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Police express Xining City West police 5 days even broke the murder of the two

West District, Xining City, a day of two consecutive homicide cases. October 21st, from the West Public Security Bureau was informed that the police continuous fighting, with only 5 days, will be suspected of two cases of the main suspects arrested and brought to justice in the case of 6.

case of a drunken altercation sparked controversy

strong wine people, people in the drink is easy to lose rational judgment, to make impulsive things, this is not only for the sake of a quarrel, Hao MOU will be Ryu’s life, it is regrettable.

in early October 11th 9 pm, Tongren Road a family member courtyard door, someone stabbed by a knife, the injured Liu eventually died due to his injuries, the police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene investigation. After a tense scene investigation and visits to the investigation, the suspect soon surfaced, the evening of October 12th, the police in the city park, a new village houses, the suspect Hao captured. Hao Mou to explain, that night, Hao et al with a friend drink in the family member courtyard door and the victim Liu met quarrel, then ho tussle, carry out a knife to escape Liu head and arm even stabbed several knives.

case two robbery of $60 to a student’s life

in early October 11th 9, in receiving the Tongren Road murder occurred at the same time, the Criminal Investigation Brigade received a report: Yangjiazhai Jiefangqu cold side, a young man who in a few knives, leg abdomen, died.

west police quickly carry out detective work, after preliminary investigation, the victim does not have any property certificate and can prove the identity of the body. Is grudges with people? Or was it killed? Or is it a robbery? The investigation of the case was in a stalemate. According to the characteristics of the victim’s age, height, clothing, etc., in the Western District of the Internet cafes, colleges and universities, entertainment and family hospital visits. After hard work, the police finally found out that the victim is more than a school in the west of a Japanese class students. After the police analysis, the case was initially identified as a robbery and murder case. After the police for 5 days and nights of continuous detection of the work, quickly locked the suspect, the suspects involved in the arrest of the 5 suspects in the 5.

tushen, 5 suspects confessed: on the night of October 10th, the 5 suspects premeditated robbery, the road to the victim just one, 5 suspects were beaten with iron bars, one knife, snatched a mobile phone 1, more than 60 yuan in cash, half a pack of cigarettes.

currently, two cases are still under further investigation, the 6 suspects were arrested on suspicion of intentional injury causing death, robbery and murder has been under criminal detention according to law.


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