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Xining transport heavy regulation at the end of October and 460 black car

  12 pm yesterday, the provincial capital of South Gate Street and the Yangtze River Road intersection, three vehicles transport inspection car parked on the roadside, the car inspection team is waiting for the other side of the voice intercom. "Note, green balls in a license plate number for the green AFF359 to you that way." With the sound of walkie talkie from the other side, in the car waiting for the inspectors quickly dispatched, blocking the car at the intersection.

then, the inspectors took the driver from the car down. But when the inspectors are ready to leave the car, the driver did not work, blocking in the front of the car, clapped his hands and took the car, and with the inspectors quarrel.

transcripts in the car, the man is still in the inspection of the car he’s really not letting this go, and check the staff shouting, reluctant to admit that they are involved in illegal operations. Although the record was completed, but the man got off after missing.

12:30 Xu, and a license plate number for the green AB636 red Xiali car, the inspectors were contained in the middle of the road. The inspectors came hailed, drivers do not want to get off, in persuading the inspectors, the driver only moved to the passenger seat, let the inspectors take the car. According to a young man sitting in the car said that he was in the wells Lane Nankou car, red Xiali car owners asked him to go, he said to the management station, the driver asking price 10 yuan, he began to sit not too expensive, because the driver put the price down to 6 yuan, he got on a vehicle.

"do you know the driver?" "Do not know." The young man in conjunction with the inspectors to finish the record, straight away.

Since the

campaigns carried out from April this year, as of the end of October, Xining yunguanchu has accumulated to investigate the illegal operation of vehicles more than 460 vehicles, a strong blow to the "black market".


entered the winter, the illegal operation of the phenomenon is serious, in order to ensure the normal operation of the order of the provincial capital, the city yunguanchu will intensify the crackdown, to ensure public safety travel.


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