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Qinghai start a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidy policy

10 17, 2009, the province held a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidies to reward the work of the video conference, marking a new round of grassland ecological protection subsidy policy was officially implemented in our province. It is reported that a new Lunbu award policy, I will give up every year awards totaled 2 billion 413 million yuan, an increase of 466 million yuan more than the first round. This year grant funds in accordance with the "one card", in October 31st will be full and timely cash to households.

it is understood that since 2011, the implementation of the first round of grassland subsidy policy, the country has accumulated in the province to honor the award 9 billion 736 million yuan of funds, issued a performance appraisal incentive funds of $1 billion 132 million, the appointment of members of the grassland management and protection of the 13894. To promote the pastoral ecological and animal husbandry and pastoral life improved, essentially reversing the disordered state of development and utilization of grassland animal husbandry, excessive, serious, initially established a long-term mechanism of grassland ecological compensation award, opened a new era of grassland rehabilitation.

over the past five years, the province’s grassland ecological environment to speed up the recovery, accelerate the transformation of the mode of development of animal husbandry, herdsmen income continued to grow rapidly. Data show that the implementation of the policy for five years, the average coverage of pasture in our province increased by 3.4 percentage points, the amount of livestock overload decreased from 2010 to 9.9% in. Chinese water tower, Sanjiang source of outbound water increased by more than 20 billion cubic meters, close to the historical maximum. By 2015, the area of forage breeding base in the province increased by 5 thousand and 700 hectares compared with that in 2010, and the area of artificial grassland construction increased by 210 thousand hectares.

five years, the province’s 5 million 700 thousand head of livestock reduction only, but the construction of barn 52 thousand and 300, add increasing artificial grass area, development of forage industry, the total is still steady growth of sheep and cattle, slaughter rate, commodity rate increase. At the same time, the policy of nearly 90% of the funds directly to households, increasing the income of the herdsmen policy, a strong impetus to the ecological compensation out of poverty. The province’s 765 thousand and 300 herdsmen enjoy the policy, the per capita income of $1588, of which the source of Sanjiang Province, the per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen grew by 14.9%. Practice has proved that the grassland complement award policy has become the social recognition and praise from all walks of life satisfaction, the masses good works and popular works.

provincial animal husbandry department director Zhang Huangyuan introduction, in the implementation of a new round of policy, our province will focus on "the prairie prize money up payment to households" as the core, in accordance with the "one card" in a timely manner in full will prize money up cash to households; highlight the "full implementation of the performance management policy of grassland complement Award" the key, strict implementation the performance evaluation of national and provincial development and assessment management system, gradually establish and perfect performance appraisal system, refine the quantitative evaluation index; grasp the "verification regulation in place, to ensure the effectiveness of the policy is the key to establish the system of supervision and inspection, inspection, inspection, province and county self-examination; ultimately, reducing livestock grazing can not help but raise income" target.


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