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Popular science tour

has always wanted to bring their children to the Museum of science and technology is too long, too busy to quit. This does not, just to catch up with the National Day holiday, we took the little guy upstairs downstairs to turn over, feeling today was very meaningful, really worthwhile." October 1st at around 3 in the afternoon, when the reporter walked into the provincial science and Technology Museum, the provincial city people Yao led his son of the age of 5 ready to leave.

is rich in the public holiday life, science and Technology Museum planned a special day to celebrate the fun to share scientific happiness "theme of science activities, including the" magic of the science behind the mystery of the disappearance of "cool stage shows, and" The Brain "and other educational scientific testing activities, as well as the hottest the" virtual reality (VR) experience "and" decryption of marine organisms to explore the mystery of life "marine plastic sample theme exhibition, attracted a lot of friends into the halls of the science and technology drive experience. It is understood that the day of the museum received a total of more than 6500 people.

into the provincial science and Technology Museum, the two floor of the exploration and discovery theme exhibition, I saw the crowd, from time to time to hear the children’s laughter and the sound of the people. Here is not only a collection of mathematics, mechanics, sound, light and electricity and electromagnetic principle and other basic science content, but also the integration of life science, environmental science, space technology, energy and information technology, comprehensive knowledge, more than 90% of the exhibits are interactive exhibits. "Through the exhibits and the actual operation of the tour, so I personally experienced the ‘magic of science’, than in the school to do the experiment is also interesting." Shi Xiaowei said the tiger Taiwan middle school.

in the use of artificial intelligence to develop innovative science exhibits "phantom", surrounded by a large group of visitors. "The use of information collection, exhibits more interactive physical and mechanical and electrical automation control technology of man-machine interaction in the collection of the figures capture the audience at the same time, the real-time reconstruction of each ball under the control of the computer in order to quickly form a dynamic modeling accompanying, audience very strange, very fun." According to the provincial science and technology museum staff, "the phantom of the accompanying the cutting-edge technology and science shows a better fusion, is conducive to the cultivation of teenagers of electromechanical intelligent control of interest could be better spread the latest achievement of innovation of science and technology.

the eyes of a child, the world forever extre mely subtle. And to satisfy their curiosity and thirst for knowledge of science and Technology Museum, is undoubtedly a wisdom, broaden their horizons, stimulate innovation spark a good place. Whether it is the thrill of spider car driving simulation, or realistic cool VR experience, or is beautiful and elegant "sea elves", are deeply attracted people especially the young people in the holiday. Came to the science and Technology Museum, we feel the science of playing in the side, in the tour into a magical world of science fiction.


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