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Happiness paved the colorful life of the people


to find a favorite job, the door of the vegetable direct selling car can buy cheap vegetables, sitting in the new public rental room warm sun, watching their retirement wages fold up a little bit every year…… In the past 2015, many citizens of Xining, can remember such a picture or a few happy picture in the mind, and that every picture behind, behind every happy time, one is the municipal government of the people’s livelihood, highlighting the municipal Party committee of the people’s livelihood feelings.

fund to buy a house is no longer difficult to relax

[happy moments] Ms. Zhang, more than and 60 years old, have their own housing accumulation fund, the son of marriage to buy a house in urgent need of money, but did not pay the housing accumulation fund, anxious mother and son. With the new adjustment of the policy, the son of the name of the fund extracted from Ms. Zhang, bought a new house has been optimistic about a long time. Housing provident fund can only be limited to the repayment of housing provident fund loans in the province, and now the policy is relaxed, the housing fund to pay Xining residents can also purchase loans in other parts of the province’s housing. Mr. Duan had bought a new house also paid a large number of facilities and maintenance funds, and now can be used to pay for housing provident fund maintenance fund and other ancillary costs. At the same time, Mr. Duan also extracted from the fund 3000 yuan to pay for the cost of housing since the year.


] happy record for the further improvement of the housing provident fund services, let the people enjoy more inclusive policies, the 2015 Xining housing provident fund management center on the city housing provident fund withdrawal once again conducted a substantial adjustment, adjustment policies and inclusive of large to achieve the history most. Including: parents and children each provide provident fund release, provident fund to pay maintenance fund release, no longer limit the purchase of possession, the loan fund available to pay property charges, the maximum loan period of 30 years, workers relax the actual loan amount increased. At the same time, in December 9th last year, Sichuan, Qinghai two Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction, Xining provident fund management center provident fund loans to promote the mutual recognition of each other preparatory work, to carry out this work, means that this year, Xining residents can use the fund to buy Chengdu. (reporter Rong Lijun)


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