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Love and profound feelings promote military and civilian unity Wang Guosheng Hao Peng and other lead

On the eve of

August army, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, provincial governor Hao Peng and other leaders, grassroots forces respectively, cordial sympathy in Qing troops, armed police fire soldiers, on behalf of the provincial government and the people of all ethnic groups, to extend my sincere greetings and holiday greetings to them.

7 29 on the afternoon of the Armed Police Corps Xining detachment of the squadron of soldiers and soldiers are playing in the scorching sun in Qinghai, fourteen. Wang Guosheng went into combat duty duty, honor room, chuishiban, inspect the construction of barracks and soldiers trained to understand the duties. The squadron learned to vigorously carry out the "five anti" integration and build military soldiers, the spirit of Wang Guosheng said approvingly take on an altogether new aspect, and every time to troops, officers and men of high style are deeply infected and education. We should conscientiously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of speech, with deep feelings, carry the heavy responsibility, the maximum ability to support national defense and army building, to further promote the development of civil military integration. Real care deeply touched the soldiers. The command of the party, to win the war, a fine style of work, is not responsible for the party and the people’s trust!" The resounding response shows the warrior’s strong will to fight.

in the provincial military communications station, Wang Guosheng walked into the communications command building, look at the room, telephone room, shook hands with the soldiers to talk, ask everyone’s life, training, work, etc.. Wang Guosheng said that the army is a large school. We should inherit and carry forward the spirit of the old plateau, in the army of the melting pot in the exercise of growth, in the struggle to fly youth dream. Subsequently, Wang Guosheng visited the individual 4G system, boarded the command shelter, communication vehicle, watch the equipment operation and demonstration, and encouraged the majority of soldiers worked hard skills, improve military accomplishment.

7 27, governor Hao Peng has come to garrison troops, Armed Police Corps,, a detachment of their troops in the building, the implementation of the task, to support the achievements of local construction and other aspects of the highly praised the achievements made by the army, the armed forces of the Qinghai. Hao Peng said that in recent years, the garrison and the armed police force to conscientiously implement the decisions of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission deployed around the center and serve their duties of loyalty, dedication, complete the construction work of the task forces and military officers, regard Qinghai as a second home, actively support local economic and social development, in the process, combat terrorism and safeguard stability as well as disaster relief, poverty alleviation practice has made outstanding contributions to practical action to write a new chapter of the martyrs. Hao Peng hope in the green army and armed police officers and soldiers to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping on national defense and army building a series of important instructions, continue to maintain and carry forward the fine tradition, and constantly promote the coordinated development of national defense and economic construction. Hao Peng said that the provincial government will as in the past to support national defense and army building, improve the Yongjunyouzhu work initiatives, actively help the troops to solve practical problems better, providing a powerful guarantee for the construction of the army.

Wang Xiaoyong, deputy governor of the provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Wang Yubo, vice governor of province, the provincial military political commissar of the army, deputy commander, deputy commander of the Armed Police Corps commander Yang Yang, Qinghai, respectively, to carry out the activities of the sympathy of the, respectively, the Chinese people’s Liberation Army commander, deputy commander of the armed forces, the military commander of the armed forces, respectively,



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