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The establishment of national unity and progress in Guide and the opening of the national traditiona

8 23, Hexi Town, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Guide County boarding school from the bustling town and the surrounding township, village, community 734 athletes and thousands of farmers and herdsmen all dressed in national costumes to create national unity and progress and traditional ethnic sports.

Guide county is a typical multi-ethnic area, Han, Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Sala and other 15 ethnic groups here in harmony, a "Guide color" development way. Guide County attaches great importance to create national unity and progress of work, firmly grasp the various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development "theme, the activities to create national unity and progress into the economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction, ecological civilization construction and Party building in all fields, unite and lead the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in the county to promote activities to create national unity and progress. Hosting the games, is a big parade, the popularity of the traditional sports of ethnic minorities, fully demonstrated the Guide county people of all nationalities unity of spirit, cultivate and promote the excellent ethnic minority traditional sports culture, to unite the people, arouse people’s sense of honor and pride, so as to further promote the the economic and social development of Guide County, has a significant and far-reaching impact of national unity and progress.

The traditional sports events of

during the 3 days of the Games will be held during the national wrestling, archery, chess, ethnic Tibetan, sandbags, wrestling for Yajia with national characteristics.


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