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search engine optimization, believe that every webmaster never endless talk about the topic, like a child is every couple endless talk about the topic, but also the most love talk. Ashamed to say, hear the word of Shanghai dragon only a year ago, then love Shanghai Shanghai dragon to understand its meaning. Then slowly learning Shanghai dragon. Search engine optimization objective, from the perspective of the webmaster is nothing more than to make their sites ranked higher, from search engine angle, is to search the most qualified website information for users search. After studying for a long time now feel a little harvest, with new Adsense share many people heard the Shanghai dragon feeling is in fact too profound to be understood. We first take a look at what spider love, why love. The enemy can ever victorious. That is the content, how to let the content? Simple point to understand is your content is the one and only the original article. Why spiders love the original article? We think, take the meal, if we drink everyday porridge, porridge meal, you will not feel bored. I have no appetite, and also as the Spring Festival is coming soon, drop around. Everybody is the same Hot pot hospitality is also no appetite appetite! So if our website content is rampant everywhere copy article, the spider is not love. read more


Four, the search engine index

we can all website home page search by keywords, see their weight, how how, the number of the chain and included the establishment of the time, and to look at the website domain name is the domain name or the two level domain name, if we find the first page of the website quality is poor, the weight is empty, then we want to enter the home page of the risk is greater, and also to study these sites make up their own strengths, weaknesses, so that we can beat the competition website. read more


so, for the novice webmaster, what is the conversion rate of

Conversion of ?The conversion rate of

"transformation" refers to the visitors in each set into the access path of the. Site managers can use this report to understand which page conversion in the path loss rate of visitors, so as to improve the conversion path page to improve site conversion rate, as shown below.

, a love rate in Shanghai statistical analysis and application of

page access

Hello, I am the future. To us this kind of profit for the purpose of website construction, whether it is engaged in electronic commerce or advertising revenue, how much income is fundamental, but the conversion rate is a comprehensive analysis of profitability index website. If the page, keywords ranking, traffic monitoring and other methods are evaluated for the website construction of the external effect, the conversion rate is the direct effect of the evaluation analysis. read more


2. closing date: December 23, 2014 < >

The following is my !

1. ban business type: the promotion of cooperation of "

1: the filing is told the Shanghai alliance staff abnormal data, prevent the blocked.

4: for the first time released after being refused, don’t be sad, to try several times, as long as the heart, perseverance will prevail. The appropriate time can apply for the record in Shanghai love alliance Post Bar find it query, this is very important for

2: after the case was closed, with a record can be used as an important basis. read more


second, the structure of the site. If the structure of your site is not conducive to the spider crawling, then the search engine will not love you. The website structure is mainly divided into two types, one is the physical structure; the other is a link structure.

physical structure refers to the real Web site directory and file location. That we want to solve is how to reasonable to do this? There are two points, one is to form a logical tree structure, the relationship between this page and the page is clear. There is a flat, because most of us now will think the file in the root directory weight deep directory file more. It is convenient for the spiders to crawl. read more


statement: This article.

Whether it is from the

is the same as before, in my article, not to any other links to many, especially before the optimization of the site, just a simple record. When I took this station strictly in ranking is good, but the subsequent maintenance and optimization of all I do. So far as six or seven months have not updated articles, but still ranked on the first page, usually in the first place before the first page.

actually I often search keywords of this station, has been found in the floating, sometimes disappeared, sometimes up, in fact, is rooted in the beginning, the quality and the quality of the chain website article on the station and the result is very simple. When I first started learning to write the website title and description, we carefully studied the website how to write. To the end can be found, I generally write description of the site are relatively long, generally speaking is the 200 word or 300 word, some suggestions in 200 words or less, but I feel more able to write good keywords layout, of course this is only my own idea. read more


black hat Shanghai dragon is the meaning of cheating, black hat Shanghai dragon is mainly research and use the search engine algorithm vulnerability, the technique of

white hat will spend more time and energy, but also can not guarantee one hundred percent can make a successful web site. But compared with the white hat is more secure, if successful, can maintain the website ranking and traffic, has become a high quality assets.

black hat is the fast track, often quick, low cost of implementation. There are many Shanghai dragon ER was too quick, in order to pursue a ranking, or take a shortcut, Zoupian Jian Feng, of the cheating methods, the search engine is definitely hate black hat, because black hat reduces the relevance of search results and the user experience, the search engine’s job, belongs to the scope must be severely punished the. Once being punished, will go through a lengthy recovery process. So do the black hat be punished is normal, and even can be said that the long run is inevitable. read more


then, rumors love Shanghai PC advertising will be restored, how do you see? Welcome to join the 17 official QQ group 271816468 (Note: the wind, I want to exchange) and Discussion on learning network marketing

In fact,


17 what want to say is that in September 1st the "Internet advertising management measures" after the implementation of all search engine advertising will be clearly marked "advertisement" two words, the era of Internet advertising disguised as ordinary information gone for ever, we no longer have to worry about being cheated "search engine". read more


3, member login

with JS, JS can bring dazzling visual effects to stand out. Especially the website, especially love generation for navigation js. But the search engine is very hate, the spider can’t identify JD internal links. Do the navigation, try to let the search engines crawl simple work, in order to get the favour of spiders.

4, flash

if your site links too much, and no 404 pages, you will find that the website do diagnostic analysis, there will be a lot of page error. On the other hand, the search engine is not friendly to the website, will be rejected. So, to do a 404 page. read more


it can be seen that if you love Shanghai spider crawl abnormal love Shanghai will assume the user access will be the same, and in the 2013, Shanghai dragon do? "We have said that the search engine attaches great importance to the user search experience, then, for the search engine certainly will not allow this page does not exist hurt the user experience when users visit. It will reduce the catch on

recently, from the QQ group, micro-blog and other channels to see someone talking about "using the orange Internet virtual host site is K", "site in the US orange Internet large area included drop" and "US orange Internet DNS shield love Shanghai spiders crawl" and other issues. Talk about the "victim" to fan the flames "selling host" and "selling DNS", is very lively. Just some time ago in the United States put the orange Benniao web site to do the monitoring, also to talk about "US orange Internet K station door". read more


when a spider crawling over a period of time after the website will begin to grab work. Spiders may not be a web content capture success, it will be based on the structure of the site and the specific situation to grab, and if our website there are some complex factors, will become a stumbling block to the spider crawling the page. So we should learn to streamline the website:

second: Streamline ", let the spider grab more easily

, of course, is not necessary with each article without rhyme or reason in the chain, but should let the inner chain naturally, valuable, so that the user, are very friendly to the spider. read more


with love Shanghai update algorithm, ranking rules have changed, but the only constant is Shanghai dragon road, love Shanghai algorithm is again how updates are not deviate from the. In the first year, love Shanghai will make a big adjustment algorithm, we should use what method to deal with it? The same Shanghai dragon "Tao" refers to the so-called

. Love Shanghai why update algorithm

two.2016 in the first quarter of what is the only Shanghai dragon constant "Tao"

?Many people know that read more


is fine!

Tian micro blog on April 24, 2011 on the line, mainly to share some share some of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, SEM, hospital network promotion, network marketing, e-commerce observation etc.. The first time to write a blog, not a place please forgive me, good nonsense not say, today to share the three elements of website ranking.

original articles are reproduced please indicate the address of the 贵族宝贝szsem.cn/


was originally titled the three elements of the website rankings, so in the end what are the three elements: the first? The article as far as possible the original, even false original will not like before the end, to the large scale, at least get rid of 2/3, especially for the medical class, must want to patients, can sometimes be take yourself as a patient, think, if I were the patient, I would like to search, so to sum up is from the patient’s perspective, to write this article, let the higher credibility, patients see, feel it is so, it will come to consult. read more


websiteIf Summary: Third step: use the excel

due to limited space, a love Shanghai spider IP weight distribution data, please love Shanghai "love Shanghai" spider IP query

first step: get the original log

is a Windows host, in the root directory of the FTP can be found on the website of the original access log directory. If the Linux host, cPanel panel as an example, from the cPanel panel log – > Web access logs in the original original

access logs into the log format tool, recommend the use of online log formatting tools here (贵族宝贝xiaoxia.de/upload/apache-log-formatter.html), formatting tools will provide detailed information by visiting the page, carrying the IP and User-Agent, through these basic information, we can find the corresponding relationship between the IP and page spider antecedents. read more


information security senior director Wang Yihua said, "I hope all Taobao sellers encounter malicious bad teacher blackmail, don’t compromise, encourage their arrogance, but through the report or rights to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests."

according to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 274th stipulation: blackmail and impose exactions on public and private property, a relatively large amount of time or 3 years of blackmail and impose exactions on, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, or impose a fine gold. read more


. If we want to let the search engines fast included our site, so we need to understand what the mainstream search engine for new sites included is the number of cycles. (domestic mainstream is love Shanghai and noble baby, here are the 2 major search engines. The other time is almost. ) for the new website, under normal circumstances, the love of Shanghai included in the new time in 3-15 days, 2 weeks is a comparison of the average time. Noble baby general search will be shorter time. In a week or so can be included. In normal circumstances, love in Shanghai may be 1 -2 months or you take the initiative to do some measures you can shorten this time out (such as we Qifan software official website 贵族宝贝zzqifan贵族宝贝/ website is formally submitted in the 2011-5-7 night. The second day morning was included. Do not believe it can look at yo) if included slow shows that there are some problems or other aspects of the structure of your site. read more


Occupy a very important position in the whole of Shanghai dragon

1, we can read a lot of information industry site, grab a topic, to focus on the theme, language, "the original article".

improve the efficiency of the approach this link:

in the chain promotion, for money tight new Adsense, most practical is to learn Crowdsourcing, first of all to understand you.

/ products (services) editor


improve the efficiency of the approach this link: we can search through the network, to identify the market position, others is how to build a website analysis and selection of the word long tail keywords. read more


account structure


actually link itself has the nature of certain level round exhibition, this exhibition is just round.

is currently a lot of bidding tutorial and most of all, about the love of Shanghai account optimization.

so the same bid ranking will change, or your competitors are open round exhibition, and the competition is more than you have to show some creative creative quality degree is high, and some quality than you low, resulting in the final pages of the rankings have unstable. Second, in fact, some careful people will find a lot of time links ranked as one of the more volatile. read more


on the Internet in November Apple has released a raging like a storm, their new products in the early hours of 24 May, while Microsoft in early 26 released the first surface tablet computer and its own operating system win8, and Google, will also press conference held in November 29, the Internet for you to sing his raging like a storm. Further, on November, the Internet bigwigs have to display their products, the market will be pulled into a new high degree of competition, so competition in the month, we dug out the how the flow has a huge theme, following it, the author will use their own ideas, take you to go. read more


this article may be more suitable for enterprise station friends. Because the station is not so rich enterprise information station, there is no product stand so many products. It has only a few pages, and poor business information. So the wolf at the beginning of the article said, Shanghai Longfeng single page optimization is more suitable for the station to do business friends. Often a company involved in the target station, most of the time, it is the name of the company, service projects and so on, and because of its drawbacks in a small amount of information, resulting in Shanghai dragon Er personnel in the operation of great limitations, let alone to do the long tail key word more. So at this time, most of Shanghai Longfeng are focused on the optimization of the home page, also is the single page optimization (single page optimization). read more