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From 300 yuan to the root of the tyrant of the story of 1 million 500 thousand

I am the son of a farmer in the suburbs of Hangzhou, the family did not have any background, there is no money, we are famous is the name of the ancient town – stay, and West Lake Longjing tea. Unfortunately, we are far from the village of the town, you childhood, kindergarten is not, no swimming training class, tree yam (estimated at stealing everything we were the last 84 years, I


1990 in -2002, respectively, in the village of small, small town, the town of junior high school, high school, a. The system that is 18 years old, know no books, there is no way out, so I feel myself in that year to study ah, now is a misunderstanding, but also special thanks to the misunderstanding, the age of 18, at the age of 18, at least let their efforts, especially hard to afford.

2002 years of college entrance examination is very depressed, the three lines, but the three is very expensive, to 16000 a year (notably Zhejiang Ningbo Polytechnic, Ningbo 10000, then known as the noble school), was home to the house was not short of money (rent, no land development in this sub file what is more, no small and hill Parish, now think of the original house is very wise). So it was reported that the fourth batch of Jiaxing University international trade specialist, very unlucky because of this year, the profession is too hot, but also to cross the file, do not know what the actual reason is not recorded. Don’t read, there is no way to run a college – Dongyang Guangsha Construction of Career Technical College, only because there is cheap, graduation commitment to go work assignment.

to the first year of high Zanzhe fractional absolute ah, the one is the best in the class, the civil construction professional (because of subsidies) first year 9 classes a day that is a small problem ah, read me, I can not be reconciled, must rise this. To read. Then take the scholarship Oh, or deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League, that is how much student cadres oh. Second years, no, see, it is under the guise of distribution of graduates enrollment, the rise of this seemingly meaning is not very large, the university enrollment, undergraduate students are plenty, reading is not completely out. I can’t do this anymore.

so the beginning of the second year transition. 2003, opened the curtain of the transformation of the Oh, from the silly boy in the terms of liberation. A summer vacation, the road street revitalization in Dongyang, selling what, audiovisual products are mainly sold under the guise of CD, Yiwu group, a classmate’s uncle doing this, then can be sold on the pounds, is ten yuan for three, ha ha. Make a little money. School, the stall is not willing to lay down, during the day to go to school less (thanks to a big enough to earn credits), the night stall. During the part-time also repeat machine, learning machine marketing, local Jinhua. Do the hard work, 2 months before the block, the stall is a month to earn a total of $800, when a month at home to the cost of living, 600+800+500=1900, oh, a pretty good day (oh, the 600 is a hair of the 5).

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