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n Anqing a Wonka shop need how many money

now the world is the world of young people, of course, now has grown up in the younger generation is our 80, 90. This generation of young people is now the most representative of the group, it seems that this is a very young group to play. Ideas so that we can not imagine. Many of the 80 and 90 after working in a few years will think it is not a permanent solution, so we want to open his own business! Tea shop small investment, high profit, is a lot of choice for entrepreneurs, but many entrepreneurs are mostly novice, they all want to know Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost how much? I hope following Xiaobian summary can give friends some help in business.

how much money is needed in Anqing a Wonka shop?

How many

Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost need? Small from the official website that Kawangka milk tea shop, open budget including brand franchise fees, equipment costs, store design decoration costs and payment cost of the procurement of raw materials, general Kawangka will join the tea shop early in the procurement of raw materials, concrete can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the operator.

How many

Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost need? The person in charge of Kawangka tea headquarters said, according to the normal operating situation, a tea shop monthly raw material costs about 15000 yuan, the store will rent because of its location, size and other factors are different, according to the average count, monthly the rent will be around 3000 yuan, in addition to equipment loss and utilities in about 1000 yuan.

Anqing caouen join


Kawangka tea taste to attract customers, its management is also in order to protect investors. As the Kawangka tea brand headquarters involved in the food chain, direct marketing, training three core businesses, as well as the characteristics of catering projects and hundreds of Catering Technology patent. In such a company, investment Kawangka tea franchisees can get all the support and help.

Anqing Kawangka tea shop costs less, it is also a unique beverage to join the project, set off a new round of rich tide in the domestic food and beverage industry. Today, Kawangka milk tea brand has a large number of loyal fans, which want to do catering project investors, Kawangka milk tea is the best choice to get rich. If you want to join, leave a message below the site, our staff will contact you at the first time!

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