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Chase three rural kindergartens start building

days ago, Datong County Rural Preschool Education to promote the project – Xiang Bai Tu Cun Qing Lin Xiang Lu Shuncun birch forest kindergarten, kindergarten, kindergarten to the Township Center officially started construction. This is the first county to start the construction of rural pre-school education to promote the project, but also to make full use of the county after the adjustment of the layout of the educational reform and expansion of an important measure of preschool education park.

it is reported that three projects total investment of 6 million 510 thousand yuan, of which the provincial finance investment of $3 million 610 thousand, the county self financing of $2 million 900 thousand; new park total area of 2604 square meters. Each kindergarten will be set up 5 classes, which can accommodate 120 to 180 children enrolled in kindergarten. The rural pre-school education to promote the project is the County Rural Preschool kindergarten crunch and crack problems of rural kindergarten Yuanshe small scale, poor conditions of the important way, the county according to their actual and pre-school education development planning, will be in the future plans for the construction of rural kindergarten 72, the total investment of 200 million yuan. Qing Lin Xiang Bai Tu Cun, Hua Lin Xiang Lu Shuncun kindergarten kindergarten, to the Township Center kindergarten construction, marking the Datong County Rural Preschool Education prelude to promote the construction projects has been officially opened.



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