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Bus rapid transit to help people outside the city to reach a stop

this year as one of the projects for the tangible things, rapid transit opened to provide travel convenience for remote city residents "city", the need to take two or three buses of the residents can now enjoy "one-stop arrival". The essence of the smooth project is to allow people to travel more convenient and fast, and fast bus to do this.

people evaluate Huimin index: 98%

news story:

June 18th, Ma Xiaohong, who lives in the north of the city this year, after the news that the opening of the bus rapid transit in Xining, early in the morning boarded a 304 bus. She lived in Nanjing road built in the Grand Cross of the families, but her work. Before work can only reverse. She must take the bus No. 6, then in the fall of 1 bus Shen middle school, every morning at 7:15 last night to go out, so as to ensure punctually at 8:30 not to be late for work, work to spend time on the road single trip in 1 hours. If you encounter rain and snow weather, the bus will be difficult to wait, late is inevitable. Now there is a 304 bus, not only "one-stop", but also a lot of time than before. Now Ma Xiaohong goes out at 7:40 every morning. The appearance of the fast bus atmosphere, the seat is very comfortable, sitting in the car feel very comfortable." Ma Xiaohong said.

as one of the practical private, Xining city in June 18th of this year officially opened four fast direct bus, each car is 12 meters long, cost up to 600 thousand yuan red bus more convenient for people to travel. Bus rapid transit is a benefit to the masses of the public works, it is put into use is the embodiment of the implementation of public transport priority strategy in Xining. The opening of the four bus to facilitate the travel of hundreds of thousands of people, but also to further optimize the bus lines in Xining.

bus rapid transit road resource city limited Express bus priority to higher efficiency, ease the contradiction between traffic supply and demand in Xining City, guide the healthy development of city traffic, create new initiatives to city transit leading traffic network, is the city of Xining to promote scientific development, practice of life of the city, the city of happiness the. After the opening of the bus rapid transit, which greatly eased travel difficult problem, development and expansion of the city space and the social economy in Xining City People’s travel habits change, has far-reaching influence, also marks the Xining city public traffic into the new stage of development. After a period of operation, rapid transit has been accepted by the public, bus rapid transit has been made to the public satisfaction, the Party committee, the government assured livelihood projects.

public feelings:

"save half the time" – after the opening of the bus, so many people living in the suburbs of the city to work in the real taste of convenience. Lee, who lives in a machine tool to work in the West Street, before the bus is very difficult;

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