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Leaders attach importance to the full implementation of the class line vehicle remediation work

2010 in December 3rd, yunguanchu held a meeting on the implementation of the "on the strengthening of passenger vehicle operation safety supervision, prohibited illegal line management notice" to make work arrangements:

first, the brigade deployed two inspection teams responsible for the operation of the class line vehicle supervision and inspection, and the inspection will be recorded according to the requirements of the log log. To find the not according to the approved route running, not according to the approved flight operations, not according to the approved passenger vehicle class line on the site on its road transport permits, line direction signs, driver qualification certificate, to seriously deal with illegal processing by the office.

two, illegal handling of the vehicle registration office one by one, by the public security department under the jurisdiction of overcrowding and other cases of a Chaogu system, and report to the related units.

three in the bus station to inform the inspection team, publicity, inspection work accordingly, take effective measures to rigorous investigation of safety accidents, to prevent overcrowding, car sick car operating station.

four, East, west of the law enforcement team in addition to the main road passenger safety management at the same time,

crack down on illegal acts of road transport


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