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Hakka Xian’s powder join why so good momentum

entrepreneurship what industry? Many people agree that the food and beverage consumer market, which is right, often the public are more optimistic about the highest credibility. The catering industry is undertaking the business for the first time. With the continuous progress of our society, food and beverage service consumption will continue to increase, food and beverage consumption has become an important driving force for the growth of China’s consumer demand. The characteristics of food industry as an important part of the catering industry, such as KFC and McDonald’s into some famous China after opened the prelude to the rapid development of the modern Chinese specials. After years of development, especially for the industry to join the China meal very fast, market share is also expanding, special industry to join the development of the social environment and their own conditions are more mature, has made an important contribution to the economic growth of our country. So the future of China’s food industry is the development trend of what characteristics? According to the industry through the analysis, summed up the development trend of the future changes and specials.

Xian’s (with "fresh") powder, is a very prestigious Hakka delicacy. Because of its rich nutrition, delicious soup, loved by the people. It is said that the origin of Xian’s powder also has some origins and Hong Xiuquan.

Hong Xiuquan, Guangdong province Huaxian county (now Guangzhou Huadu District), Han Hakka, the leader of the Taiping rebellion. The movement of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is thousands of years Chinese peasant movement in the peak, had a profound impact on future generations, as well as the pioneer of the democratic revolution Chinese Mr. Sun Zhongshan will be the second hong. Now this kind of food is also popular.

powder to join what Hakka Xian’s hot, there are three major aspects of

first eat unlimited prospects

with the expansion of our city the arrival of the peak, but also provides an opportunity for the development of characteristic industry. At present, China’s annual population of about 18 million rural population into the city, by 2015, China’s urban population will exceed the rural population for the first time. "Urbanization not only means the overall improvement of people" s living standard, but also means the change of people "s life style and the improvement of resource consumption." With the quickening pace of life, fast food consumption has gradually become a popular demand, production can meet the ordinary working class "popular fast food" will become a trend, and fast food "fast" will become the enterprise to win the market an important weight.

experts pointed out that due to Chinese long habits and irresistible delicious Chinese food, although the foreign fast food development in our country has a good development trend, but the future is still with the characteristics of food dominant." Survey shows that China’s current characteristics of the food market, 78.9% of the Chinese characteristics of the restaurant, while the Western fast-food restaurants are 21.1%. "Special meal is still in its price advantage and in the main consumer"

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