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New media influence report released

Yesterday, the Xining municipal government new media influence report released, the report selected the Xining municipal government new media rankings, and analysis of the status quo of the new media operations.With the rapid development of the new media, the new media has become an important way for the government to serve the Internet users and the Internet users.

. In recent years, the Xining based on the integration of traditional media and new media development, based on enhancing traditional media dissemination ability, actively promote the e-government construction of the new media, has established more than 130 government micro-blog WeChat account and mobile clients, some of the key account in the province’s Government of new media in ranking. "Xining city government comprehensive influence of new media to report" conference, through a comprehensive analysis of the city at all levels of the government new media operation and influence, to find the problem, sum up the experience to promote the practice of new media, further enhance government management ability and operation quality, and push the Xining City government in the new media "new government tension Internet plus" era.


report by Xinhua government through data analysis tools, combing the Xining city government, micro-blog WeChat in January 1, 2015 to October 30th period of the operation data, from the "spread index" and "audience index" and "interactive index", "index", "cluster index" and "growth index" etc. The depth of analysis, selection of the most influential, the most dynamic, the best growth award. Among them, the North District Organization Department, propaganda department, North District, Huangyuan County propaganda department, city social insurance administration bureau and other 6 units, by the Xining municipal government New Media Award for best growth; north of the city Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Intermediate People’s court, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau and other 6 units, by the Xining municipal government the most dynamic new media Award; Huangzhong County propaganda department, county propaganda department, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment, Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of 5 units, by the Xining municipal government new media the most influential award.


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