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Major traffic inspection no longer run the Xining

recently, a good message transfer between Datong numerous vehicles: after inspection convenient, Datong new vehicle on the vehicle inspection line, not only let the majority of owners don’t have to go to Xining and the rapid detection can no longer suffer to long queues before the car hard, saving time for the owners.

October 18th, reporters and Datong Zhongbang motor vehicle inspection Ltd. saw in Datong vehicle is located in Datong County Ning Zhang highway 28 kilometers, the main business to apply for vehicle detection in a continuous line. Consulting external inspection, fees, landing, issued reports, certification…… A series of procedures in order.

is understood as Datong project for the tangible things, motor vehicle inspection project construction of Datong Zhongbang motor vehicle inspection Ltd., the spirit of the people, the convenience of the people, Huimin, convenient car unit and individual principle, the province is currently the largest investment project, a motor vehicle detecting the most complete, the most advanced testing equipment and testing software the detection unit. The total investment of 55 million yuan, covers an area of 102 acres, only the detection site of up to more than 1 thousand and 500 square meters, parking area of 7000 square meters, a wide area, close to the national highway 109, access to transportation facilities. Has built a comprehensive performance testing station, safety performance testing station, tail gas detection station. All 60 sets of testing equipment, testing personnel more than 70 people, seized 600 vehicles on the design of detection, detection ability of 600 thousand second year.

, according to reports, the new motor vehicle detection line since the operation, the owner of the vehicle in Datong County, the nearest vehicle inspection and more convenient, by the majority of vehicles and people praise. (author: Sheng Nan)

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