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Exploring the shining track of modern agriculture chase mode

at the beginning of June, a message from Beijing up to Beichuan’s beautiful land: by the national Ministry of agriculture experts in the field investigation and full discussion of advanced typical modern agriculture chase mode as agricultural development in poverty-stricken minority areas will spread in the country!

chase mode"! National promotion!" This is quite shocking words bring us in addition to the initial surprise and pride, but it is a series of questions.

poor natural conditions, lack of arable land, the conditions for the development of agriculture is not sufficient. Accounted for 78.1% of the county’s population is farmers, and the other is the minority, the head is also wearing a national poverty county hat, 48.7%"…… Such a natural and cultural conditions in Qinghai 37 counties abound, but the "chase" can become a "model" and the national promotion!

What is the essence of

chase model?

Xining Municipal Committee, Datong county Party Secretary Yan Shujiang very aptly: "let the agricultural production fully realized" one after another "and" two cross three ", from the traditional small-scale production of modern progressive scale agriculture, change the way of agricultural production from extensive to intensive agricultural work to expand from a single production to diversification, extend the industrial chain to the whole from the production and sales of industrial chain."

Yan Shujiang, the so-called "one after another", "cross two three" is said to open is not a mystery, as the first industry agriculture grafting second industry, the third industry connected, breaking industry boundaries, make agricultural production into a broad and unprecedented or dare not see before! Chase model thus formed!


of emancipating the mind, wide world! The implementation of complete industrial production mode and production concept in the vast rural crisscross, this step out, and a new world!

industrial management, factory production, market-oriented marketing, project operation, scientific arm, social service…… These words commonly used in the field of industry, but now in the actual development of Datong County, the roots of flowering. Let the agricultural industry to promote the idea of agriculture, which is a major adjustment of agricultural development ideas, but also to guide the development of a major agricultural development mode.

in the twelve Congress of the province, provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei pointed out, "adhere to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization concept, with the service of agriculture and animal husbandry business industry, integration and promoting the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, industry and service industry in depth, to encourage the development of agriculture and animal husbandry ecological circulation industry." "Chase mode" is a vivid interpretation of the major development ideas.

investment promotion: solving the bottleneck of modern agriculture with the concept of industrialization

for farmers to provide a long-term way to get rich and channels for the enterprise to provide a self development and promote the prosperity of farmers to become a win-win position, the money come from?

summer, along the new highway.

stretches for dozens of kilometers of vegetable production with the building into a row of greenhouses. Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in modern agricultural demonstration base;

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