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All the people involved in the same change habits

In order to do my city to meet the 2012 national civilization city index, aiming at the part of Xining city sanitation situation is not good, individual citizens obey the traffic rules and protect public facilities consciousness, to further improve the quality of civilization problem. Xining municipal civilization office, City Office calling the general public to raise enthusiasm, initiative and participation in the creation of the city of Xining, called on every citizen to enhance the sense of ownership, a force in the creation of the national civilized city activities, as a responsibility, in the hands of their own "lens" record around uncivilized behavior the phenomenon and the public environment dirty, chaotic, poor. At the same time, we also sincerely hope that all the people can fully understand and support the work of creating a city, in the city of work to pay their own labor and wisdom, in order to build a civilized, beautiful home to make a contribution.

you have to go to work, shopping, such as those found to throw litter, defecate and other uncivilized behavior or public environment dirty and messy, and are available for public services are not satisfied with the mobile phone, camera, camera to capture and record images, image to the specified mailbox. We will put the picture, image classification, through newspapers, television, radio and other propaganda vehicles for uncivilized behavior exposure, dirty, chaotic, poor public environment supervision and rectification. Participation of the whole people, with the change of bad habits, to build a harmonious and beautiful new home circle.

contact: Ma Jin Yuan

Tel: 8274062 8230772

e-mail: [email protected]

note: cast pictures, images must be a true reflection of the original picture, image. At the same time, please specify the picture, the image of the shooting time, place, the author’s name, contact information and a brief description of the text, etc..

Xining Civilization Office

Xining City Office

August 21, 2012


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