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Happiness project to benefit 219 poor mothers in Huangyuan

this year, Huangyuan county invested 900 thousand yuan to continue to implement the "happiness project – mother rescue action project, in accordance with the" small loans, directly to households, rolling operation, labor rich "principle, the county’s 37 poor mothers of assistance, including: 8 engaged in planting, breeding cattle and sheep 17, tourism, business other industries such as 12 households, nearly 200 people to benefit the masses.

it is reported that since the implementation of the project since 2007, the project total rolling investment 3 million 371 thousand and 500 yuan relief funds, have help poor mothers of 219, revenue reached 1 million 20 thousand yuan, so that every poor mothers family per capita income 90% higher than before the rescue of the surrounding towns, developing a diversified economy, to accelerate the pace of poverty plays a positive role in promoting. (author: Luo Hongmei)

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