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Harbin real estate industry into the development of the electricity supplier model

real estate industry has made brilliant achievements in 2016, to allow more people to pay attention to the future development of the real estate industry, for consumers, entered the real estate business, will let people see the real estate industry’s progress. Internet + electricity supplier conference listings, regional wide, more concessions, the intensity of the "go" in the end, to promote the sustained and stable development of the real estate market.

this year, the Internet + real estate electricity supplier conference three subsidies, booth fee subsidies, all media subsidies, electricity supplier turnover of household electrical appliances subsidies. At the same time this conference introduced "Internet +" thought, new form, print, radio and television, There was no parallel in history., , indoor and outdoor media publicity. This property will be expected to have 100 thousand accurate purchase crowd, sales market and reliable information is easy to reference, closing Hao Li, a step in the stand to enjoy preferential benefits, in addition, real estate profits doubled, offers a lot of benefits a lot.

general buyers to buy a house when the main look at prices and products. However, the radius of the city is growing, the pace of work faster and faster, the property buyers will be the same type of project to see again, then time-consuming.

the business meeting, provide a package of solutions to the buyers, from the electricity supplier conference is currently involved in the project, both the enterprise and the development of the first domestic and local well-known developers to participate in the exhibition; project is currently selling, Tallahassee Qunli Xianfang, but also Songbei, Limin economic and practical housing.

exhibitors are currently approved listings, the electricity supplier during the general assembly, will be the most preferential efforts, allowing buyers to purchase. There is no doubt that this is a recent home and investment intentions of the public to provide a wealth of choice in the electricity supplier conference you will be able to find a suitable house.

Harbin’s Internet + electricity supplier conference was held successy, to bring more lucrative listings, let people see the characteristics of products, worth millions of people recognized, the exhibition brings together the brand development of enterprises, real estate brokerage companies, financial institutions, enterprises and related industry in the media, with "professional philosophy, the new thinking of" creating business opportunities for exhibitors, implement the call of "inventory", bring benefits and convenience for the majority of buyers.

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