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Gansu central Eastern Qinghai earthquake defense zone meeting held in cooperation


in central Gansu, the eastern part of the earthquake zone defense conference held in Qinghai


8 month 1 days to 3 days, organized by the Bureau of the twenty-sixth session of the Gansu Haidong earthquake in central and Eastern Qinghai earthquake zone defense conference in rainbow village of Huzhu county was held, members of the defense units a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting. The meeting by the Deputy Secretary General Ma Shengming presided over the Haidong Haidong administrative office, administrative office of the Deputy Commissioner Wang Shuhe introduced the earthquake disaster reduction work style and Haidong customs, provincial seismological bureau deputy director Ha Hui made an important speech.

the meeting analyzed the judgment of central Gansu, 2012 Qinghai eastern area and long period earthquake development and earthquake disaster mitigation administrative work carried out exchanges and discussions in the discussion, we speak freely, the atmosphere is very warm. Finally agreed with the city’s rapid economic development, strengthen the earthquake defense system and strengthening management is the priority among priorities, and comprehensively promote administration according to law relates to earthquake disaster prevention and management aspects, is a comprehensive, long-term work unremittingly.

after the meeting, the members of the unit on its trend in central Gansu, 2012 Qinghai eastern area and long period form the consultation opinion.




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