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Small beauty chain stores to pay attention to the following points

now, love is a very common thing. For entrepreneurs, we choose to join the small business franchise chain stores, open a brand of their own stores, is also a very good choice. The best choice of how small business with a small capital, beauty chain stores?

1, beauty salon door decoration

Is the beauty salon face

door in general, is a symbol of the brand image. And above all certification marks, this is very important.

2, beauty salon to join the door decoration

entrance, can be placed on both sides of flowers and plants, it is appropriate to accommodate the width of 2 people in and out.

3, beauty salon to join the wall decoration

that is the specific image of the VI display, with logo, telephone, etc., in order to concise eye-catching standard.

4, beauty salon to join the front decoration

reception registry, in front of the door, depending on the size of the scale. Card reader, set up telephone, build customer files.

5, beauty salon lobby

customers waiting for the rest area, depending on the size of the situation. Generally should be comfortable and warm, you can configure the sofa, TV, tea, newspapers, fashion magazines, etc..

6, beauty room decoration

beautician is a beauty salon to join the main operating place, which is a place where customers do beauty. To configure the beauty salon to join the instrument, products and so on, workplace, beauty, body, aromatherapy, medicine, hair, hair, shampoo, massage, foot bath, acupuncture, etc..

7, beauty salon bathroom decoration

set up a small female can be large, suitable for men and women. Restroom sometimes shower bath room, configuration, but Restroom must be kept clean, do not smell and other issues.

good project, the best choice for worry free business, small beauty chain stores? High quality projects to join the selection of a lot of advantages, but less investment and large profit margins. If you are also very interested, welcome your message advice!

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