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Five brothers laid off after the start of business by bean sprouts

whether it is in a period of economic development or economic depression, laid off for the public is terrible. Lost the job is tantamount to losing the source of the economy, and there are five brothers after being laid off is not discouraged, rely on the bean sprouts began a career.

How to start:

How to start the

2004 laid-off workers how to start a business with a few brothers to discuss. Listen to a friend said that the production of bean sprouts are making money, a pound of beans can soak up seven or eight pounds of bean sprouts, from the northeast into a pound of beans is only about three or four cents, and the quality of the pollution-free bean sprouts." The second said, brother together a few together 600 thousand yuan, began to dry.

How to start the first

How to transform

how to hide from the laid-off entrepreneurship management sales, to successfully enter the supermarket

How to start off

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