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A few strokes to help you reduce the inventory of clothing stores

we know, clothing stores inventory is an important factor affecting the store cash flow, reduce inventory, it means to reduce risk. If you can use these methods in the actual shop, you can achieve the purpose of eliminating the backlog of clothing stores. So, how to reduce the inventory of clothing stores? Need to grasp the following points.

clothing stores how to reduce inventory? What is a reasonable inventory? Clothing store management to strictly control the inventory. One of the key points of the store management is to control the store inventory and reduce the operation cost. The use of less capital, less commonly used spare parts to take a more flexible approach to operation. Adhere to the principle of small quantity, multiple purchases, minimize inventory. For three months of clothing that has not been used for storage, such as the supplier’s request for return should be returned, planned maintenance and spare parts should be returned to the supplier in time.

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