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Poverty alleviation rehabilitation rights Xining CDPF full service for the disabled

this year, Xining City CDPF to better perform their functions, from the aspects of poverty alleviation, rehabilitation, and other rights, to improve the basic living standard for the disabled and disabled service ability, make the disabled people get more benefits.

Xining City CDPF in accordance with the township, street and the disabled CDPF service station, volunteer Liaison Station "three-in-one" construction goal, complete the comprehensive service facilities 3, strengthen the construction of grassroots federations; through television, newspapers, newspaper and other forms of propaganda, to arouse the whole society to help the disabled to organize public awareness; "love ZhuCan" special fundraising activities, mobilize the whole society to help the disabled, as of now, received donations of nearly 700 thousand yuan; to provide different levels of social security of the city’s more than 1.1 poor people with disabilities, the town 4724 meet the minimum living guarantee of the disabled into the low range; combined with the seventeenth "National Day". Carry out the "infinite love, voluntary disabled" activities, organization of medical clinic, consultation unit for the majority of people with disabilities, free distribution of medicines Medical check card.

at the same time, according to the city’s new cataract incidence rate is high, and the vast majority of the actual population, by binding with "Peng light action" according to the project for cataract surgery, at the end of July, a total of 749 patients with cataract surgery for cataract surgery, the success rate was 100%; making full use of civil affairs, health and other departments in in the construction of community resources, the work for disabled persons into the community, since 2006, the city provides rehabilitation service of the community for nearly 7200 people with disabilities. (author: Yu Xin)


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