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Xining population and Family Planning Commission to promote the management of floating population in

October 15th, the Qinghai floating population service management approach, the official implementation

10 15, the "Qinghai floating population service management approach" formally implemented. The Municipal Population and family planning, family planning guidance center in sunning Plaza, Central Plaza in the establishment of an advisory led by the provincial and municipal comprehensive management departments, public security, industry and commerce, human resources and social security and other units involved in the campaign.

on that day, the staff through the issuance of population and family planning publicity materials, making publicity boards, free distribution of contraceptives and other forms of new measures for management of floating population service propaganda. At the same time, the masses of the past to answer the question of the floating population family planning policy, so that the majority of the people to better understand the new ideas and new ways of the new. The promotional activities, promotional materials were distributed 1000 copies of promotional materials 2000, free medical card 1000, contraceptive seven categories 12000.

implementation of the "Qinghai floating population service management approach", marks the province’s floating population service and management of institutionalized, standardized, legal aspects of new steps. "Approach" to highlight the service first, people-oriented concept, follow the principles of management according to law, optimize services, protect the rights and interests, public participation and territorial management principles. The promulgation and implementation of the measures to further promote the equalization of basic public services for the floating population, so as to provide the legal basis for the floating population to enjoy free, high quality and equal service in accordance with the law. At the same time, it is of great significance to do well the management of family planning services for floating population.



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