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Xining key projects successfully completed 39 billion 300 million yuan investment in the first eight

The first eight months of this year, Xining city AB key construction project is progressing well, as of now has opened 191, the opening rate of 86%, completed an investment of 39 billion 300 million yuan. 9 projects have not yet started livelihood projects are also in the early stages of work, for the early start.

it is reported that the first eight months of this year has started the project, Riverside Road East, Qilian Road, Xining City School Social School ninth middle school, Beijing Normal University, Xining City experimental middle school practice base, school standardization construction, the west area of drainage pipe network transformation, olefins and other comprehensive utilization of tail gas of 74 project progress smooth. At the same time, Xining City slow system construction, twelve in Xining, Qinghai Tibet Railway Garden School, city and county three weak school renovation project, vocational education center, DOPA gahe industrial occupation school, Huangyuan County high school, Xining First People’s Hospital outpatient building, Third People’s Hospital of Xining city children’s centres, second people’s Hospital of Xining city children’s Medical Center creative animation, entertainment city, Dan Junggar Folk Industrial Park, twenty-eight in Xining, pre-school education, school reform, urban planning exhibition hall, Youth Activity Center, Xining city driving camp construction project, the Shanghai Based Financial Plaza, North Eight Logistics Port construction projects 98 projects are planned to gradually implement.

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