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first_imgHere you will find all player of the final and player of the series awards for all divisions at the 2005 Asics NTL. You will also find the referee grand final appointments, the referee of the tournament awards and the upgrades that several referees achieved. Congratulations to all award winners! PLAYER AWARDS: Womens 20’s: Player of Final- Melissa Tyack (Sharks) Player of Series- Jarah Jennings (ACT) Mens 20’s: Player of Final- Scott Naughton (Southern Suns) Player of the series- Ricky Morris (Northern Eagles) Mixed Open: Player of the Final- Tony El Takchi (Mets) and Megan Smee (Mets) Player of the Series- Riki Best (Sharks) Amy Fong (Sharks) Womens Open: Player of the Final: Louise Winchester Player of the Series: Sharyn William Mens Open: Craig Pierce Medal for the Player of the Final- Ben Robinson (Sharks) Player of the Series- Drummayne Dayberg (Sharks) Mens 30’s: Player of the Final: Garry Sonda (Mets) Player of the Series: Jason Yee (Mets) Mens 35’s: Player of the Final: Paul Forbes (Mets) Player of the Series: Andrew Yiangou (Mets) Mens 40’s: Player of the Final: Jeff Cheung (Scorpions) Player of the Series: Wayne Moore (Sharks) Mens 45’s: Player of the Final: Bill McLean (Cobras) Player of the Series: Gary Simmons (Scorpions) Mens 50’s: Player of the Final: Len Blakeney (Hornets) Player of the Series: Michael Gallagher (Hornets) Womens 30’s: Player of the Final: Tracey Frith (Crusaders) Player of the Series: Jody English (Scorpions) Womens 35’s: Player of the Final: Debbie Potts (Hornets) Player of the Series: Debbie Potts (Hornets) Womens 40’s: Player of the Final: Carol Forlonge (Sydney Scorpions) Player of the Series: Michelle Smidt (Sydney Scorpions) REFEREE AWARDS OPENS AND 20’S AWARDS: Mens Open Final: Adam Foley, Gavin West, Jason Charlton Mixed Final: Lawre Gafa, Dave Baggio, Brad Smith Mens 20 Final: Mike Medlin, Dale Lawrence, Luke McKenzie Womens Open Final: Richard O’Connor, Nick Hollingworth, Jenny Madders Womens 20 Final: Garry Mournehis, Matt Vernon, Sam Mournehis Referee of the Tournament: Adam Foley No 1 Ranked Female of Tournament: Jenny Madders Upgraded to Level 6 Badge: Sam Adarti (NSW) Jodie Burnes (QLD) Sam Esen (NSW) Russ Hendry (QLD) Alan Hodsdon (WA) Phil Morabito (NSW) Sam Mournehis (NSW) Jamie Oliver (QLD) Derek Shuttleworth (NSW) Anthony Smith (NSW) Upgraded to Level 5 Badge: Annabelle Connolly (WA) Steve Cratchley (VIC) Martin Jones (NSW) Greg McBrien (NSW) Kim Skelly (NSW) Deon Wilson (QLD) Karen Woods (WA) REFEREE AWARDS- SENIORS TOURNAMENT: Mens 30s Final: Lawre Gafa, Dave Baggio, Luke McKenzie Mens 35s Final: Bill Slade, Willy Barnes, Derek Shuttleworth Mens 40s Final: Barry McNamarra, Mick McGrath, Peter Cominos Womens 30s Final: Mark Fenton, Sharon Foster, Greg Taylor Mens 45s Final: Kerry Disney, Steve Lyons, Joe LoGrande 6.Mens 50s Final: Damien Carlson, Steve Cratchley, John Bedford Womens 35s Final: Dave Brown, Alan Davison, Luis Piriz Womens 40s Final: Jon Hall, Karen Strachan, Freda Black Referee of the Tournament: Lawre Gafa No 1 Ranked Female Referee: Kerry Disney (unavailable for Womens 30 Final appointment due to work commitment) Upgraded to Senior Level 6 Badge: John Bedford (WA) Dave Brown (NSW) Mark Fenton (NSW) Greg Taylor (ADF) Upgraded to Senior Level 5 Badge: Rick Andrew (QLD) John Frost (NSW) Jim Hogan (QLD) Dave Piccinelli (QLD) Steve Ryan(NSW) Rob Ward (QLD)last_img

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