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Provincial first inspection teams stationed in Datong County to carry out look back

According to the unified deployment of the provincial Party committee, the provincial first inspection teams stationed in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in to carry out inspections look back work. April 12th held a patrol look back mobilization meeting, the provincial first inspection team leader Dojena Jean on the back to make a mobilization speech. Xining Municipal Committee, JP Song Chenxi, Secretary of the county Party Committee presided over the meeting and made a statement. Huang Youliang, deputy head of the group, and all the members of the inspection team attended the meeting of the group of.

Dojena Jean pointed out that the inspection is an important duty given by the party constitution, is an important measure to strengthen the party’s construction, is the party to manage the party, an important means of strict party discipline, is the weapon, the weapon of the party. Of the party since eighteen, provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to inspections, and resolutely implement the central inspection work, to further clarify the political orientation, focus on comprehensive inspection strictly, and constantly promote the inspection work to develop in depth, patrol to deter, contain, cure effect obviously play.

Dojena Jean stressed that inspections are political inspections, not business inspections, the tour is the party organization and Party members and leading cadres. "Look back", is the party since the eighteen inspection methods organization system and the important innovation, embodies the tenacity and seriousness of the supervision and inspection. The inspection group will be the central and provincial Party Committee on strengthening the supervision and inspection of the implementation of political discipline and political discipline as the focus, in-depth to find the problem, one is to look at the key to promote the bottom, no problems found the "rediscovery" of not yet in-depth understanding of the problem of "understanding", to ensure that the problem is at bottom; two rectificationpromote to strengthen the accountability of the last round of inspections corrective supervision and inspection, in pieces secured "seriously, strengthen the main responsibility for rectification, rectification ineffective, perfunctory rectification, seize the typical, serious accountability; the three is to look at the general promotion atmosphere, the implementation of the discipline inspection focus change, promote the formation of a positive political environment the wind in the air; the four is to look at the extension of promoting and promote comprehensive deepening, strictly extends to the grassroots, to promote the inspection work to develop in depth.

Dojena Jean, Datong County should strengthen the organization and coordination, leading cadres at all levels must have a correct understanding, correct attitude, dare to face the problem, effectively enhance the consciousness and firmness to accept supervision, realistically, objectively and fairly reflect the situation and problems, to fully trust, support and cooperate with the work of inspection teams, to ensure the smooth inspection "look back" to carry out the work.

Song Chenxi said that the provincial inspection teams to carry out inspections of Datong County "look back", is an important political task and serious a provincial deployment, fully reflects the provincial Party Committee attaches great importance and concern in Datong County work, is also a great opportunity to promote the comprehensive Datong strictly and strengthen all aspects of work. We must be a positive attitude, and resolutely support the good patrol back look work, adhere to the edge of the tour to change, Li Li Li change, to promote the work to a new level.


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