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Our province has been remediation 3346 vehicles

The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of transportation in September 28th held a press conference, from January to August this year, the province at all levels of law enforcement officers highways were detected freight vehicles 503480, and oversized vehicles 3346 vehicles, 758 vehicles unloading, unloading 7407.98 tons, exceeding rate of 0.7%, compared with the same period last year fell by 1 percentage points. It is reported that in recent years, the phenomenon of overloading in our province was growing trend. In order to regulate the order of road transport management, the province since last year to establish a long-term working mechanism of overloading, and this year launched a new round of governance overload. In the source of supervision, transportation departments around the province through inspections, etc. stationed, increase the supervision of the province’s 344 key freight source of enterprises, and severely punish illegal overloading of cargo source enterprises, transport enterprises and drivers; the highways departments at all levels to increase road law enforcement, the implementation of 24 hours of uninterrupted monitoring. The oversized vehicles testing found that the strict implementation of discharge, to eliminate illegal status, severely punished according to law, the fight against malicious overloading, avoiding station bypass and other illegal activities, the formation of super high pressure attitude pavement. In addition, in the management of rural highway overloading, the province has 67 rural road set a limit of high Xiankuan facilities 92, 321 rural roads have not been set high limit Xiankuan facilities at 451 selected sites, the Provincial Department of transportation also allocated 7 million 640 thousand yuan of special funds for rural work overload. By taking the highway, highway monitoring quanfan rural highway, set the limit high and super Xiankuan technology treatment measures of work carried out, to effectively curb the road transport vehicle overloading, to ensure safe and smooth the road.  

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