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Promoting innovation and Entrepreneurship

at the moment, is a new era of innovation and entrepreneurship, activate the public entrepreneurship, innovation is the driving force for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The university is the gathering place of the knowledge talented person, is the frontier science, the cutting edge technology, the advanced culture birthplace, has the talented person and the knowledge advantageous condition in the leading social culture development. College students are the main force of future high-quality support for social development, college students are the most energetic, the most active and innovative spirit of youth groups, they are an important carrier of social innovation and entrepreneurship leading university culture and the inexhaustible power.

graduation season has come this year, innovation and entrepreneurship has become a trend, to achieve their own value through entrepreneurship has become the dream of many young people. On the one hand, college students are social talents, on the other hand, because the social economy is in the transition period, the relative shortage of jobs can be provided. Promoting the innovation of college students is the source of power for the development of economy and society. For Qinghai, whether it is to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading is synchronized with the national building a well-off society, need to foster the development of a diversified and multi-level market, advocating innovation, encourage innovation and social atmosphere. Therefore, the government should support students to self-improvement, mobilize and play unlimited potential in college students, achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship, show style.

to promote college students’ entrepreneurial innovation, should be implemented to promote employment of college graduates and the leading business plan, personnel training is the core mission of the University, when the university to carry out the relevant policy advocacy, interpretation and implementation of responsibility driven youth employment and entrepreneurship; use of existing educational resources and high science and Technology Park, cooperation base, business incubators and other public welfare establishment college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship implementation places; business students in Qinghai province Baiqian project, selection of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship training college students; give the preferential policies for small-scale enterprises student; support the students and all kinds of talents in modern agriculture and animal husbandry construction, encourage home business, so that the majority of agricultural and pastoral areas has become a vast space of entrepreneurship the combination of knowledge and ability; emphasizing, conduct and collaboration to enhance the quality of the Grasp the basic standards of personnel training and promote the development of personalized coordination.

college students just graduated from the business, because the experience is less likely to fail. So in addition to financial support and support, but also need to be helpful in the guidance of entrepreneurship, the implementation of the policy. College students also need to look at the project is not suitable for themselves, college students on the basis of making appropriate choices, to adjust a good attitude, not afraid of failure, there must be even if the failure is also an experience of ideological preparation.


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