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Evening Polish window concern public travel

from the east to the south, from the hospital to the food and beverage stores, evening news since the founding of the city window window action, across the various districts and counties of the service window, in order to promote the city hit a good effect. These days, the reporter again, it conducted a thorough investigation on the public to reflect the traffic, parking, pedestrian travel problems, offering many travel inconvenience.

Qaidam bus stop sign do not understand

The bus stop at the remote city of

for the majority of the passengers is particularly important, the original remote, and no bus stop is clear, passengers may be confused. On the road, from the Qiaoxi Railway Station to sea lake Mafang west station bus stop, or no sign or site site, see the small font, some directly is a blank, the sign is not standardized.

reporter commented: is currently creating a civilized city, bus stop is not only the display of civilized window, but also an important measure to facilitate the masses, even if it is temporary, should also be amended in accordance with certain norms.

wires crossed the bridge, dangerous!

is located in the Qaidam River Bridge on the road, every day a dangerous scene. Four wires from the deck "crossing", in order to avoid pedestrians across difficulties, the wires are two pier pressure, passing pedestrians only across and over.


reporter commented: wire Heng Pu flyover Road, pedestrian traffic will accidentally "electric shock", is very dangerous, in case of rain, it is dangerous, I hope the relevant departments as soon as possible to repair, to give people a safe travel environment.

a machine tool in front of chaos

black car soliciting illegal parked, traders Jeeves, all kinds of vehicles and pedestrians getting mixed line, especially the school, the students walk in the black car in between, this is the road of Qinghai province machine tool company family in front of the gate of "busy" scene, because there are too confusing, so the public to the newspaper hotline the reflection.

reporter commented: the market, schools and other places, the vehicle parked randomly, traders occupy the sidewalk business, traffic chaos, one should strengthen management.

After the construction of

pavement potholes hard line

people Mr. Xu reflected, Chaoyang Road intersection years ago due to the laying of pipelines, the road was gutted, the pipeline has been laid by the backfill, but has not been repaired smooth bumpy road, the reporter went to interview right enough to see.

‘s comment: because the construction did not repair the road becomes bumpy, loess exposed, windy when dusty, seriously affected residents, residents urged relevant departments to do good for the people in the occasion, does not keep the tail from start to finish.

unlicensed unlicensed tricycle rampage

in Bayi Road, the road, the reporter found a lot of motorcycle in the black car soliciting, they basically unlicensed unlicensed, free to rush red light, and motor vehicles and pedestrians forced cut;

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