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The fourth stage Tianjun Jingfeng Miersa Madeleine cavalry warfare three shirt body

July 10th, Twelfth barley wine tianyoude Cup tour de Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, again to us in the holy source of Haixi, Tianjun ended the fourth stage of the competition. Italy Baltimore team driver Sacha · Modolo won the championship stage. Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team driver Mir Samad, still retains a yellow shirt, blue shirt, and put on the dot shirt.

the entire 227 km of the stage on the way to climb the mountain at an altitude of 3816 meters and 3847 meters of rubber off the corner of the mountain, is this lake tournament from the longest and most difficult stage. In view of this, 50 km before the race, the participating teams have adopted a conservative riding strategy, most of the riders in a riding group, uniform forward. Then, a large group of internal running, Qinghai tianyoude team driver Liu Biao and Savoy Slovenia team driver McGee, Taipei RTS team Murad Kennedy out group began to receive a ride, was leading a large group of 3 minutes and 20 seconds. In the first 3816 meters above sea level of the special climbing points, Liu Biao took the lead, get points. After that, three people riding the team gradually narrow the advantages of being caught by the big group. When the riders ride second to reach an altitude of 3847 meters climbing grade point, Kazakhstan Astana team player Fuji Nigeria points lead leaf.

game left 20 km, there is no driver to break the success, is still in the big group competition. The last 10 kilometers, all the drivers of the first group are trying to make the final effort, the final Italy Barr team Sacha took the lead through the end of the championship. Italy Rambo – Merida riders AI Lille · Ruichezi and German Knight Puyol driver Ralph · Macika in two or three.

after the campaign, the total score, super endurance race around the lake powerhouse Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team Mir Samad is still wearing the yellow jersey, at the same time, he is the best driver of Asia blue shirt and polka dot Jersey holder of climbing king. The Spanish team Burgos driver Lewis · Matthew won the green jersey sprint. (author: Zhu Xiquan Zhang Ping)

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