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Charm and healthy growth of Summer Summer Youth Legal summer camp

In July 25th, the Provincial Department of Education jointly organized by the Provincial Justice Department, the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, province security office, Xining area "the charm of summer · the healthy growth of the 2012 Summer Youth Legal summer camp activities in Xining City," summer camp second class ". 90 teachers and students from 8 middle schools in Qinghai Huangchuan second branch, the seventh middle school of Xining City, the eleventh middle school of Xining City, Xining city tiger Taiwan school to attend the summer camp activities.

the Summer Youth Legal summer camp activities ", is to thoroughly implement the provincial twelve Party Congress spirit and the" 65 year "plan," an important measure to deepen the law into the campus activities, is a vivid practice of the new model of juvenile legal education exploration under the new situation, has important significance for promoting the study of law, the majority of young students abide by the law, usage, rights awareness.

it is understood that the students to participate in the activities of city low-income families, children, children of single parent families of children, families of migrant rural juvenile students as the focus, mainly from the safety of legal publicity and education, revolutionary history education, cherish life education, safety and self-protection knowledge, self-care ability education, fire safety evacuation drills practice to carry out a two day activities.

During the period of

, the students gain knowledge through food processing, grain painting, self positioning and protect the safety of the social practice content and carry out life education, legal education, publicity and education revolution in the history of education, lectures, improve self-protection awareness of safety culture, unity and cooperation of the collective spirit, exercise ability. (author: Zhao Jing)


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