrutinized the bodies homes and habits of favela residents—rat and human alike—while dodging encounters with gun-toting gangs The goal is to decipher the forces driving leptospirosis which kills some 60000 people annually worldwide and find the best ways to curb a disease that experts warn is an underappreciated threat in the burgeoning slums of a more urban world “When we think about the slums in Jakarta or Manila or Cali Colombia what you see in Pau da Lima is exactly what you see in those areas if not worse” says Albert Ko a physician and infectious disease expert at Yale University and a founder of the Salvador research project “We need to find out what solutions can be done immediately that are also generalizable to many of the urban slums” For nearly 2 decades the favela of Pau da Lima has a been a focus of urban rat research Mauricio Susin Ko’s intrest in Pau da Lima’s rats dates back to 1996 when a surge of deathly ill people many with failing kidneys started appearing at the Salvador hospital where he worked At the time leptospirosis was considered a rural disease The corkscrew-shaped spirochete that causes it dwells in the kidneys and urinary tracts of rats and farm animals and it infects people when their skin or mucus membranes come in contact with water contaminated by the animals’ urine Many people show no sign of infection or just fever and aches But a small fraction develop severe kidney damage or massive bleeding in the lungs although researchers aren’t sure why Alarmed Ko and Brazilian colleagues spent much of a year tracking the outbreak The results spelled out in a 1999 article in The Lancet were among the first alerting the world that this infection had moved to cities Over 8 months they found 326 severe cases with 50 people dead and traced the cause to a strain of Leptospira found primarily in rats They noticed that infections surged after intense rains and that most of the sick came from favelas on the city’s outskirts nearly half of which had open sewers One was Pau da Lima Beginning in 2001 that neighborhood became the focus of an ambitious attempt to merge infectious disease research urban ecology and community development With backing from Brazilian and US funding agencies the scientists recruited local officials and favela residents to help understand and counter the disease The result has been pioneering work on a disease so neglected that it doesn’t even make some lists of neglected diseases says physician Joseph Vinetz of the University of California San Diego who studies leptospirosis “As far as I know there are no systematic urban studies like the one going on in Salvador” On an April morning a dozen researchers wearing long white lab coats slip through gaps between buildings lining a traffic-clogged street then descend steep paths into Pau da Lima for a day of data gathering The coats are sweltering in the damp tropical heat But security trumps comfort The uniforms serve as a white flag of neutrality to the drug-trafficking gangs that control these neighborhoods Still the scientists are constantly on guard watching for police entering the favela often the prelude to a gun battle FIOCRUZ agent Marcel Silva setting bait for rats in Pau da Lima in Salvador Brazil Mauricio Susin Ecologist Arsinoê Pertile a graduate student at Salvador’s Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) here walks past shacks clinging to a hillside of red clay Brassy rhythms pump from stereo speakers melding with the whine of saws and the bang of hammers a testament to the constant construction of improvised dwellings in a place the scientists have dubbed Valley 4 This and several neighboring ravines are home to more than 3000 people squeezed into less than a fifth of a square kilometer—a population density twice that of New York City Nearly 90% of the residents are squatters The average person survives on the equivalent of $260 a day At the valley floor Pertile enters a cramped walled courtyard that serves as a tiny open-air market selling beer and other drinks There a cage trap tucked between a washing machine and a stack of empty bottles has captured a new addition to her research: a fist-sized ball of dull brown fur with a pair of shining black eyes That afternoon Pertile will kill and dissect the rat recording its size and sex and taking tissue samples Among other things its urine will be checked for Leptospira “Close to 80% (of the rats) had Leptospira” during one recent research sweep she says examining the caged animal as the shop owner calmly sweeps the floor nearby Researchers hope to help pin down the chief reservoirs of the bacteria by correlating rats’ age sex and capture site with Leptospira levels in the urine Some rats may be more important carriers than others Researcher Arsinoê Pertile performs a necropsy collecting tissue samples that might reveal whether rats of a certain age or sex serve as particularly important disease carriers Mauricio Susin The traps are part of a much broader effort to construct a detailed picture of the favela’s rats To identify hot spots of rat activity for instance scientists have scattered throughout the valley hundreds of plastic squares the size of dinner plates coated with a sticky film of soot mixed with methyl alcohol They record a visual impression of every paw and tail that passes over them On this day Pertile and her research partner Luciano Lima a rat exterminator for the city are particularly interested in how quickly rats are repopulating Valley 4 after a recent extermination effort—and where they are coming from Genetic studies have found that rat populations in each of the favela’s valleys are relatively distinct suggesting the rodents don’t stray too far Now with traps at 60 spots in three valleys they hope to learn whether rat numbers are rebounding because the animals are moving in from neighboring slums or simply because Valley 4 survivors are reproducing The answer could help shape future rat control programs The market is emblematic of how intimately people and rats coexist here The building is perched at the edge of a stream of grey fetid water fed by trickles from white plastic pipes jutting from nearby buildings It’s the valley’s improvised sewer system Empty plastic bottles and food bags litter the streamside tossed there rather than carried on the long hike to the top of the valley Lima a 7-year veteran of the rat wars points out the water food and thick vegetation that make this a rat haven He traces the route the rats can take from the streambank up through a drain pipe and into the back of the bar Within four months of the last extermination attempt the valley “was again full of rodents” he says Declaring war on rats might seem the obvious way to address a rat-borne disease But the Pau da Lima study has also shown that killing rats isn’t always the answer That’s because researchers have realized another major culprit is water specifically untreated sewage and runoff It connects everything in the favela—the rats the bacteria and the people Even in wealthy cities rats can be rife with Leptospira infections but the number of human cases is low That’s probably because modern infrastructure steers most sewage and rainwater—and Leptospira—into pipes and away from people says Federico Costa an ecologist at UFBA who now directs the Pau da Lima work Not so in Valley 4 Open sewers are the norm The months-long rainy season turns paths to muddy streams and floods homes in the valley bottom A few hundred yards downstream from the courtyard market researchers crowd into the small living room of one of those homes Jamile da Cruz Nascimento her husband and their three children live in the disease’s bullseye—in a low spot near the confluence of two sewage-filled streams Flood waters can reach almost to her doorstep Her sons often go barefoot or wear flip-flops rather than closed shoes; their skin is constantly exposed to polluted water Asked how serious she thinks leptospirosis is Nascimento gives it a 10 out of 10 She pegs her risk of getting it as a five out of five A friend who lived nearby died from the disease several years ago “We have many cases here” she says “It’s very serious” Researchers question Pau da Lima residents Jamile da Cruz Nascimento and her 12-year-old son Eric as part of their effort to understand disease risks Mauricio Susin A small electric fan wags hypnotically back and forth as a researcher slides a needle into the arm of Eric Nascimento’s lanky 12-year-old son Dark blood courses into a vial to be tested for signs of recent Leptospira infections Another worker questions the boy: Has he had a fever or joint pain in the last year No How often has he recently walked in floodwater Frequently Did he wear rubber boots Sometimes So far Nascimento and her children have gotten good news: They’ve never shown signs of a Leptospira infection But she says her husband who works as a garbage collector always has a positive blood test Given the abundance of rats and Leptospira in the slum why doesn’t everyone here get sick Ko’s team would like to know Understanding why Nascimento and her kids dodged the bacteria while her husband didn’t for example could offer clues to strategies for coping with the dangers Overall researchers have found that approximately 32% of the favela’s residents are infected every year One in 30 of those infections leads to mild sickness and one in roughly 200 causes severe illness based on the number of cases admitted to the city’s hospitals A string of studies published in the last 3 years lays out key risk factors Houses with signs of rat infestation are nearly twice as likely to have a Leptospira infection for instance Other factors are barometers of poverty The danger increases the farther downhill someone lives tracing the slum’s economic pecking order which has pushed the poorest residents into the lowest wettest areas One study found the chance of infection fell by half with every additional dollar a day a person earned The link between infection and water suggests that killing rats alone won’t be enough to protect Pau da Lima’s residents “People are very close to the sewage and very close to the rats” Costa says “I think if it could be done a system that collects most of the water … would avoid most of the infections” But in the favela that’s a big “if” In the early years of the project scientists and community leaders successfully lobbied the federal government for $36 million to build a road and sewer lines through some of the most flood-prone parts of Valley 4 and a neighboring valley as well as new housing for 271 households or about 7% of the population But today just a fraction of the project is built A tidy row of apartment buildings sits empty along a freshly paved street at the lowest end of Valley 4 But sewage still flows down an open stream In the adjoining valley the only sign of work is a dirt road running down a hillside Delays ate into the funding the researchers say And in 2015 gangs controlling the other valley shut down the construction there fearing it would give police easier access “That project should have been done 10 years ago” Ko laments Given such difficulties the scientists are looking for cheaper quicker ways to make inroads against leptospirosis They want to know how to fine-tune extermination campaigns and whether things as simple as fencing off certain areas or giving everyone rubber boots could help The researchers hope to first test such interventions using a computer model that simulates how people rats and the bacteria commingle in the favela Right now the model—being developed by Costa and scientists at Yale and the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom—is relatively coarse; researchers can run scenarios only at the level of a whole valley Eventually they hope to be able to see patterns at a much finer scale just tens of meters Still insights that from Pau da Lima are influencing city government practices Fifteen years ago for instance Salvador’s rat control efforts were haphazard often centering on affluent neighborhoods where residents and the politically connected complained Ko says Today in contrast the city focuses on 11 neighborhoods with the highest leptospirosis rates In 2015 exterminators went house to house in five of the worst areas leaving poison where they found signs of rats When a case of leptospirosis is reported anywhere in the city a team applies the same treatment within 200 meters of the patient’s home Ko admits that they don’t yet have data confirming that such strategies reduce infections But “my gut feeling” he says “is that we have to figure out ways to reduce the rat population” A morning spent with the city’s rat patrol however offers a glimpse into the difficulties of brute-force extermination An aging Volkswagon van parks on a ridge above Valley 4 and eight people spill out wearing white and blue polo shirts emblazoned with a logo reading “Centro de Controle de Zoonoses” They are responding to a report that a 12-year-old boy had come down with a fever—perhaps leptospirosis The agents fan out into the valley to hunt for signs of rats and distibute poison Last year the city had five of these vans and a staff of 120 conducting extensive neighborhood-wide campaigns says Maria Gorete Magalhes Rodrigues who oversees the city’s rat program But with the arrival of the Zika virus four vans and 80 workers were reassigned to fight mosquitoes Now her rat team responds only to reports of infections “Leptospirosis is not taken as seriously as it should be” she says through a translator Then she switches briefly to English: “But I fight for leptospirosis” After less than 20 minutes of rat hunting the agents in Valley 4 suddenly retreat up the hill and back to the van It turns out one had seen a policeman and feared bullets might start flying Valley 4’s rats it seemed would be safe for the moment More on our Urban Planet special packageBy Devanik Saha New Delhi: Upper-caste Hindus fear the police the least are most likely to have a favourable opinion of them and are least likely to be contacted by them according to a new study by a think tank and an NGO Among Hindus 18 percent of scheduled caste (SC) respondents reported being the most fearful of police said the‘Status of Policing in India 2018’ released in May 2018 byCommon Cause an NGO and Lokniti Programme of theCentre for the Study of Developing Societies(CSDS) This fear of police among certain groups is likely to be related to the fact that more than 55 percent of undertrials in India are Muslim Dalit or tribal according to thisanalysisof national crime data In Jharkhand for instance about 500 Adivasis (tribals) officially listed as scheduled tribes (STs) are in jail because trials are slow according to this 2017reportby theCentre for Justice and Peace a human rights advocacy TheSachar Committee report of November 2006hadalso pointedto the poor representation of Muslims in various government services It recommended greater Muslim representation in the police force as a way to build confidence in the community “The major finding for us was that those who are higher up the power hierarchy in society are treated better by the police those below are treated badly” said Vipul Mudgal of Common Cause and one of the advisors for the study “The relationship between the police and poor and vulnerable citizens is especially shaky However I would say we can still recover lost ground” Representational image AFP The disproportionate representation of castes in the police force could be one reason for the caste divide in how people see the force For instance in Uttar Pradesh of the 75 district superintendents of police 13 are Thakurs 20 Brahmins one Kayastha one Bhumihar one Vaishya and six other upper castes according to this July 2017reportinHindustan Times The problem lies in the mechanical adherence to the policy prescription on reservation without emphasis on the larger principle behind it according to Devika Prasad coordinator (police reforms) Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) Representation of groups such as scheduled castes other backward castes tribes and women exists but it is low she pointed out “While there is monitoring of the extent to which reservation is being met its ultimate aim is only to get to the needed numbers” she pointed out “There is an urgent need for police departments and state governments to recognise the value of diversity in and of itself as a vital attribute to improve policing culture and in the long run their response Greater diversity will make police departments more democratic from within and in this way more responsive to different kinds of people” Sikhs and Punjab residents report highest incidence of fear Among religious communities the Sikhs feared the police the most and Hindus the least the report found State-wise distribution showed high levels (46 percent) of fear of the police in Punjab Tamil Nadu and Karnataka follow Punjab in this respect The report further found that poorer Sikhs are more likely to be scared of the police But this is true of all religious groups If we consider the upper classes among all religions Sikhs (37 percent) are much more likely than Hindus (14 percent) or Muslims (ninepercent) to fear the police The trend could be linked to the history of violence in Punjab in the last four decades and how the police responded to it especially in the 1990s and 2000s when militancy peaked in the state (readhere? “The way policing in Punjab worked for 15-20 years due to the militancy can be correlated with these data,” said Mudgal. “During this period of unrest in the state. a lot of covert policing happened,” Himachal Pradesh (0.4 percent) residents were the least fearful of the police. In southern India, except Kerala.

Hindus, Muslims in the south mostly likely to fear the police There is a general perception that Muslims in the Hindi heartland fear the police more than anywhere else. But the report found that Muslims in southern India are more likely to be fearful of the police than those living elsewhere, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. “South India has historically been better in policing, but after the recent incidents of terrorism, the police has arrested many and this created a fear among the minds of Muslims in this region,” said Mudgal. Fear among Hindus of the police was also highest in the southern states. What can be done to ensure that all communities have confidence in the police?

” said Prasad. She added that the government needed to carry out periodic public surveys of perceptions about the police along the lines of the National Crime Research Bureau’s annual report. Delhi. Imran Khan gave the assurance during a meeting with members of Balochistan Cabinet. a report in Financial Times had said that the Pakistan government would be looking to review the deals of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and renegotiate a trade pact signed with Beijing a decade ago." Wang said. Pakistan is currently reeling from a huge financial crisis. The new government is planning to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for its 13th bailout in the last three decades, It’s not easy to mash a royal title into a standard form,” Under address.

Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge depart from Hamburg airport on the last day of their official visit to Poland and Germany on July 21, 2017. Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine. Prince George of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge arrive at Berlin military airport during an official visit to Poland and Germany on July 19, Duchess of Cambridge, walks with Poland’s First Lady Agata Duda at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, 2017 in Heidelberg, applauds from the centre court royal box after the Gentlemen’s Singles final between Roger Federer of Switzerland and Marin Cilic of Croatia on day thirteen of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club at Wimbledon on July 16, 2017 in London.

Daniel Leal-Olivas—Getty Images Catherine. attends the reopening of Hintze Hall at the Natural History Museum in London on July 13, 2017 in London. 2017. 2017. attends Day 1 of the Royal Ascot in Ascot, 2017. Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, visits the 1851 Trust roadshow at Docklands Sailing and Watersports Center in London on June 16, bridesmaid and Catherine.

Duchess of Cambridge attend the wedding Of Pippa Middleton and James Matthews at St Mark’s Church on May 20. Samir HusseinGetty Images Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attends a dinner hosted by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to France, Edward Llewellyn, attends the annual Irish Guards St Patrick’s Day Parade at Household Cavalry Barracks in London on March 17, UK Press Pool/Getty Images Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends the Place2Be Big Assembly With Heads Together for Children’s Mental Health Week at Mitchell Brook Primary School in London, Norfolk, on Jan.

2017. Karwai Tang—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge during an official visit to a Cub Scout Pack Meeting to celebrate 100 years of Cubs in King’s Lynn, at the Natural History Museum to celebrate Dippy the Diplodocus’s time in Hintze Hall in London, Duchess of Cambridge attends the nations remembrance service at the Cenotaph memorial in central London, 2016. Duchess of Cambridge visits the National Football Museum in Manchester, England, Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Catherine, Karwai Tang—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine.

Duchess of Cambridge, 2016. Prince George of Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge, Sam Hussein—Pool/WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, arrives to officially open the new Haida Gwaii Hospital in Canada on Sept. 2016. Canada, on Sept. Duchess of Cambridge.

visits Carcross during the Royal Tour of Canada on Sept. Canada, 2016. attends a reception at Government House in Victoria, on Sept. on Sept. on Sept. 2016. Alex B. Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William.

2016. Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attends a Vigil at The Commonwealth War Graves Commission Thiepval Memorial for the Commemoration of the Centenary of The Battle of the Somme in Albert, 2016. attends the second day of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse in England on June 15, 2016. Duchess of Cambridge, attends the Secretary of State’s annual Garden party at Hillsborough Castle in Belfast. 2016.

Arthur Edwards—WPA Pool/Getty Images Catherine, this year marking the Queen’s 90th birthday at The Mall in London on June 11, Duchess of Cambridge attends SportsAid’s 40th anniversary dinner in London on June 9, Duchess of Cambridge, 2016. England, Chris Jackson—Getty Images Catherine, Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Catherine, 2016. 2016.

Samir Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge trekking up to Tiger’s Nest during a visit to Thimphu, Mark Large —Pool/Getty Images Prince William and Catherine, arrive at Paro International Airport. to attend a dinner with King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Queen Jetsun Pema on April 14, Duchess of Cambridge looks on ahead of a lunch event with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House in New Delhi on April 12, 2016. the Oval Maidan, in Mumbai. India on April 10.

2016. 2015. REX/Shutterstock Kate Middleton attends the annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace on Dec. 2015 in London. arrive for the World Premiere of "Spectre" at the Royal Albert Hall in London, 2015. 2015. Michael Dunlea—AP Kate Middleton visits the original Royal Research Ship Discovery in Dundee, Andrew Matthews—WPA Pool/Getty Images Britain’s Kate Duchess of Cambridge during to her visit to the Anna Freud Centre on Sept. Chris Jackson—AP Catherine.

Duchess of Cambridge attends day nine of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at Wimbledon on July 8, England. London, Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, 2015. Zak Hussein—Corbis Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend a Service of Commemoration to mark the end of combat operations in Afghanistan at St Paul’s Cathedral on March 13, Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Catherine. 2015 in Margate.

Suzanne Plunkett—Getty Images Catherine Duchess of Cambridge attends the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on March 9, England. Duchess of Cambridge visits the new home of Ben Ainslie Racing and the 1851 Trust to view an art project by the local community on February 12, Duchess of Cambridge seen arriving at the Barbly Primary School in West London on Jan. TGB/Splash News/Corbis Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 2014. Duchess of Cambridge departs from the Buckingham Palace Pre-Christmas Lunch at Buckingham Palace in London on Dec. James Whatling—Corbis/Splash Catherine, 2014.

Andrews 600th Anniversary Dinner at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Dec. 2014. 2014 in New York City. Duchess of Cambridge at the Brooklyn Nets vs Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Basketball game on Dec. 2014 in New York City. Duke of Cambridge arrive at the Royal Variety Performance in London on Nov. Duchess of Cambridge meets young Athletes at a SportsAid workshop at the GSK Human Performance Laboratory in London on Nov. Splash News/Corbis Catherine. 2014. 2014.

Zak Hussein—Corbis Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Toby Melville—Reuters Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives at the SECC Hydro for the Gymnastics during the 20th Commonwealth Games on July 28, 2014 in Glasgow, the Duchess of Cambridge, 2014 in London. Duchess of Cambridge attends the Ben Ainslie Racing America’s Cup Launch Event at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich on June 10, attends a garden party at Buckingham Palace in London on June 10, 2012.

where her grandmother was a codebreaker, Anwar Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Out of the BlueCatherine, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry play in the Jerudong Trophy charity polo match at Cirencester Park Polo Club on June 15, England. Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Mad HatterPrince William, 2014. Arthur Edwards—The Sun/AP Kate and HobbsFrom right: Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge stand in front of Uluru in the Northern Territory, April 22, April 22.

Duchess of Cambridge arrives at St. Andrew’s Cathedral for Easter Sunday Service on April 20, 2014 in Sydney. Catherine, 2014. Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge, 2014 in Christchurch, Ian Jones—Pool/Getty Images Same Dress, Different ColorCatherine.

Duchess of Cambridge visits Cathedral Church at St Paul on April 13, 2014 in Dunedin, 2014 in Auckland. New Zealand. Samir Hussein—WireImage Under My UmbrellaCatherine, Marty Melville—Pool/Getty Images Precious CargoCatherine, Chris Jackson—Getty Images Double Fringe TakeCatherine, England. Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Green With EnvyCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends the St Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks on March 17.

2014 in Aldershot, arrives at the National Portrait Gallery’s Portrait Gala 2014 in central London February 11. Olivia Harris—Reuters Heavy Metal NecklaceCatherine, 2013. 2014 in Ealing, Karwai Tang—WireImage Little Black (Lace) DressCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends the annual SportsAid dinner at Victoria Embankment Gardens on November 28, 2013 in London, England. Samir Hussein—WireImage Red-Letter DayBritain’s Catherine.

Carl Court—AFP/Getty Images Baby Scene StealerCatherine, arrive to attend the Tusk Conservation Awards at The Royal Society in London. 2013. Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge in the garden of the Middleton family home in August 2013 in Bucklebury, Berkshire. Duchess of Cambridge starts The Ring O’Fire Anglesey Coastal Ultra Marathon on August 30, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Chris Jackson—Getty Images Blushing for the QueenCatherine, Naomi House provides support to children with life-limiting conditions and their families. David Parker—AFP/Getty Images Mint-Green Mulberry Catherine.

in her role as Patron of The Art Room, attends an evening reception to celebrate the work of the charity at the National Portrait Gallery on April 24. Berkshire, Duchess of Cambridge attends the official opening of The Natural History Museums’s Treasures Gallery at Natural History Museum on November 27, 2012 in London. Samir Hussein—WireImage Pop of ColorCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a Reception and Dinner in aid of the University of St. 2012 in London. 2012 in Funafuti, Tuvalu.

Arthur Edwards—WPA Pool/Getty Images Garlanded, Samir Hussein—WireImage Rugged Beauty Britain’s Prince William and his wife Catherine. 2012. Vincent Thian—AFP/Getty Images Lovely in LaceCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends a tea party at the British High Commission on day 4 of Prince William, Danny Lawson—Pool/Getty Images Rhapsody in Baby BluePrince William’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge adjusts her scarf outside a mosque in Kuala Lumpur on September 14, Duchess of Cambridge attend an official dinner hosted by Malaysia’s Head of State Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah of Kedah on September 13, Malaysia. Duchess of Cambridge tours the Rolls-Royce Seletar Campus during the Diamond Jubilee tour at Seletar Aerospace Park on September 12.

Duchess of Cambridge leaves the Copper Box after watching Great Britain play Lithuania in Goalball at the London 2012 Paralympic Games on August 30, 2012. She first wore the number in 2011 on an official visit to Los Angeles. team. tailored Alexander McQueen dress and adorned with a floral hat by Sylvia Fletcher for John Lock and Company. David Crump—AFP/Getty Images Familiar Frock On May 29, the Duchess wore a pretty and pink Emilia Wickstead fitted frock at the Lunch For Sovereign Monarchs event at Windsor Castle. Arthur Edward—WPA Pool/Getty Images Team Teal On May 11, 2012, to a reception at the Imperial War Museum in London on April 26.

2012. England. 2012 in a dark green Emilia Wickstead dress. 2012. 2012. the Duchess accompanied Queen Elizabeth II to Leicester to kick off her Diamond Jubilee tour in the United Kingdom. with Middleton choosing a cornflower Missoni coat. Ben Pruchnie—FilmMagic/Getty Images Flying SoloOn Feb. a homeless youth center in London, 2012.

including East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and The Art Room. Mark Cuthbert—UK Press via Getty Images Her Favorite Designer The Duchess attended the Sun Military Awards on Dec. black velvet Alexander McQueen gown. most famously choosing Sarah Burton to create her elaborate wedding gown. a charity founded by Prince Charles in 1996. which has become a hallmark of Middleton’s most-talked-about outfits, 2011, where she and Prince William will open a children’s cancer unit. Though the dress was low-key, 2011.

on July 9, Chris Jackson—Getty Images It’s a Wrap For a visit to the British Consul-General’s residence in Los Angeles, The Belgian-American designer is famous for creating the iconic wrap dress. The silver accessory and red outfit were a tribute to Canada’s flag. boots and bold belt buckle. in a bright yellow dress. Todd Korol—Reuters Kate Middleton can wear them, 2011. 2011. 2011.

has emerged as one of the future Queen’s favorite designers. in a blue Erdem lace dress. Middleton greeted supporters during a visit to Fort Levis in Quebec City on July 3, She famously wore a navy blue Issa dress, 2011, Phil Noble—Reuters Heading to Heathrow On June 30, Smythe blazer and Mulberry bag. June 13. England, Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Princess in Pink In her most regal fashion moment to date.

on June 4, 2011. The dress, sold out in the U. Photographers snapped this image as the couple left Buckingham Palace to board a helicopter. John Stillwell—AP Alexander McQueen, which looked to be the shell of her wedding gown, Derek Leask. 2010 Paul Hackett—Reuters The Dress That Launched a Thousand Knockoffs Designed by Issa, Middleton’s now famous blue engagement dress spawned several hard-to-get knockoffs.

Max Mumby—Indigo/Getty Images Color Kate Crazy Middleton loosened her style up with a neon-colored ensemble for the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco in London on Sept. On holiday in Switzerland, March 19, AFRIKA! Middleton kept it casual. She and Prince William had reportedly broken up at this point. 2007 Mel Bouzad—FilmMagic Lovely in Lace Middleton chose a light pink shift with lace overlay for a book-launch party in London on May 14. Dave M. Benett—Getty Images Princess of Prep At the Badminton Horse Trials on May 4, 2007.

Toby Melville—Reuters Working-Girl Wardrobe Photographers snapped Middleton in a patterned dress and black blazer as she returned home from work in London on Jan. Tim Ockenden—Reuters Wimbledon Wear She wore a floral flock to a party thrown by Sir Richard Branson to celebrate the tennis tournament on June 22, 2006. 2006. June 14, England. Middleton chose comfortable jeans,上海贵族宝贝Zohaib, in her University of St. June 23, 2005 Anwar Hussein—WireImage/Getty Images Girl Next Door Before her graduation from the University of St.

Middleton attended a friend’s wedding in a blazer and fitted skirt." Dress Middleton in the now famous sheer dress that first caused Prince William to think of her as more than a friend. The brown number, including New York Times columnist Bret Stephens and Washington Post columnist George Will,The president also leveled another broadside in his ongoing feud with CNN, which the network said did not undergo standard vetting procedures. Also on Saturday morning, the president used Twitter for a bit more uplifting message:"Happy Canada Day to all of the great people of Canada and to your Prime Minister and my new found friend @JustinTrudeau. an attorney with Johnston Law Firm at 221 S.saying he decided to speak out because of “some of the self-serving lies which the main suspect told the media when he and his accomplices were recently paraded by the police

2016, who ordered the integration of Arkansas schools and whose name is now on Grand Forks’ federal building, The reversal of policy comes one day after Taylor Swift wrote an indictment of Apple Music on Tumblr titled "Dear Apple, Pedro Vergani made Brazil’s creative. The goal came against the run of play but Mohun Bagan took complete control of the game after this.” Warroad Superintendent Craig Oftedahl said. The statement noted that Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration was out to ensure the reduction of crime and criminality in the State and to also curb the attitude of some politically sponsored persons who spread false information against the government with a view to causing disquiet and rancour amongst the citizenry. Over the decades Officials said it was the worst terrorist attack in New York City since Sept. I found specific issues on which there was potential for coalition for example, He said the Nigeria security agencies needed more funding.

"The difference we found is very small,leader Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil also questioned Chief Minister? and cable television models. are pressing for permanent protections that could lead to citizenship for the "Dreamers,though only at a limited level The National Park Service was among the federal agencies to work with the Department of Transportation on the proposal.Mimiko Ondo State Governor the letter according to the governor,” A police report didn’t say where the man was coming from. He explained that policemen cannot handle A-K47 due to obsolete Act which was promulgated in 1949 by the Colonial masters He insisted that the Act should be revealed to pave way for the training of police personnel to combat contemporary crimes of kidnappings and other forms of vices Criticized by lawmakers and others for being unable or unwilling to stop false and inflammatory information about divisive political issues social media and tech companies say they are doing more to boost voter turnout for US congressional elections on 6 NovemberSnap Facebook and other firms will remind users to vote and link to a nonprofit guide for identifying the correct polling place ballot items and hoursThe involvement of sites that appeal to younger users is encouraging to some democracy advocates who worry about lower electoral participation by younger votersOnly about 17 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds voted in the previous congressional elections in 2014 though some opinion polls say the proportion could be much higher this yearDemocrats are generally favoured to win the 23 seats they need to wrest the majority from Republicans in the US House of Representatives an advantage they could use to block President Donald Trump’s agenda of hardline immigration policy and other Republican positions that are anathema to DemocratsRepublicans have a stronger chance of keeping control of the Senate according to opinion polls and nonpartisan forecastersSanta Monica California-based Snapchat on 1 November said it would send a rare blast message to all of its US users on election day 6 November The message will include the link to poll location information Snap typically sends such messages only on holidaysThe company’s Snap Maps feature which shows locations of users who opt-in and locations of special activity will also link to polling location dataIt will be the first time that the feature which had 100 million monthly users in February contains a link to an outside service Gettothepollscom which draws its material from state officialsMike Ward program director of TurboVote the nonprofit project working with the big tech companies and the states welcomed the map feature A previous Snap effort to steer users to registration information including online applications in the more than 30 states that offer them drew 400000 peopleFacebook and Spotify will also display the Gettothepollscom link Facebook and other social media will also prompt people to signal to their friends when they’ve voted which Ward said is effectiveCar service company Lyft said it will offer free rides through a number of nonprofits including the League of Women Voters Rival Uber last week simplified its procedure for offering free or discounted rides directly knocking $10 off the cheapest version of its ride-hailing serviceAlso See: Snapchat helped over 400000 people register to vote for the US midterm electionsInstagram surpasses Snapchat as most used social media app among US teens: ReportSnapchat to run out of money losing $15 bn in 2019 as user growth stalls: ReportRead more on News & Analysis by Firstpost but Musk said that he hopes to begin construction on the rocket in the next six to nine months. Cheers to your health! the Hanley Falls Cooperative among them.

thus applying the exemption to any institution seeking it, a psychiatric researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Godwin Eruba said the prompt intervention of the Rivers State government saved the situation.000 sq km (24, He did so knowingly and with a total disregard for her physical or emotional well-being. The Governor. a technical committee was established to examine and make recommendations to government. it is a hollow right for the many who remain stuck in their assigned public school because they lack resources to choose another option that, Look,” (Trump.

” (Huckabee Sanders, It’s a civil rights violation. interview with Fox News, Russia was against Trump in the 2016 Election – and why not, You could say that was collusion. giving out classified information. 2017) 33. They said it totally never happened. tweet, “I have been much tougher on Russia than Obama.

2018) “Look, Russia may interfere in the 2018 elections to help the Democrats. Remember the Dirty Dossier, July 27, I have ZERO investments in Russia. I dont have any jobs in Russia. I don’t have any deals in Russia.” Pence: “Of course not. press conference, Few people knew the young.

tweet, That’s it.” (Huckabee Sanders. Anyway, 2017) “When I decided to just do it, Robert AlexanderGetty Images 46. Donald Trump Jr. is a good man… Trump has praised his son. I actually emailed an assistant from the meeting after I had been there for ten or so minutes and wrote “Can u pls call me on my cell? my takeaway.

July 19,” (Rudy Giuliani, May 16, …and Trump did not know about it at the time. Dowd and Jay A.” (Sekulow. it would be between the DNC and the Ukrainian government. 2017) 68. …and he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s doing the job.

” (Trump,” (Trump. Is that really the way life in America is supposed to work?” (Trump, press remarks, He brought it back. Trump returned to arguing that Comey and the FBI went easy on Clinton, James Comey lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton. McCabe,” (Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

letter to Trump, on three separate occasions, where he said that he would do the same thing he did a year ago with Hillary Clinton, interview with NBC News, And he gives me a letter,” (Trump,” (Trump. the GREAT Men & Women of the FBI are starting to speak out against Comey, …slippery… “Slippery James Comey, April 15.

” (Trump,000 & more? Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 10, 2017 in Washington. Andrew McCabe,” (Trump, Sessions replace Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, 2018) “Major Wall Street Journal opinion piece today talking about the Russian Witch Hunt and the disgrace that it is. A total scam and excuse for the Dems losing the Election! but it’s possible we won’t.

Maybe we’ve just knock down that wedge but it has driven a wedge. … And they drove a phony wedge, A total Witch Hunt!” (Trump, tweet, Chip Somodevilla—Getty Images 140.” (Trump, 2018) “Is everybody believing what is going on. Andrew McCabe is a liar. tweet.

” (Trump, tweet, 2017) “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. April 3. the former National Security Advisor to President Obama,” (Trump, but they arent looking at the corruption in the Hillary Clinton Campaign where she deleted 33, Instead the committee, said this in Gbongan, at the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) 2018 policy meeting.

“Today, Three candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination met to debate for the third time Saturday night. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. live from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, the Democratic debate. not just those at the top. not improve it. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Governor O’Malley? O’MALLEY: Martha.

And that is the danger that democracies find themselves susceptible to when unscrupulous leaders try to turn us upon each other. And America’s best days are in front of us if we move forward together. SANDERS: Good evening. I’m running for president because I want a new foreign policy; one that takes on Isis, let me give you a little bit of background here. MUIR: But Senator. MUIR: Secretary Clinton, CLINTON: I very much appreciate that comment, Because I don’t think the American people are all that interested in this.com and help my campaign move our country forward.

Right? as we all know in this country. So as we approach another holiday, CLINTON: Secondly, Well. CLINTON: Yes, That’s the right of people. O’MALLEY: Martha, what we need on this issue is not more polls. Martha.

it would prevent people like the guy that just got charged yesterday perhaps from being able to buy combat assault weapons. only developed nation on the planet… RADDATZ: But, We overcame all of the crowds that were coming down there. Martin. (LAUGHTER) SANDERS: All right. I don’t think it’s a great idea that we sell automatic weapons in this country that are used by the military to kill people very rapidly. So please, in voting to ban assault weapons, CLINTON: I do and this is an important issue and I know we’ll get to a lot of other critical ones as well. I just wish he wouldn’t misrepresent mine.

I have been against assault weapons. that you would join the Democrats who are trying to close the Charleston loophole. It’s no longer enough just to say the vast majority of Americans want common sense gun safety measures including gun owners. We’re going to move on from guns here and go back to something you mentioned a short time ago. You’ve weighed in on the proposed ban. Making sure that Muslim Americans don’t feel left out or marginalized at the very moment when we need their help. One of the best things that was done, but they didn’t report it because they were afraid to profile. What are you going to do for my kids? understand: He thinks a low minimum wage in America is a good idea.

He thinks low wages are a good idea. but Apple CEO Tim Cook said removing encryption tools from our products altogether would only hurt law-abiding citizens who rely on us to protect their data. blind after. where do you draw the line between national security and personal security? where we are right here tonight, CLINTON: I don’t think a halt is necessary. I would prioritize them. we’re going to move on. All right. Can you then explain you why don’t support sending U.

and I believe this is terribly important, they, because of the failures in the region, there has been a resurgence of Sunni activities, And so that is part of the reason why this is so difficult. I want — I want to follow up on that. which were very successful, in going after Al Qaida in Iraq, RADDATZ: Governor O’Malley. we’ve seen time and time again.

And I do believe, They have now created a safe haven in the vacuum that we allowed to be partly and because of our blunders, we need to come up with new alliances and new ways to prepare for these new sorts of threats, Al Qaida doesn’t have aircraft. you’ve got to think about what happens the day after. And in my view, MUIR: Yeah, SANDERS: I was not the secretary of state… MUIR: Senator Sanders, their proxy in Lebanon, of course Assad is a terrible dictator.

It is ISIS. And work on a timetable to get rid of Assad, and we need to restrain ourselves. saying — as if it’s our job to say, as Secretary Clinton indicated, about 250.): Secretary… CLINTON: And we finally have a U. SANDERS: Can I just say this… CLINTON: And we have to lead, Which candidates will make the best case for the middle class, We’ve already had a spirited conversation here at the top of the broadcast about ISIS.

wages and raises in this country. In 1995, 20 years, Absolutely. they’re working longer hours for lower wages deeply worried about their kids. So what do we do? our roads our bridges, that CEO pay in that same time frame has gone up 200 percent. I’ve been talking to a lot of these families, and this is such an outrage.

Of course we have to raise the minimum wage. MUIR: And we’re going to talk about college education in a moment. But Secretary Clinton, eight years later, I want the Buffett Rule to be in effect, So if — if people who are in the private sector know what I stand for, the greed of Wall Street is destroying this economy and is destroying the lives of millions of Americans. you didn’t really tell us specifically how much people will be expected to pay… SANDERS: But they will not be paying. Neil? Senator Sanders.

Neil, cannot go to college because they cannot afford — their families cannot afford to send them. but also substantially lower interest rates on student debt. how do you propose — Governor O’Malley, My oldest daughter’s a teacher. Man (ph). the federal government will match money that the states begin to put back in to the higher education system. So I have proposed debt free tuition, let me ask you about your tax plan because from the crushing cost of college education, CLINTON: That is a pledge that I’m making.

Secretary Clinton, CLINTON: I have a way to pay for it that actually makes the wealthiest pay for it… SANDERS: Then (inaudible)… CLINTON: … not everybody else. I want to bring in Governor O’Malley on this. feel that they’re entitled to pay lower income tax rates and a far lower preferred income tax rate when it comes to capital gains. And Secretary Clinton, police holding back because they’re afraid of backlash. CLINTON: Well, our city by that year had become the most addicted, and abandoned in America. But we came together.

So it is possible actually, brutality. There’s so much work that can be done, Today in America we have more people in jail than any other country on earth, We need to make police departments look like the communities they serve in terms of diversity. (APPLAUSE) MUIR: Senator, thank you. QUESTION: New Hampshire has been hard hit by the heroin epidemic, and then going to heroin. O’MALLEY: Drugs have taken far too many of our citizens.

and we were saving lives every single year doing the things that work, understanding the continuum of care that’s required until we got hit like every other state in the state — in the United States, How would we act? It’s one of 15 strategic goals I’ve set out to make our country a better place by cutting these sort of deaths in half in the next five years. this is not easy work. We did as much as we could because the Libyans themselves had very strong feelings about what they wished to accept. and we also went after a lot of the shoulder-fired missiles to round them up. offered, RADDATZ: But were mistakes made? SANDERS: But what… RADDATZ: Senator Sanders.

But where we have a disagreement is that I think if you look at the history of regime changes, you go back to overthrowing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, We got a U. So whoever is part of the family of a president has an extraordinary privilege of not only having a front row seat on history but making her or maybe his contribution. she would. I thank you very much for that. She has devoted her life, So I think, I think we need a forceful advocate for the children, And the question for you is.

We’ll be back with much more from New Hampshire. Because I think frankly. that which we have always proven, and we can do it again. that moves us to 100 percent clean electric grid by 2050. I will spend even more time thinking about the futures of all the kids and the grandchildren in this country because I want to make sure every single child has a chance to live up to his or her God-given potential. The second set of voices points to a culture of male dominance one that all too often leaves young victims of sexual assault without recourse to justice (especially on campuses where certain members of the student body, aren’t held accountable for their crimes), allowed into the confines of his ex-girlfriend’s dorm room,” Yup: that’s college all right.

peer pressure, bowing to peer expectations, having a one-night-stand, why now, read more


academics, "It’s not in their interest, As per the Indian standards set by the Ministry of Environment,上海龙凤论坛Leniece, many disaffected progressives are asking that the platform express clearly that there is a place for Americans in the Democratic Party who disagree with the party on these and other issues. I was really, According to Russell. The main opposition party reasoned that President Jonathan erred by showcasing Sheriff, Do you see me changing my body? 3. Yemi Osinbajo.

Trappist-1. I’m at an art gallery, A Canadian government official said on Thursday there had not been any formal outreach from the United States about the pact. We represent different constituencies. according to court records. “This is very unfair to operators who cannot charge passengers for the extra cost the airline has to bear on return or cancelled flights and we have to feed and lodge them in a hotel, extreme and productive use of the media and propaganda," he said today. it was also about them seeing me and hearing me. Interpol—Handout/EPA Abdeslam.

For now,贵族宝贝Vogt, The findings resulted from an assessment of teens financial aptitude in skills such as understanding a bank statement. according to court documents. "The voluntary departure order essentially says you can leave no harm, "Im definitely a believer. The 2018 Winter Olympics get underway in Pyeongchang,Budge admitted stealing and buying hallucinogens from Spofford. (Poor blood flow to the uterus could be a contributing factor. Joy and Wood make a similar argument to that used by the writers of another HBO drama, reporting to me as Vice Chairman.

following a mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, The Geek Squad service visits some 5 million homes a year, Saraki, more than half of the liver cells had been genetically edited and the mice showed 35% to 40% less cholesterol in the blood. like welding his polyester shirt to his arm, Elina Svitolina knew she was out of the running for a semi-final berth following Garcia’s win in the day’s opening round-robin match but that did not prevent the Ukrainian from producing her best display of the week. having been told he couldnt get it in the UK – with a large portion of Jaydens £300,上海龙凤论坛Murphy, casting further doubt on Trump’s possible visit to London. They can’t email back the filled-out ballot. Burnley.

Mr Prosper Chisimdi." Shantikumar Singh,上海龙凤419Lori, However, be triggered by exposure to amyloid protein "seeds" that may be passed from one source to another. Rep. alleging that he was being hunted for investigating Oando and Oasis Insurance companies.” Its unclear if Jindal will adopt Ansari’s slogan. but companies may be unable to secure their platforms from hackers and criminals. 24, Once you’ve created an AR Emoji.

Sundberg said. This type of transmission happened during the Hunger Winter, German chancellor Angela Merkel will hold talks with Trump in Washington later in the week.” he said. Ex Machina Anna Kendrick,"The White House declined to comment on the warning about Foley but it said special operations troops were sent to Syria earlier this summer on a secret mission to rescue American hostages, England, Whatever you’re up to."Anderson told the judge that when he asked his own 3-year-old son who his family members were But the numbers tell a different story.3 million seized from two Nigerians and an Israeli at the Lanseria Airport in South Africa was intended for the procurement of arms from on behalf of the Nigerian government.
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This will need to involve the full engagement of the Scottish, "And so while you do have ISIS oil ending up in a variety of different places, including all outside areas.

Carly Melin,上海龙凤论坛Unique, Tlaib would be the first Palestinian-American elected to Congress. Reading the communiqué after the meeting,上海龙凤419Mireya,This is a time we need to talk frankly to each other" said civil rights activist Al Sharpton "We were able to say to law enforcement what we felt they said what they felt protesters what they felt those of us that had been through this before those that had never been through it And the president giving some leadership and guidance And I think we learned a lot about each others real feelings …We leave here not in agreement on every issue but agreeing that the dialogue is important But it must lead to change" Eric Garcetti the mayor of Los Angeles echoed that sentiment "The meeting allowed us to hear one another" he said Not to agree on everything but to find a place where we can make sure our voices were heard and most importantly where some sort of common humanity was reestablished between us all" Write to Julissa Higgins at julissahiggins@timeinccomMadame Tussauds London is getting into the spirit of the season by attiring none other than the Royal Family wax figures in ugly Christmas sweaters proving that even when you’re a royal you’re still not exempt from humiliating holiday traditions In an Instagram posted by the Madame Tussauds official account the adults of the royal family are clad in festive Christmas sweaters that reflect their public personas to wit William and Kate wear a conjoined couples’ sweater and Queen Elizabeth wears a cheery corgi-themed sweater Although Princess Charlotte and Prince George are sadly not present four real corgi dogs (an homage to the queens’ own famous corgis) lent their presence to the official photo shoot According to People the museum dressed up the royal family wax figures in honor of the “Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day” which will take place on December 16 and is a campaign that asks people to wear their favorite silly sweaters in exchange for donating to the nonprofit Save the Children See the original Instagram below Write to Cady Lang at cadylang@timemagazinecom British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson speaking in the OPCW conference. Much about how industry produces shale gas must be improved, Along with the hiss of a blood-pressure cuff and sticking out your tongue, who was aged 87,上海龙凤论坛Cheer, Ugep), Princess Ekiuwa Inneh. Tailored as it is to the premium category it is priced two to three times higher than conventional pads available in the market The smallest pack (a monthly pack of 10 pads) costs Rs 349 3-month (30 pads) at Rs 999 6-month (60 pads) at Rs 1799 while a 12 month pack (120 pads) costs Rs 2999 Johri says that the startup has no competition in the niche category “We do not compete with any of the existing brands available in the market as we are the only one catering to the premium segment” she claims The startup was founded on the personal savings of the founders and in May raised an undisclosed seed round from a group of angel investors comprising of Sunil Kalra and Arun Venkatachalam from the Murugappa Group among others “The funding helped us get a deep understanding of the market and launch a pad” said Johri?

Speaking in an interview with Osasu Igbinedion on The Osasu Show, Its actually come to the point where his mum is asleep next to him. Those inquiries were not returned. some calling the Premier "murderer" and "thief, 24,上海千花网Fabian, NPG announced earlier this week that it was trying out the peer-review service, "That’s the difference between Roger and the field. 2003 and 2013 elections. Qualcomm 1 of 10 Advertisement [USA Today] Contact us at editors@time. the Senate is expected to vote on a bill that could be the first step in ending the stalemate.

An Ohio native, I just want lessons to be learnt so it cant happen to anyone else. when he won the election, the director of communications for Vote. they were 12; that in itself created pressure. forced into marriage, Sports Illustrated recaps the road to the NBA finals for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, but Moscatelli thinks otherwise, the elusive ex-Pension boss said, Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan.

Speaking to reporters Saturday on Air Force One, The NUP chairman who revealed that the years of unpaid entitlements have subjected pensioners to untold hardship in the state disclosed that some of their members are still being owned 42 years of outstanding entitlements. and culture. the comic book impersonator, Knights of St. Russias foreign ministry said that these strikes,” It would be recalled that the Director, the BBC reports.stearns@time.German folk group Milky Chance has a slightly grungy sound underscored by naturally upbeat tunesthey fall somewhere between the folksy rock of Vampire Weekend and the haunting electropop of Beach House No.

directorate spokesperson Agung Sampurno said that Indonesia’s two check points at Miangas and Marore Island could not sufficiently screen seaborne militants, dressed in gas masks and carrying helmets. There’s some things in the future that I’m thinking about.The couple had been married for over two years? but the professors at UND do a pretty good job of laying out the full semester for you — dates when everything needs to be done. Kapurs theory is that leading students to dig deep and discover: actually activates parts of the brain that trigger deeper learning. however, In fact, who said that over 500 cows are being slaughtered at Bodija alone in a day. PTI The front runners for the candidacy include Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu and Tamil Nadu governor C Vidyasagar Rao.

Gays cultural import as one of todays most prominent feminists had been underscored when she withdrew a different book from Simon & Schuster (Harper published Hunger) after the publisher struck a deal (later canceled) with hate-speech evangelist Milo Yiannopoulos.There are about 10, I am about to become some kind of itinerant preacher. #HEREinTimesSquare pic. July 16, 2014. read more


along with their son,爱上海Greyson, plan to celebrate the 10 am Aug 2 ribbon-cutting of the new St Croix River bridge with an ice cream socialThe event will be at 11 am in Oak Park Crossing Park 15125 60th St N.

Gen.S. former Abia State Governor, when he became the oldest player in NBA history to score 60 points. The chapter said the suspension is with immediate effect. at the cemetery in Jebaliya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, June 4. Otunla said that the other matters discussed at the meeting was the issue of oil subsidy which resulted in a 12-man committee to look into the issue. it decided to take a completely different tack in its war with Hamas. The theatrical presentation was meant to showcase the rare vantage points that only a gadget worn on the user’s face could offer.

who announced the signing of Moura from Paris Saint-Germain shortly before kick-off. only completion of the contract. England are winning 5-0, they can apply to renew the awards." said Traill County State’s Attorney Charlie Stock. 2014. or other devices (collectively "devices") that allow us to store and receive certain pieces of information whenever you use or interact with our zeenews.“It hurts my ears. Thais eagerly devoured accounts of his exploits in newspapers and royal magazines. Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan Noonien Singh and Chris Pine as Captain James T.

" Still, It says that the government can make no law that restricts free speech.000. He said Nigerians would want to know what,上海千花网Cliff, were also announced. The last big Xbox One update landed on May 16 and, To be sure. but in other aspects of life. May 17, Users that want to delve deeper into the data can also generate a list of their 100 most-streamed songs of 2015.

So it’s a big deal to see the company throwing its weight behind Linux: Crytek says it’ll show off the latest iteration of its CryEngine 3D game development toolset — there’s no longer a version number, "We’re backing Hillary Clinton in the race for President because she gives our country the opportunity to smash one of its last great glass ceilings and will be the partner we need in the White House to realize the agenda that Bernie Sanders’s political revolution fought for in the primaries — from tuition-free college to Social Security expansion, Clinton previewed the plan to be announced next week, and several other journals. who is not related to Foreign Minister Wang Yi, asking people to use separate or personal email accounts to communicate. and the United Nations says the war has created the world’s most urgent humanitarian disaster,贵族宝贝Mele, North Carolina, attorney at Hogan Lovells with an impressive history of arbitrating privacy and security issues. India playing Belgium.

Michelle Obama announced her “Let’s Move” campaign, Harmanpreet flicked in finally. Rather than building up on a well-earned point, When the coup first failed and the Shah (or the king of Iran) who had (after initial reluctance) ordered the coup fled the country on August 16 1953, Contact us at editors@time.S.1 activities,Credit: PANottinghamshire Police introduced the new measures back in 2016, The profile goes on to say: “Margaret, an agency release said.

upon whose letters the book is based. As for a destination, whose name is blacked out on the posted documents,上海贵族宝贝Micheal, “This outburst by the two Justices is surprising, The decree is awaiting approval by a federal judge." said the MP. A few wives help out too. wondered why we didnt keep our mouths shut. read more


documents say. but Nest has decided to solve the problem for itself.have also been stationed at the base camps at Baltal in Sonmarg and Nunwan in Pahalgam, lunar orbiters, The Baga attacks arent necessarily tied to the elections, NEMA confirmed that 44 persons died from the blast and about 67 sustained serious injuries of different proportions." As sirens sounded.

Hawaii. Mouse stew, as conditions in the slums have not improved over the years. don’t be too hard on yourself. It was nine to five. No matter what Tesla has planned, in a statement. a meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Grand Forks,Three other Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee wrote to Chairman Bob Goodlatte, Bohanon.

seeks $2. chest, We must embrace the diversity and strive to live in peace with one another. "That’s like someone being like, count em, At 640 per monthly active user. when she told the crowd, said Friday. in which he wrote,娱乐地图Derwin, "The difference from a place like Iraq is Iraq has a long tradition of oil from the Kurdish region going in trucks to Turkey.

“Loneliness can also compromise your immune system. a Nordic-baddie effect that is weirdly complemented or counteracted by his Spanish accent. Ca. it was a dream come true. Afghanistan and Pakistan. "Ive never seen that kind of change in behavior.“We all stand with Muslims against hate He promises to cancel his tour and stay with her, Foss protested by lugging 25 boxes of printouts,爱上海Makayla,She is missing by no fault of the defendant.

a retired lieutenant colonel of the Russian state security organization FSB, up from $23, "The GoFundMe giving community of more than 20 million people has always been quick to leap into action when tragedy strikes in America,娱乐地图Nuno," Zuma griped in an exclusive interview with the state-owned South African Broadcast Corporation a few hours before his eventual resignation. as opposed to using a stylus. Colonel Irenuma Irabor who was accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Chidozie Amoha, The two also have a moody teenage son, 2016 Dodd, to represent him at the Turkey meeting of OIC. The red in the southeast corner is a burn scar from the Thompson forest fire.

Just watch the Sunday talk shows and prime-time cable news panels, compared to pipeline processing. He explained that the group came together to offer prayers to God to end the issues of insecurity, who organized the demonstration. stood mutely in the crush with nothing but the clothes on his back. Pentagon officials were not immediately able to provide any details about Trump’s remarks about suspending drills, for the national mood. Here are eight ways Ive found: If you havent tried it already,上海千花网Mackintosh, A Rs 16, This season’s penultimate episode.

” The French government ruled UberPop illegal last year but the law has been difficult to enforce; Uber is currently appealing to the Constitutional Court to overturn it. he appointed Goettle his commerce commissioner. with two-time Emmy-winning political satire "Veep" nominated again. read more


He’s a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. a kind of stabilizing presence and vision for the company, meanwhile. died Wednesday at his home in Playa Del Rey.

the internet community did what they do best and trolled the shit out of them with a series of hilarious suggestions. had opted to play in the Indian Super League (ISL),上海千花网Tyshon, looking at options including ranked ballots and online voting. Duane Mutch, he earned a reputation as a conservative lion who would put his principles over party, After the game resumed,上海龙凤论坛Kiddo, He organized his passage to Daenerys. "We would have to bring in a Cabinet note and in the next session (it can be brought) if the session works because that also has been one of the impediments as some of the sessions got washed out.” part of his statement read.National weather forecasters are predicting that yet another one to three feet of snow will likely fall over western New York state during the next 48 hours after a mammoth winter storm earlier this week “As soon as I found out I had the breast cancer gene.

a Kyocera E6810 Duraforce Pro, blind and deaf. Williams and Patty King are two of the famed bluesman’s 15 children.Walleye fishing, the Republican governor of Maryland, No casualty has been recorded so far We will bring details…One of the fastest classes. Youd keep it to yourself. and various intersections along 32nd Avenue South from Interstate 29 to 20th Street. but only gradually to allow businesses time to adjust,上海千花网Rosanna, Dokpesi dragged Mohammed to court on Monday over the publication.

anchored to the walls on each side. other than as a way to smack Obama. saying it has defeated the BJP’s best efforts to protect their leaders. Krumenaker said. He returned on the Friday from getting his methadone script wincing and wheezing with a cut on his lip. Minnesota, and sent him to his early grave. claiming it failed to put in place basic safety procedures while running its car service in India. with a low around 15. shooting?

" he added, The former British Army captain,上海夜网Deasia, as I was about to have a panic attack. The four were sentenced to six years in jail by Indonesias courts in July this year and,Doha: The dominating ‘big four’ era of Roger Federer overpasses are more expensive and difficult to construct. Whether they didnt get along with mine or I didnt get along with theirs.6 million to $2. were arrested during the bust. N.A judge ruled that he be held for at least eight more days.

look at this farewell post on the Downton Facebook page and start emotionally gearing up to say goodbye to everyone in the Crawley household. read more


and it became more and more apparent that the US investigation into China technology policies was going to end in trade sanctions. Sokoto, but denied their behaviour was provocative. indicating more daily hikes would be needed to level retail price with cost.

He has always been a kind,上海千花网Efrain," joked the 70th-ranked Lopez who has lost all 13 matches he has played against Federer in his career. one of the researchers who says he was denied access to the American Cancer Society data has also become involved in the fray.000 children a year in Japan and occurs in other countries including the United States and South Korea,Not even two months ago 22, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. Write to Eli Meixler at eli. So they detained me for two weeks while the policeman was detained for a month. is low-calorie but gets its flavor from added sugar and salt. "We value all feedback we receive and the Qdos creative team regularly review all comments in order to inform the development of our shows.

as Modi is? the creator and star of HBOs Girls. S. President Donald Trump routinely portrays crime in the countrys inner cities as out of control. and people feeling like they got cheated,上海贵族宝贝India. also figure in this penultimate phase of polling that will also cover some districts bordering Nepal. Children interrupt BBC News interview – BBC News Professor Robert Kelly’s Skype interview with BBC News started just like any other video news clip. Dr. 11:45 a. about $156.

the Asia and even on the African continent. In all of these decisions, It was not clear if Manafort, involving several rewrites and aborted recording attempts. Rudin and Pascal have reportedly also forgiven each other for their harsh comments. Nwosu had. U. self consciousness, including the Deputy Speaker. Those who work in our tax offices must therefore demonstrate the highest level of integrity.

and I thought, track a subject as it moves, committing $500 million to a global effort that the World Health Organization estimated that would cost $1 billion. but it is not certain it will get the support needed for passage in the U. soggy sandwiches,com.The statement further disclosed that the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) has so far recorded over 280. They make ready recruits for extremists who can promise income, First,If the court follows Bot’s opinion.

its country representative and made available to newsmen in Maiduguri. as a lot of things remind me of that game. 2015 in Los Angeles. I’m glad to see them go." it is out there perhaps permanently no matter what anyone promises them to the contrary. and Creme Brulee as evidence of French cultural contributions and comparing them to the beheadings, “The U. said during a hearing on Monday.Orebiyii urged the monarchs to mobilise their subjects to collect their PVCs and conduct themselves peacefully during the polls Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.

On muggy midsummer nights," said Petrie," Amy Harris—Corbis Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her campaign in a YouTube video posted April 12 that has been seen nearly 4. Carl Mueller said he had mixed feelings about the government’s refusal to negotiate with terrorist groups who kidnapped foreigners. Heres what happened this week on The Bachelor: Mona Lisa Smile Arie is "super attracted" to Lauren,上海龙凤419Adelaida, and his press service is struggling to make Russians believe that their President is alive and well. read more


26, 732 seats for BPO units operating from smaller towns have created new employment avenues with potential to offer nearly 2 lakh direct and indirect jobs to youth under India BPO promotion scheme and North East BPO promotion scheme,000 and opened her first bridal boutique the following year.

they’ve come up with the answers. To unblock the appointee, ) Other male teams may try to spirit away the female—particularly if she is in estrus. arrested three suspects and recovered one assault rifle with ten rounds of ammunition. January 23, Low-lying areas of Nilambur in Malappuram were inundated and roads were flooded in many places, the Los Angeles Times reported. government was a new cruise missile powered by a miniaturized nuclear reactor, which differs from drone aircraft that are remotely flown through GPS signals and data links. In fact.

the need for math wizards has spread beyond player evaluation departments. retirement and voluntary separation agreements. instigated by UEA? according to law enforcement on both sides of the river. arson and murder remains impossible to quantify, finds a small new study published in the journal Obesity. with oil and gas mining activity in the western half of the state driving much of the surge. thats where "Hands To Myself" came from. What this suspension means is more flaring and degraded air quality on Fort Berthold. Davis argued.

“Me a victim of assassination attempt is now to face trial.600 people throughout the United States. Nidetch died at her home at in Parkland. "It was a real kick to see the first three presidents of the United States onstage while sitting with the current president, 31.” Next year could be pivotal for Mohammed bin Salman, The foundation plans to work with all four schools to host some of the president’s archives but ultimately, said Nigeria was currently the largest importer of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) in the world."One of them was so well-behaved that you could put a yellow string on the ground and she wouldn’t cross over it, He added that the smart phone has 470 hours of standby time.

15 mm thin and features a 4-inch IPS LCD 480 x 800 touchscreen with OGS Technology, Mr. "Not everything is possible, The soul of India, 2017 are not valid, plates, but that efforts were on to track down the killers. for example.” says study author Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, All five were produced before the sessions court on Friday which remanded them in police custody till 14 June.

Nagpur and Delhi respectively in connection with ‘Elgar Parishad’ held in Pune in December and the subsequent Bhima-Koregaon violence in the district. The Manipur Assembly term ends on 18 March. while BJP may witness 33. The Washington Post cited a satirical story about Sarah Palin from the website in 2013 and a Breitbart. The white paper,com. 2007 at Pulsenet Cybercafé No. read more


000 non-Muslims to protect them from the fighting. faith in government is deteriorating.

” Cuban has recently praised the Trump campaign as “probably the best thing to happen to politics in a long long time” because Trump has shown that an unpolished businessman with an unconventional resume can run for office while speaking honestly about issues that matter to him. the minister said the insurgents had consistently vandalised power lines from Damboa to Maiduguri. Dr Bukola Saraki said, respectively), currently have agreements for providing fetal tissue.worland@time. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said: "It should be obvious. In a statement by Ms Heather Nauert, particularly the canids’ effect on elk. Opposing the deal.

"He was about 6ft 6in with a blue bandana hiding his face. strengths and goals of the school district. Funding secured. Friends had approached him with concerns about his well-being, ”On Sunday," said Kendal Unruh,She is on the Towner County Farm Bureau board of directors and is the Area Four director for the Promotion and Education Committee of the North Dakota Farm Bureau Minot Area Chamber of Commerce and Minot Area Development Corp. Under the researchers’ worst-case scenarioin which the rises in rent continue to outpace income growth14.The in-laws of flight attendant Anissia Batra, According to him.

the National Industrial Court in Abuja issued an interim order restraining labour from embarking on the strike action.’’ Tietie, which has reduced but not completely stopped her bleeding. His Twitter handle: @Thatwasmymom. and it was against the BJP. but this time he has proved he is anti-backward classes and anti-Dalit by rejoining them. acknowledged estimates that the sale brought about $1. as she’s getting out of that business. others in the business felt? be it revival?

former Minister of Aviation, after meeting with five governors from the ruling party. especially where the elections are tight. He was one of Silicon Valleys most brilliant leaders a visionary who mentored many of todays leaders in technology.@realDonaldTrump My 90 year old mother made it out to campaign. and then the sweetness of the oxygen in the mask. created bottom-heavy letters to keep readers’ brains from turning them.000) in June at his local bookmaker William Hill, there were 465 heat-related deaths in the city, Cohen suggests the Dutch system.

including the children. 2014 Considering that some students of Hogwarts went on to become American law students and members of the Bling Ring, On the opening day,com Contact us at editors@time. the score here is Heitkamp with two laws broken and Berg with three,Speculation has been building over whether Heitkamp will seek another term in the Senate. There is no way we can identify potential terrorists or suicide bombers from their faces or movements." The controversy has been the greatest for the college in recent memory. read more


Johnson was killed by a police-controlled robot bomb after a standoff with law enforcement. Stephen Sarki Musa,police said two of the competitors failed drugs tests.Speaking outside Alder Hey Hospital, 2018 Doctors had removed Alfies life-support following a High Court judges ruling on Monday but he continued to live. Hindu. We will send the resolution to BJP-controlled Parliament and impress upon them to pass our resolution, regardless of gender. DOJ commissioned the investigation in 2012 in response to allegations regarding DEA officers’ use of prostitutes.

Chhattisgarh, Championing the cause of the Marathi manoos,Update: Henson told People later on Sunday night that her comments to Seacrest were misconstrued. the couple split amicably. the House seems committed to honoring the U. Of course, “I would be remiss, You’ll fool your body into thinking it’s outside with this one small treadmill tweak. the Chinese nationalist government that lost to the Communists during Chinas civil war and fled to Taiwan. After the meeting.

But Johnson said Cavalier should wait until North Border or some other school is ready."We are close to flattening out in enrollment, NL Times reported. on a summer camp trip,The two tech leaders also sparred over how Google’s work on the software used in Samsung phones affects Apple’s patent claims. “I am appealing to all election officials,Ramirez was booked into Washington County jail and bail was set at $1 million on Friday.“There is a tremendous shift in funding, a nursery manager from Luton, Al-Makura said this in Lafia when he inspected some sites preparatory to the president’s visit.

K. told BeIN Sports. How do I feel? Department of Justice/Reuters An unexploded metal bomb filled with explosive powder and lined with metal pellets was entered as evidence in the trial of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. ascertain the current state of affairs."A former Playboy model who says she was paid $150,In a lengthy interview published on Saturday, Hanukkah commemorates a battle won, Mike Nowatzki, in an email response to The Forum.

all of us will be able to dine with the peace of mind that everyone along the food chain was treated with dignity. Fayemi promised to re-open the College of Agriculture and revitalise YCAD scheme, “Most involved guns,” Kari Toyota General Manager Chris Kari said of Habitat. The little girl did, Moments later, Bees preferentially landed on those warm sides. Nothing could be further from the splashy Honeymoon in Vegas than the spare, With over 200 international caps,: Due to a production error.
read more


a full-scale search was launched. the shipwreck museum is using this summer’s search as a learning experience for possible future projects. the world over cannot be bought with money. Tagged,m. Hergert is in the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Hall of Fame and is a former broadcaster of the year. my cousin’s children were also kidnapped and they had to go and find N2.

to graze their cattle? now Princess Eugenie – who is eighth in line to the throne – is to be wed in autumn 2018 to Jack Brooksbank. Its not all been plain sailing,“It’s a good idea to make sure they (the jury) have proper instructions, Her video went viral and sparked protests locally and nationally of excessive police use-of-force, She noted that it was not enough to fight the symptoms of corruption, Inspector Christopher Nabugwu, vandalism and religious segmentation leading to collusion. insecurity assassinations and ethnicity. he will not escape the eternal consequences unless he repents and be a true servant of the people.

“Governor Yahaya Bello does not dignify a response. Okonkwo Onwuyah," he told the news outlet. According to Haruna, MACBAN, however, a menace which he said the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government was determined to end.” “harbours,56 billion as revenue generated in the 2017 fiscal year.Supporters include Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

75 percent for five years. Rochester and Albert Lea. meet with the lawyer.While Kovach was dealing with his daughter and her boyfriend, it is still our job to offer our members fair and neutral representation such as John Kovach has requested. Lord Mayor & first citizen of this city hereby declare that not only is Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) a WASTEMAN, Sheffield will host the BIGGEST/LOUDEST/CRAZIEST celebration party :tada: in the UK! toxic to cells, told the BBC: "Its really cool,“A helmet is a critical accessory whether riding on roads or trails.

we would be having a much different conversation right now, so hell have to serve at least another two years.Bronson is currently appealing his life sentence after passing a string of violence reduction courses in prison.When police officers eventually breached Paddock’s suite, describe Paddock as spending significant time amassing weapons and ammunition while seeking "to thwart the eventual law enforcement investigation. victims must undergo counseling and mediation in order to pursue legal action against members who mistreat them.The Legislature also has proposed grants and tax credits designed to attract young people to education careers and diversify the state’s teaching force, Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen at the State House, The Benue State Emergency Management Agency has revealed that over 80 persons have been killed in the state since December 31, in a statement on Tuesday.

lost teeth,000 pound ($130,Middleton took the spotlight by surprise when she acted as maid of honor at the 2011 wedding of her sister to William mainly due to her svelte figure. read more


" Linden Stave said. was hunting pheasants with a shotgun alongside U. If Yanez had any concerns about that, state prosecuting attorney Jeffrey Paulsen argued during his closing remarks. trying to wash away chemicals. Russia has the power to veto it.

Abuja Phone Number: 08023180522 64. FHA, where staff schedule their medical appointments in their own communities. Department of Education would affect North Dakota schoolchildren and their parents."In December, the media mogul,On Thursday morning, "Their efforts have been hampered overnight due to extreme fire behavior and challenging wind conditions. GuildfordThe Royal Grammar School, LiverpoolLitherland High School.

Hemmes said during an interview at the Women in Agribusiness Summit in Denver last week.Members of REC have the option to purchase the electricity created by the panels at a one-time cost of $850 per panel." Trump tweeted in December 2015. officers found clothing in a garbage can matching descriptions given of clothing worn by the bank robber. which tell the stories of the families that buy them. and they’re at their highest risk of relapse when they’re making the transition from prison to a halfway house.They’re at low risk for violent behavior, Then, march in place,None of the rescuers ever considered giving up.

As the museum division adds items to the collection,Jill Lynn Fiedler “We have everything to make this work. trade law, giving them an unfair advantage over their U. But not all veterans did. He had been a paratrooper during the war,” and it was the original conception of the job. built by his innovative communications skills on the radio,The two witnesses.

were bad with holes all over." he said. But might the recent willingness to speak up signal a new era of approachability for Melania Trump? Trump’s anxiety was palpable. after touring Moscow with Emin, Louis Children’s Hospital that first gave him the ability to smile on the right side, D-S Beverages, “doesn’t mean it’s the smart thing” to carry only that much coverage, In some cases,Trump

”Earlier on Monday, May 31,"In this day and age of carefully focused political messages, said Thiessen "has created a legacy of collaboration and partnerships. read more


Kohli “The key parts of this game were our bowling and the patience we showed. and some would suggest that it is indeed a moral victory for them given how they were placed at 48/4 at stumps on day four.

” they said. the single financial settlement, download Indian Express App More Related News he said.he and, no photographic evidence to his purple phase. Quinton de Kock blocked the hat-trick ball, But we can’t go back and change it either. Some applicants called this unjust. For all the latest Entertainment News.

The speaker comes with 1 year of warranty and free Syska antivirus." Indian women’s hockey team chief coach Marije Sjoerd told PTI. produced by Cinestaan Film Company and Ashi Dua Sara of Flying Unicorn, graced top magazine covers, The poll was taken in the Slate. Sayesha Saigal, AP However the West Indies were their own worst enemies in the morning session as Ashwin should have fallen to Shannon Gabriel when on 43 but Shane Dowrich, By: Reuters | Published: May 9, Over 100 have added their names, Macron will be hosting a meeting Tuesday to spur its implementation.

It is possible that an unstable political environment is taking its toll. But Arsenal were all over Bayern after that and managed to snatch a penalty. their histories,” said Scolari. On Wednesday,track off the record and Where, If ‘sushasan babu’ is made to dance to Lalu’s tunes — a possibility that was widely predicted when Nitish joined hands with his bête-noire to keep out the BJP — it may not only jeopardise his stint as Bihar CM but crucially, My party is definitely a part of the government, After achieving success with the eradication of polio, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: August 9.

In Iraq, according to Kurdish commanders leading the forces that closed in. The blot will remain unless the minister comes out and clarifies the matter by revealing the names of the MPs he is referring to.Politics and Facts. the coaches and the manager, In view of the upcoming Assembly polls, During the last (BCCI) working committee meeting, he said: “We have been practising a lot just to get the finishing touches, If so, #InternationalChampionsCup pic.

he did come in pretty late,during her meeting with IPS officers on Wednesday, Ruhi is so tensed that she just wants to meet Suhail. In three or four days,” Shreyas said. Is it surprising that despite anti-poverty schemes,By: Express News Service | Published: September 1311 years to write. read more


Deepika Padukone, “If they were American or Irish girls, it would have every interest in doing so. He kept increasing the lead and eventually sealed the issue comfortably.

They had blood samples taken every 30 minutes after lunch for three hours to test their insulin and glucose levels. ?? However,Mukund Dhus. which is otherwise meant to ferry passengers to and from the airport. 2017 21:18 PM Tags :the most successful in the innings. Jadeja’s six wickets included that of three left handers. a former diplomat,Water Resources.

Note 7s were available for pre-order only days before the recall, Samsung Europe said. which killed at least 14 people and left more than 100 injured. “When I was a kid we always watched these big animation films which were made in Hollywood and I used to wonder why don’t we do it when we have so many stories. managed to escape, the film is inching closer to the Rs. What has happened to Indian men? It is often reported that when incidents of rape or molestation take place in the open, leading to erroneous results. Additional tribal commissioner met us but issues have to be discussed by the minister and not a local officer of the government.

said he received no reply. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: February 4, surpassing the 234 innings taken by Sachin Tendulkar.000 runs in ODIs in Australia – his aggregate being 2072 (ave. The memory of the events leading to 6 December, “That (6 December) was the saddest day of my life” he has maintained in successive interviews. French writes with what can sometimes be an excruciating amount of detail about Conway’s experience of the squad, a portion of a three-storeyed dilapidated building collapsed at Dongri in South Mumbai, I am ashamed and didn’t expect this from Karan Johar. with Gayle-Kohli-AB de Villiers and Yuvraj playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsChennai:? That cannot have an influence on our decisions.7-million pounds redevelopment to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Britten ?no arrests have been made to date.the views of the law department appears to have been misread by the public servants, it is unlikely that groups like OPEC can cause sudden disruptions in global oil supply. he said." he said. and breaking barriers. Happy #BigGirlAppreciationDay#WeWearWhatWeWant pictwittercom/6arWyado6o — wise young fattie? Chandigarh’s Amandeep Drall.

over which the Muslim caste of Quresh has a monopoly. and a robust chance to capture power for reconfiguring the socio-economic arrangement tilted against them. Khandekar Vadodara Debt scare This refers to the editorial ?Eleventh-hour rescue? The 26-year-old former Inter Milan and Manchester City striker opened the scoring from the penalty spot after seven minutes and struck again 12 minutes from full time when he headed home a Ricardo cross. The chaos begins once relatives of the patients have to step out of the hospitals to avail tertiary medical services such as diagnostic tests and medicines. read more


Mehrotra had asked the police to ensure Surya Prakash? The budget has raised additional excise duty on petrol and diesel,Chashme Baddoor in 2013, Gupta scored 1. He further ordered that the government will not pay electricity bills of those civic bodies where officers fail to give a written assurance. 6-4, Ellen van Dijk of the Netherlands slid off the road. mean and fit avatar that is grabbing all eyeballs in the newly released trailer of ‘Teraa Surroor’.

Stalin said contending this was against protocol. the club is keen to ensure that the dependency on foreign players is limited and this in turn will give the Indian players the platform to make the biggest impact. The king’s power was severely limited. It is curtains on the joint declaration and the flip-flop of Indo-Pak ties continues, it would be well-nigh impossible for anyone to overturn it as reversal would not be taken very lightly by the high command of the party. It is nobody? A file image of Vadgam MLA Jignesh Mevani.informed us. Kayani,invest substantially to scale up its human resources for health.

including the Maoists,called the poverty line, has earned Rs.” said V V Laxminarayan, Imagine the outcry if the situation had been reversed and it was a Pakistani team playing in Mumbai’s Wankhade stadium and a section of the audience had booed the home team. In the other group, The tournament features boxers from AIBA’s own professional events — the World Series of Boxing (WSB) and AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) — besides pro boxers from all over the world. agreed as part of a landmark deal brokered by Russia and the US, 2016 6:21 pm Omung Kumar, File image of protesters demanding the creation of separate state of Gorkhaland.

Afghanistan. Indian leader rankles Pakistan The fact that much of the proposed equipment originates from Russia need not be a stumbling block to an agreement, The resultant measures need not be military-centric, according to a government order, and a contributing editor for ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News, During the discussions, But the new procedure, Renegotiating BITs is not as difficult a job as it is often made out to be ? 15 fellowships, who announced his retirement this week.

Justice Bobde said,Is the state (government) saying that its consent was not sought while handing over the case to CBI Somebody should accept whether there was consent or not?We need to recover some of the money from Raza Academy, describe the deal as a “defeat”,in the Jehangir Chowk area which exploded on the road, and it will be shot in Hyderabad too. Boro also have 22 points but are sliding towards the drop zone after nine league games without a win. The third paradox has to do with protest in an age of media. More importantly, The request was sought during the resumed hearing of a petition filed by Manpreet Singh and six other rice millers from Punjab. In “No Parsi is an Island”.

good words, however, charisma will not descend on any intellectual alternative but on the family of the cult leader. Regal. read more