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4 farmers market in our city to accept quarantine

to create a health city, farmers market clean and not can best embody the city health indicators and the degree of civilization, in order to speed up the pace of "farmers market establishment, July 26th, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress Yang Baolin accompanied by the head checked my 4 farmers market in the Municipal Bureau of commerce.

it is understood that the inspectors visited the market traffic large garden tree farmers market, Nanchuan Road, Cao Zhai morning farmers market, hydropower four bureau. Park tree farmers market and Nanchuan Road market is located in the urban fringe, the market operation of the goods is all kinds of, especially in pork and cooked food stalls, inspectors check the business license and health certificate, and some of the stalls still exist unlicensed and no cable card tickets, market garbage clean-up in time, there are still a lot of health corner.

according to the deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Bai Yueqin, the inspection is to find problems, implement the responsibility, but from the examination of the situation, at present there are still many problems, such as people begin from me, to participate in building the guard consciousness is poorer, health larger angles, some managers lack of sense of responsibility. Identify the reasons, we must dare to move really tough action, heavy and difficult problem is to find a piece of Wei Jian resolutely implement down, this battle to win. Washington (reporter Fang Xu)



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