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Huangzhong was awarded the title of national advanced county grain production

days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "on 2012 praised the national food production advanced units and individuals in the decision", the advanced unit in 2012 outstanding achievements in grain production and advanced individuals were commended. In our province, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County and Huangzhong County won the title of "National Grain Production Counties in Delingha city; Ke Luke Zhen Lian Hu Cun, Huzhu County, Wang Qibang Cai Jia Bao Xiang Ma Lian Tan Cun Wang Quanbang, Datong County Jingyang Zhen Gan Shu Wan Cun, Gonghe County, Bao Ji tanggemu Town Community Zhao Tongding won the title of" the national grain big.

2012, Huangzhong county were created acres demonstrative high yield 4 national grain county (District), including beans, potatoes, wheat, grain sown area of 474 thousand mu, accounting for 56.8% of the total crop sown area, unit yield reached 299.6 kg, 142 thousand tons of total production exceeded 140 thousand tons, for two consecutive years off. The "sacred" brand bean through green food certification mark and won the "Qinghai province plateau characteristics of agricultural and livestock products" quality products ".

county has established 2 high-yield wheat demonstration zones and 4 bean mulching technology demonstration base, grain sown area of 629 thousand and 600 mu, accounting for 55.6% of the total sown area of crops, the grain yield of 276 kg, a year-on-year increase of 36 kilograms, an increase of 15%; the total grain output reached 174 thousand tons, 22 thousand and 600 tons of grain increase over the previous year; the yield level in the forefront of the province. (author: Luo Lianjun)

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