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Huangzhong swept four winds of the heart of the people warm

In October 17th, Huangzhong county held the party’s mass line educational practice summary meeting, study and implement the central and provincial and municipal Party’s mass line educational practice summed up the spirit of the general assembly, review of the county’s education practice, consolidate and expand the results of the activities, to further strengthen the style of construction, promote the party strictly arrangements. "Timely accountability in violation of the provisions of eight people and things, and resolutely remediation ‘eat empty rates’ and other issues, and severely punish the masses of property and other irregularities in the implementation of cadres accepting Huimin policy, following the" four winds "spread momentum……" Municipal Committee, Huangzhong county Party Secretary Zhang Qiguang in his concluding remarks, with a key, a tangible anti four winds results, to the central and provincial and county people turn in a real style construction report. From the beginning of February this year, Huangzhong County 384 grass-roots party organizations 17 thousand party members with pragmatic honest people as the theme, in accordance with the general requirements of the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure cure, the disadvantages of the style of behavior, conduct a large scale investigation, thorough cleaning, maintenance. Activities, the county held a total of 7 leading group meeting, the steering work report of the 9, to ensure the orderly and effective promotion of educational practice. The county sought a total of 26292 opinions and suggestions, after combing into a summary of the 9362. Li said Li line, adhere to enact change, tightly grasp the four winds problem rectification. County four team to clean up the super size office space, cancel the "special treatment", county leaders and ordinary cadres have together; the county government meeting the full implementation of the examination and approval system, strict control of the number of meetings and scale streamlining briefing documents; strengthen the three funds management, the county official reception, the operation of the bus, going abroad the funds rose significantly decreased; and severely punish corruption, resort to deceit, little Treasuries, and 13 million 290 thousand yuan of illegal funds. Focus on standardized work processes, improve service, changing service attitude, improve service level, strengthen the construction of administrative efficiency, efforts to solve contact service people the "last kilometer" and "step of the way". Vigorously carry out the work of discipline and other special operations, dismissed 6 people, accounting for the dismissal of laid-off series 3; strengthening the base construction, the 51 Party organizations are weak and lax rectify; organize the report to the people, please review the people "activities, and enhance the service units for the people service consciousness; in the service window and business hall purchase drinking machine, copiers, provide services for the masses free; the establishment Fangzu depth window service units to conduct a thorough investigation. In order to solve the problem of the vital interests of the masses as the focal point, vigorously implement easily relocated, drinking water, road hardening, bus configuration, mine resources remediation and other 52 projects for the tangible things, with tangible results rectification credibility.  

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