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A good east hotel group to join the market Business

with the modern people’s life level unceasing development, many people are beginning to pay attention to the quality of life, now the City Express Hotel is popular with many people, many consumers is east hotel is Fasthotel brand, Dongcheng Development Road has now moved towards the internationalization of the hotel.

Yi Cheng hotel room

Belt and Road Initiative "to promote the

cooperation in the tourism industry development of Belarus

in May last year, China – Belarus local economic and trade cooperation forum, from Beijing, Guangdong, Gansu and other 8 provinces responsible and Belarus Minsk City, Minsk, Grodno and other 7 prefectures, the chief executive of the place to start docking in-depth, explore new mode of cooperation, signed a total value of $15 billion 700 million of the number of cooperation project. In September 20th this year, the fifth session held in Xinjiang Chinese – Asia Europe Expo, China will be selected as the host country of Belarus. Belarus is the first to support the construction of the Silk Road Economic Zone in europe.

Belarus is located in the hinterland of europe. Chinese advocate building "Belt and Road Initiative", Belarus as an important strategic fulcrum of Europe, will greatly promote the tourism industry in Belarus development and cooperation upgrade. The same day, the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo summit held in Gansu, Dunhuang, director of the National Tourism Administration China Li Jinzao expressed Chinese promote "The Belt and Road" tourism cooperation policy at the meeting, the initiative to the global tourism and win-win cooperation, "Travel +" as a new concept to promote along Road tourism cooperation, strengthen cooperation to further promote national cooperation "and" mutual benefit and win-win". According to official media reported on September 21st, Belarus, a total of President Lukashenka will be held from September 28th to 30 for a state visit to china.

a series of signals that the two countries will continue to strengthen political and economic exchanges, and the largest tourism industry will have the best development opportunities.

city convenient hotel

beautiful environment of Grodno city

East is to enter the European market, Yicheng settled in Grodno in September 23rd, once a year the Neman exhibition held in Grodno downtown arena, the exhibition attracted many exhibitors China and European countries and the show guests. Gansu as a counterpart provinces, its delegation was a special invitation, the number of exhibitors and projects, exhibits are the first. As a key project in Belarus tourism cooperation, Gansu Wuwei Sheng Industrial Investment Group in Grodno City, the hotel project, located in the city center, is the highest building, the number of guest rooms and hotel facilities are the first.

city convenient hotel


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