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Zhengzhou municipal government delegation visited the city of Henan medical reform work

August 1st, Henan Province, Zhengzhou municipal government deputy mayor Liu Dong led the health, development and reform, finance office, human agency and other departments, a line of 13 people to visit the city health work. Municipal government deputy secretary general He Bin presided over the report meeting, the Municipal Health Bureau Director Liu Haonian introduced the progress of medical and health system reform in our city, the two sides around the public hospital management system and mechanism reform, comprehensive reform of primary health care institutions in the personnel system reform, the government subsidy mechanism were discussed and exchange.
the delegation on the city level medical and health care reform, comprehensive reform of public hospitals at county level, national pilot city public hospital reform and the implementation of comprehensive understanding. Went to the first people’s Hospital of Datong City, the city of Shenyang hospital health field investigation. In Datong County Hospital for a detailed understanding of the county public hospital reform in the personnel quantity verification, post setting, competition and personnel system reform, the implementation of the basic drug system and the implementation of zero profit drug, the implementation of convenience Huimin service measures etc.. In Shen Zhai Chengzhong district hospitals a detailed understanding of the implementation of the basic drug system and zero slip, position setting and personnel posts, basic public health services, financial compensation mechanism, subsidies for village doctors and support policy, explore the service mode of basic medical and health institutions comprehensive reform implementation.


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