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Ten voices boost confidence on behalf of members

water conservancy "a project" has made a major breakthrough in our province, approved by the National People’s livelihood as the first national demonstration zone of ecological civilization, invested more than 100 billion yuan, Qinghai entered the era of high-speed rail, Xining major economic indicators of growth in the forefront of the capital city…… In January 22nd, governor Hao Peng made the "government work report" in the review of the work in 2014, to the majority of delegates and members showed a long list of 2014 Qinghai transcripts and digital heavy heart, joy, report boiling NPC and CPPCC causedwide, on behalf of the committee, the meeting, a great boost delegates, members of the new Qinghai future development of confidence and determination. As a CPPCC member said: "the report is not only surprising, but also more confidence in the new development of Qinghai."
[praise] on behalf of our province is in the important period of strategic opportunity of ecological civilization concept to guide the economic and social development, was approved as the first national demonstration zone of ecological civilization, Qinghai is fortunate! It is the children of all nationalities in Qinghai! How to recognize the new normal, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal situation, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, to promote ecological civilization in our province first demonstration area construction is of great significance, this requires that we must consciously integrate into the province’s first demonstration area of ecological civilization construction, do a good "ecological civilization in Qinghai province first demonstration the implementation of the eight district construction task plan" as determined by the.
[sound] report yindajihuang North Canal phase, across the board through the stone gorge reservoir, the main canal diversion is expected across the board through the water conservancy recently, "the people of all ethnic groups in anticipation of a number of projects and major breakthroughs were made.
[]: "I announced the surprise in the stone gorge reservoir impoundment!" In December 10, 2014, the provincial water resources department director Chen Xinglong order, our province yindajihuang project leading hub stone gorge reservoir impoundment officially. The success of the stone gorge reservoir impoundment not only the smooth realization of the provincial government to determine the annual water target, the more marked the yindajihuang that our province 1 water conservancy project construction has achieved significant results. It is understood that the yindajihuang project in Qinghai province is a large inter basin water diversion project, water conservancy, composed of stone gorge water diversion canal, Heiquan reservoir, North West trunk canal, Huangshui Huangshui, lead;

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