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n 2012 the city of Xining 380 million to help the poor population of more than 100 thousand

2012, Xining invested a total of 380 million yuan of various types of poverty alleviation funds, so that the direct benefit of the poor of the 25 thousand and 500 families of 104 thousand and 500.

in accordance with the special poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, social poverty, the trinity of poverty alleviation practices, cohesion project together, making the city’s poverty alleviation work has achieved remarkable results. Throughout the year to implement the whole village to promote the project funds 83 million yuan, the implementation of the whole village in the poor village of the project to promote the enterprise investment of $75, the people raised funds of 22 million 660 thousand yuan, the construction of productive items of the project 57 million 310 thousand yuan. At the same time, the integration of industry sector funds 100 million 563 thousand and 800 yuan, the implementation of roads, irrigation and water conservancy construction and other infrastructure projects of the 112. Implementation of relocation funds 67 million 990 thousand yuan, the relocation of the implementation of the relocation of the project, the relocation of poor households, poor households, 10785 people, 2532. Implementation of the poor labor, rain plan training funds 1 million 55 thousand yuan, the county’s 600 people were special mechanical driving and other professional skills training. Organization and implementation of the rain plan pilot reform, three poor students in the county to give a living allowance of $4 million 460 thousand 6369.

through the industrialization of poverty alleviation in poor areas to promote economic structure optimization. The city’s total of 78 companies through the whole village, "company + base + farmers", twinning and other forms of participation in poverty alleviation and development, driven by the 139 poor villages to implement intensive farming, concentrated planting, Tibetan culture and art processing, agricultural and livestock products processing etc.. The implementation of the city’s Liaoning aid funds, provincial and municipal aid funds and various types of funds to help 7 million 263 thousand and 25 yuan. 78 poor villages in the city to carry out military enterprises build a model village, co integration of 5 major categories of 1023 projects, the implementation of the project funds 630 million yuan. The city’s 5717 party members and cadres and workers with the help of poor households in the form of a subsidiary of the poor, the implementation of the aid of funds of $1 million 829 thousand, effectively solve the practical difficulties of the masses of the people of the year 5717. (author: Shi Fei)

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