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The second session of the nternet plus College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest he

9 5 April, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Department of education, Qinghai National University hosted the second session of Qinghai province "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students, in the University of nationalities in Qinghai.

this contest to embrace the Internet plus era build innovation and entrepreneurship dream "as the theme, launched in June this year. There are 11 colleges and universities in the province a total of 136 projects to participate in the competition, participating students up to 360 people. After the preliminaries, 73 projects in the assessment phase, the contest judges group network review, 37 teams participating in the exhibition site and defense works. After fierce competition, the contest winner 3 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze. Qinghai University, National University of Qinghai, Career Technical College, Qinghai city won the outstanding organization award.

to develop the students "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship competition, to deepen the comprehensive reform of higher education, is an effective way to implement the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities, to stimulate the innovation of entrepreneurial enthusiasm of college students in our province, the province’s colleges and universities to promote the further development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, cultivate "new public entrepreneurship, innovation". At the same time to promote the event will promote the transformation of achievements, "Internet plus" the formation of the new format, leading entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to create jobs in innovation, promote higher quality employment of College graduates.


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