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Pratt & Whitney private kindergarten usher in good

is to establish a long-term mechanism to support inclusive private kindergarten development, the rational allocation of resources to accelerate the development of preschool education, preschool education, expand inclusive pre-school education resources, effectively solve the "kindergarten crunch, park your problem, according to the provisions of the relevant policies of the state in recent days, the provincial Education Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission according to the actual situation in the province formulated the" management measures "Qinghai province inclusive private kindergarten that the measures implemented since December 1, 2016, valid until November 30, 2021.

this approach applies to the province’s inclusive private kindergarten declaration, identification and management. The application of inclusive private kindergarten qualification must also meet the following conditions: 1 examination and approval by the administrative department of education at the county level, get school license, private and non enterprise legal person registration according to law. 2 operating conditions to achieve the "basic standards of kindergartens in Qinghai province (Trial)". 3 enrollment for the community, more than a year to do the park and annual inspection. 4 office funds raised by the organizers and to ensure the normal operation of kindergartens. 5 teaching fees and accommodation standards from kindergarten, in accordance with the relevant regulations, according to the reasonable conservation education and accommodation costs, and reported at the county seat price department and the administrative department of education. Its fees and the corresponding categories of public kindergarten fees in the region roughly the same. 6 teaching staff in accordance with the principle of "Qinghai Province kindergarten staff equipped with standards", teachers and students than reasonable, and according to the law to implement wages, social insurance. 7 kindergarten teachers pay attention to professional training, send teachers to participate in training programs, to ensure the realization of full rotation within five years. 8 daily teaching can follow the "guidelines for Kindergarten Education (Trial)" (to teach [2001]20), "3-6 year old children’s learning and development guidelines" (to teach [2012]4), "kindergarten working regulations" (Ministry of education Decree No. thirty-ninth), adhere to the game as the basic form of activity, without the "primary school" tendency, parents and social recognition, high satisfaction and good social evaluation. 9 strengthen financial management, improve the internal control system. Strict implementation of the charging items and standards, the implementation of the charging system of publicity, no arbitrary charges. 10 kindergarten fees, health care certification, fire safety certificate and other certificates complete, perfect management system, no security risks and illegal acts of the park, no major safety accidents occurred in the year.

It is reported that

, inclusive private kindergarten in the approval Office Park, classification and grading, teacher training, evaluation, qualification, recognition awards etc. and the public kindergartens enjoy the same policy, I also encourage all over the province to support the area of inclusive private kindergarten. Inclusive private kindergarten refers to social organizations or individuals other than the state institutions, the state financial funds, private kindergarten organized for the community service people, behavior standard, reasonable fees, high quality.


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