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Datong County four measures to ensure that the municipal Party committee and municipal government l

is the municipal government to accelerate the water into the city "project and strictly implement the municipal government leadership to promote the comprehensive improvement of sand resources instructions, Datong County actively take four measures to vigorously promote the comprehensive improvement of sand resources, to ensure that the municipal government leadership group in the implementation of the spirit. is a leading according to the inspection report and the municipal government instructions issued Huang Committee, to completely shut down the sand field. The county government organized a comprehensive renovation of sand resources will promote the county, formulated and issued the "sand resources in Datong county stock digest recovery work to promote the program", to further clarify the township (town) government as the main body, the implementation of "local management" and "who is in charge, who is responsible for the principle of refinement and the Township Department responsibilities, regulation time, according to the municipal government to complete remediation tasks. two is to completely shut down crime against the wind kaihong gravel field as a breakthrough, the strength of the concentration of the remaining 46 sand and gravel centralized demolition equipment, cleaning materials, work backfill, in July 8th the dismantling of all processing equipment, in July 13th the stock of all the sand after digestion of Fu ping. Up to now, the equipment has been removed from the beginning of June 29th, gravel material is leveling and digestion. three is in strict accordance with the "Datong County sand processing and mining plan", Datong County has been approved by the 4 stone processing enterprises, the 4 companies currently under construction and sand processing plant raw materials transfer at other venues. Strict access to the new sandstone enterprises and approval clearance, in strict accordance with the procedures for mining procedures. In the examination and approval on 4 foundation, according to the access conditions for approval a batch of scientific and standardized scale, new mining sand washing processing shop, to maintain the stability of aggregate market order, to ensure that the county’s key construction projects smoothly. four is the strict responsibility, comprehensive improvement of sand resources is the priority among priorities in Datong County work, to ensure the rectification work to achieve the desired results, the comprehensive improvement of sand resources into the towns and departments of the annual target assessment content, and for the working poor, slow action, measures are not implemented, the units and individuals affected County sand resource regulation will be strictly held responsible. ()  


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