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Nanjing to promote environmental rectification work schedule

in Nanjing environmental management work is being carried out in an orderly manner, and hope that through governance, so that people’s living environment becomes better. In 2017 the district has scheduled including city road construction, public infrastructure construction, ecological environment construction, the Ming city wall surrounding environment, protection of cultural relics protection construction, housing construction in six categories, a total of 175 construction projects, a total investment of about 61 billion 300 million yuan.

2016, the Qinhuai urban construction projects push forward, the effect is obvious, the regional landscape take on an altogether new aspect: to actively promote the 16 BLACK odor River governance, the completion of the 52 standard drainage area construction, the implementation of sewage interception dredging, ecological restoration and other key links to improve regulation. The implementation of the Qinhuai River yueyahu rectification, remediation, remediation Qingshuitang Qingshuitang lead, leaving black smelly, become a demonstration project of ecological management.

invested 260 million yuan to complete the Tiantan village, Yuhua village 42 old residential renovation, a new 279 houses; the construction of Shi Yang Lu Yang Jia Yuan Zi in primary and secondary schools, schools and adult education centers to accelerate the Yongle Road to carry out preparatory work. Southern Metro medical center, Red Cross hospital construction plan to promote. Accelerate the construction of low-income housing, Yang Jia Yuan Zi yanggou, Jia Ying Road, low-income housing low-income housing and a number of projects.

"this year, we will resolutely implement the municipal government held the city of fine construction management" is the spirit of the general assembly, to start, sprint start is the decisive battle "attitude, continue to increase city construction, to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems facing the development of the city from the basic level." ,

Qinhuai district party secretary Cao Lubao told reporters that Qinhuai has a rich historical and cultural and financial business resources, but also bear the heavy historical and cultural city protection, water environment remediation, shantytowns.

Nanjing relevant departments in a number of areas will focus on rectification, so that the overall appearance of the new Nanjing, get people’s attention. The ecological construction of the rectification work focus to the construction of water environment in series of global Qinhuai, to co-ordinate the implementation of construction, dredging, sewage interception drainage standard District blue line concession, small catering management and other work, realistically grasp and achieve tangible results, to further enhance the quality and function of Qinhuai City People’s well-being, and gain a sense of satisfaction.

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