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Strengthen the fine management to do the people’s satisfaction Education

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the city’s fine management work conference, in April 5th, the City Board of Education held a mobilization meeting of the city’s education system fine management, arrangements for the deployment of the city’s fine management of the education system

for the city to seriously implement the fine management work conference, April 5th, Municipal Education Bureau held the city’s education system of fine management work mobilization meeting, arrangements for the fine management of the city’s education system. The meeting issued the "fine management plan" the city’s education system, the education system to improve the work style, improve the management system, clear educational ideas, improve moral standards, strengthen team construction, reasonable layout of the campus work target. At the same time, it puts forward the work requirements from the aspects of perfecting the system construction, standardizing the daily management, paying attention to the humanistic care, and strengthening the characteristic development.

the meeting stressed that the city’s education system cadres and workers should take positive action to establish the spirit of hard work, from a small start from scratch, a piece of implementation, a catch result, focus on the following seven aspects: one is to promote school management refinement, clear administrative matters, clear job post, clear job objectives, clear performance appraisal, seeking a breakthrough in promoting the school standardization level. The two is to promote the refinement of student education and management, the importance of ideals and beliefs education, civic education, emphasis on good traditional education, behavior education, to enhance the level of Ideological and moral education to seek a breakthrough. The three is to promote the school education and teaching management refinement, heavy curriculum reform, heavy class, re teaching and research, re examination, to improve the quality of education and teaching breakthrough. Four is fine to promote teachers’ management, occupation guidance, emotional moral education, heavy weight, weight training teaching ability evaluation incentive, seeking a breakthrough in improving teachers’ professional level. Five is to promote the refinement of campus management, in the function, environment, order, culture, and strive to create a breakthrough in the campus characteristics. The six is to promote financial asset management, management, construction, operation, seeking a breakthrough in promoting the school security service quality. The seven is to promote the campus safety and emergency management, more efforts, more real, in the event of an emergency drills, seeking a breakthrough in the creation of a safe campus, a harmonious campus in education on prevention.

by carrying out meticulous management work, to further transform the working function, regulate the behavior, improve management efficiency, efforts to promote the education and management of the standardized and institutionalized, fine, specialization, lay a solid foundation for the people’s education.



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