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In the article

three, the readability of

since June last year, great changes have taken place in the search engine, especially the love of Shanghai, each have a lot of change. I believe love Shanghai why such a big change everyone should be very clear. Each update a large number of sites down, unfortunately, the last traffic site the last fall in last month’s update. I believe that many owners have this worry, do not know what their standing in the fall time. This period of time, many webmaster switch to a full-time webmaster to go to work. Does Shanghai dragon really dead? The answer is negative, Shanghai dragon did not end, but more mature. I think a lot about the next Shanghai dragon how to do, how to do not fall in the next change. Here is some of my summary, for a long time did not write the article, hope to write well where we don’t throw bricks. read more


3, in the pages of text keywords

Keywords implantationThe

search engine is displayed to the user.

page of the text is "to give to the specific content of the user, it can be the product information, can also be a blog. Here, there is a classic of the law is "content is king of the chain for the emperor", that is to say, if the site does not have quality content, then the site itself has failed, no more talk about site optimization, for optimization and promotion is all will attract users to the web page, as to how the user experience quality. Or look at the website of the text. read more



fifth, jump page not too fast: many hospital sites will take this approach, when users enter the site, could not wait to jump to the page of the consultation, but will let the user objectionable, when the proposal in 3 minutes to the consultation in the jump, when users need to know on their own have been used general understanding.

because I do the medical industry site, so in the medical industry, for example, more than a week to explain the real case. We do the purpose is to profit, only the website users to flow into consultation in order to achieve the purpose of profit, but this occurs in many websites: every website traffic many users, but the conversion rate is very low, even many websites also appeared in the conversion rate is zero. Today the author according to their real case to explain this problem. read more


for keywords ranking, I have always stressed the idea is to meet user demands. The stability of the rankings, the click rate is the key. 5 years ago the Shanghai dragon Er actually do not know their home shows how many times, have triggered what keywords are displayed. But now, love Shanghai can tell you the real time administrator tools. Today your home shows how many times, and how many click. The website of the high click rate will be stable ranking.

4.301 directional domain name: this one has many technical articles in the website, the website not to say, to identify a unique domain name is OK, the other 301 are the domain name to the Lord. read more


4 account has been charged, you can use other people’s website to apply for it.

since the end of last year, shlf1314 Adsense applications have been more stringent,.

what’s the reason,

talk so much, what is the secret to apply shlf1314 Adsense

1, only cast elite innovation team

I think many grassroots to want to make money through the network "and this phenomenon is also popular in recent years with the SEO money related training, what so-called experts are cheating veteran. About it. Because they are basically cheating. So, shlf1314 have to account to maintain order, and improve the shlf1314 the application of the threshold of. read more


1, first of all, talk about trends. After the first year of video, there has been a lot of questioning. Now, as an insider, what new ideas or new attempts have you made for the profit model of video websites? Some people say that with the advent of the era of self media, network video will be a major trend, and even replace people watching TV habits, then you for the domestic video site development trend of how to see? In which direction will the breakthrough be made or will it be lost? Will the big reshuffle happen this year? read more


many webmaster complaining about his writing is not a color, reasoning does not thorough, not good, no way, through the audit in A5, in fact all of this is our original intention caused by. Because we just want to rely on soft and included A5 this platform to upgrade their website or the quality of the chain is too utilitarian. When do the initial stage, the content and the chain hypothesis quite illegible, that is to say, not hard, I put a large part of the energy on the A5 submission, resulting in my soft are utilitarian content from first to last, not stiff said, when you write your left and right is Gu He, thinking about what how to write to add their own words, to use their own case in the article, this article not only their own down the pass rate is not high, but delayed the construction site at the beginning of the process. The author says the purpose is to remind you that not everything soft weapon, a soft, do not bring what is the most number of points of the chain, for the long-term development of the website can say little help, we stand still should be placed in all the work, not for writing and writing, let the A shared meaning. read more


5, in order to keep the program is the latest version.

analysis of black site reports and diagnosis of

3, black time: December 13, 2012


7, in order to prevent the procedure of unknown vulnerabilities, you can delete the background in the maintenance after the tube >

6, don’t call on the website background management program landing page links.

3, ASP program administrator user name and password should have certain complexity, cannot be too simple, but also pay attention to regular replacement. read more


: so if the site itself is not perfect, it will be difficult to really.

C: Love Advice, Shanghai dragon Shanghai statistical index, fell in love with the sea search site speed diagnosis, as well as new "chain analysis, grab the abnormal" it is worth mentioning that there are "website tools to optimize the 301 redirect; submit dead links and not included in URL submission. It can be said that in 2012 in Shanghai in technology has been greatly improved. In the past some means in the future, I am afraid it is difficult to use read more


recently a friend wanted to do a Taobao station, let me help you find the key words, the old way to see the drop-down box look at search, love Shanghai index, the final choice of the keyword recommendation, when the final step in the discovery of a phenomenon of interest:

The following is a

: we summarize the website planning time in addition to choose keywords relevant search search, see the bottom of the drop-down box (this is not accurate, sometimes several times daily search will be displayed here), Shanghai love index as the change of the reference — to view the search volume (search trend is stable, have no brush marks), the main search volume keywords or keyword recommendation, which determine that is related to the long tail keywords, there are all these keywords search volume every day. read more


three, the content page title as the title of the article – the site name

, the page title can directly modify the template for your own needs of the title, you can not Dede

The URL website optimization title

URL path sites require a brief, which is beneficial in Shanghai Longfeng, but the default Dede URL path is very long, so we have to change a little short. When I was PS because the station did not see, so I still have the website is the default, too late for regrets.

due to their use of dedecms built a few sites, so I feel a lot, but also because of their neglect, many places do not have enough optimization when the site began, leading to late to change it difficult, so we decided to write an article, let the back of the friends can see when the station began to sit down, reference. Although the Dede program in the default time optimization have done a good job, but in a lot of details or shortcomings, we need to change ourselves. Of course, this is also the default directly. If we start. read more


this point is the most important aspect, to know when love Shanghai spider climb to our site, got some fresh information, it will not attract more spiders to? The answer is yes, if you often is to update the original article, the love of spiders in Shanghai love will be a long time on your site, so that access frequency is rising, if the original is not very good at the appropriate pseudo original, but not the essence of what is new, so as to let the spider don’t run away.

four: the chain of spamming will lead you to the site of deadly trauma read more


details please pay attention to the station announcement.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


I chose to choose million net, the largest known must be right. My website launched soon, and then put on the GG, Wang Tong in the show and his hard work, the background of the income from the beginning of the day 1 Click to later hundreds of hits, the kind of joy than to eat the honey still sweet, soon back soon 100 knife amount. It’s a bad day. The website speed is very slow, and there are malicious plug-ins on shlf1314. During that time, almost every day there was no click, the background basically stopped. Just when looking for a solution, GG account was K, because the account click abnormal, God, I really jumped into the Yellow River can not wash it. read more


. The IIS log check, can clearly understand the spider’s whereabouts, it has not come to our site and what time, and how frequently come to. If the spider did not come, the site is naturally not included.

channel. If the spider is normal to your site, then you must first see is your robots.txt file, see if it is not because of their own in modification of robots is not careful, the original need included page to ban, or is it because I have only forbidden entrance page need included page the main entrance is prohibited or. About robots file but also pay attention to is not frequently modified, because every time you change will let the spider to consider what page is the page which is not going to crawl, frequent modification is also very hate spiders; you also need to check is that each entrance to your web page is not normal. read more



first, I also think so, after all, the chain query, we only get the results of the chain, and keywords ranking Never mind much. For example, now you domain webmaster nets, Adsense network. After the inquiry found that the results did not appear in the first place, it is because the weight of stationmaster net is beyond doubt. If you still don’t believe, can domain NetEase 163, the result is the same, so it is proved that the weight was not affected by the domain ranking effect.

sometimes you will find Links domain not in the home, this is not normal, as long as you see the key after you will find all the keywords ranking is down. Check the data after that, as long as it is a new station, such a problem, immediately ranked No. But this is not much impact on the old station, a few days again in the normal, but for new sites, in the short term if it is slow but awkward. read more


two, website: website home page H tags using the H1 tags with the keyword "ticket book", the website’s main products with H tags can increase the spider on the keyword recognition, to emphasize the role, at the same time, different pages to give different keywords H1 tag set, set according to the main content of the page the station can not pass to add the same keywords H tag, and a web page can only add a H1 tag.

, a Website Title: China International Airlines plane ticket booking inquiries – _ flight inquiry _ latest discount special offer ticket, a Title Optimization Principle: corporate brand name + product + product attributes + product discount information. The title of the users most want to care about the product information express, potential customers pay attention to enterprise’s main products, whether it meets the requirements of product value parameters of customer care, actually is the network marketing e-commerce platform operators, users always feel may have more advantages than offline sales, so the product sales discount scheme the customer is more concerned about the topic. Simple and clear air clear title to the product attributes of the most incisive expression, no accumulation of keywords of the suspects, completely for the user experience to consider. read more


, chief designer of China Beidou system first academician Sun Jiadong pointed out that the development and application of Beidou should not be confined to a single field, need more professional, integration of innovation and development of cross industry; "Beidou +" multi-creation space will urge the Beidou industrialization and application innovation.

one stone arouses thousands of waves. In this regard, Societe Generale Securities sponsor representative Li Bin, Guoxin Securities sponsor representative Meng Fanlong have said that the merger examination committee is the general trend, which is conducive to the concept of unified audit. Because the current main board and gem two markets do not exist substantive differences, boundaries are relatively vague, there is no difference between the audit standards. read more



website services project is now a lot of know fast charge project agent business, many people are doing projects, mostly with paste, BBS, blog and other forms of advertising in publicity. In order to help Taobao shopkeeper: ice butterfly tears promotion project, and I enable this site to do the project propaganda auxiliary. All the contents related to the project have been done in the station and posted on the website. For articles of original nature, maintain daily updates after the site has been opened. From the very beginning of the day, IP30 has been going on for a long time. After a period of accumulation, now the site’s daily visit IP at around 200, the highest reached 500IP. Many people who make big websites may despise the traffic for hundreds of stations a day. However, he targeted, on the day of this more than 100, some IP traffic, to achieve the highest daily income of 535 yuan. It’s all true, without any moisture. read more


implementation of advertising code intelligence. Before the general domestic advertising union code is directed to specific activities, can not be flexible. When the advertisement expires or the budget is used up, if the webmaster does not find it in time, it will waste advertising. Now, when the problem arises, the flash chain automatically removes the expired or budgeted ads and replaces them with the replacement ads previously set up by the site administrator, without wasting any traffic on the site. read more


1 ppc. By understanding your effective users and making reasonable keywords, then you can see which effect is the best. Make reasonable decisions.

Wangzhuan program continuously, click on the site of money also will continue to improve the development of. In the past, the method of cheating by clicking will no longer exist. The way to change Renminbi through virtual gold coins will gradually replace the direct payment of RMB in the past. Because this way can gradually meet the hearts of the people, so that people can fully meet the psychological. read more