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China held the Silk Road nternational Logistics Expo Lianyungang business

silk road is famous all over the world, so that more people know that in ancient times, through the Silk Road to transport goods out. The third China Silk Road International Logistics Expo held in Lianyungang industrial exhibition center. The exhibition is sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, Department of Commerce, foreign affairs office, the provincial council, the Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government jointly hosted.

Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee Zhang Huaixi

, Chinese CCPIT vice president Wang Jinzhen, President of Kazakhstan iron kahnert – A Lopez Siba Jef, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization senior adviser and former deputy secretary general Mikhail and ambassador konarovsky, 10 countries, 11 countries, 19 countries consul general representative and well-known business organizations in China Entrepreneurs, experts a total of about 700 guests to attend the third session of the opening ceremony of the Expo.

this exhibition a total area of nearly 20 thousand square meters, a total of more than 200 exhibitors, including exhibitors in Changan, Futian, Sany and other famous enterprises, the implementation of the indoor standard more than 800 stalls, including special booth near 700, 2450 square meters of outdoor lighting.

Lianyungang is located in China’s coastal areas and territorial seas of central, northeast of Jiangsu Province, "The Belt and Road intersection point and the first batch of open coastal city, land area of 7615 square kilometers, sea area of 6677 square kilometers, a population of 5 million 100 thousand. Lianyungang has a long history, has superior basic conditions and broad prospects for development, especially the "put forward The Belt and Road" strategy, Lianyungang has been identified as the new Eurasian Continental Bridge International Economic Cooperation, the Eastern Corridor starting point in Kazakhstan logistics base in transit and SCO sea base, Jiangsu province was defined as "The Belt and Road" the intersection of the construction of the core area in the pilot area, opening up the national overall development is playing an increasingly important role.

held in Lianyungang this year, China Silk Road International Logistics Expo meeting, attracted more people’s understanding of logistics, but also gives people a deep impression. To create "The Belt and Road international logistics cooperation platform, open platform, docking Jiangsu FTA Jiangsu enterprises import and export trading platform, and strive to do even the fair along the Silk Road with a specialization, branding, informatization, internationalization of the iconic features exhibition.

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