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Xining 10 15 major accident case 5 hours cracked

10 15, 2009, Xining city traffic police detachment accident handling squadron squadron north of the city police only used more than five hours cracked a major traffic accident escape case. Ma Pingfu suspects arrested.

day 17:10, police on duty received "110" instructions, Ning Lei Village stone road at the traffic accident, please the police. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, after arriving at the scene, found the car accident has to escape, a woman lying in the middle of the road, the head has a lot of blood, dying, side ramp down a battered bicycle, in addition, the scene without any valuable clues. Police rescue the injured side, to the brigade, the detachment of the leadership report.

Aiming at the particularity of

case, accident brigade commander Li Mingjun in command, quickly set up a "10· 15" major traffic accident escape case task force, on the one hand around the scene to carry out investigations; on the other hand, send the police to the hospital for the wounded clothing traces inspection, hoping to find related in addition, evidence of the suspect vehicle; and a group of police in the vehicle under the strong cooperation of the suspected number mopai. The police side of the normal execution of police tasks, while the survey Mopai, police in the unremitting efforts, after more than five hours of continuous fighting, at 21:50 PM will the car accident and accident suspect Ma Pingfu seized.


of Ma Pingfu interrogation, Ma Pingfu confessed in October 15th 17, when he was driving green A· A5903 "Changan" vans, along the North District of Xining city Ning route south to north to Lei stone village, a woman riding a bicycle on the road hit after driving escape, and the car parked with a friend, then fled.

is reported that the injured Ma Moumou by the hospital died on the same day.


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